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  • The Walking Dead-Carl Grimes
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    I do not take credit for the characters that are in this book from The Walking Dead. I do take credit though for the small changes I have made about them and their personality.

  • The Walking Dead- The Beginning of the End Of Life
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    This story is about a girl that witness the beginning of the zombie apocylispe. This also a one-shot story.

  • The Walking Dead-True Love
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    This one-shot story shows an act of true love between Carl and Jenna. Read the one-shot to learn how.

  • The Walking Dead
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    The story of Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting a little girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell.

  • The Walking Dead Imagines *TAKING REQUESTS*
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    COMPLETE FORM GIVEN IN CHAPTER (or whatever you call it) TO GET IMAGINE!

  • For Daryl Dixon [part 1]
    95.3K 2.9K 109

    So this is Beth and Daryl's story. Follows a similar story line of the show but with a twist when Daryl and Beth get separated. I wanted to make a story more realistic to the characters. So enjoy, or don't! But I hope you do (: Any feedback, good or bad, and I'll update every day. All the characters originated from...

  • The Walking Dead Imagines<3
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    So yea hey guys this is about the walking dead and if u want an imagine go to the first page of my book and fill out what I need to know about if u want an imagine please and thank you for reading all of the things and thanks for voting on them too. Instagram: _._._Twd_._._ Fan page of walking dead Instagram: twdfreak...

  • The Walking Dead-Judith's life
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    My father told me a lot about my childhood. 15 years ago, when I wasn't even a year old, the world changed. The walkers, the... just everything. But they made it to Alexandria and that's our home now. It's perfect. Carl says it's just how it was before. I'm lucky I have a normal life and i don't have to go through all...

  • Abraham's Army - D. DIXON [The Walking Dead] ONHOLD
    17.1K 633 1

    ❝I HATE YOU, I LOVE YOU❞ Lauren, and her military friend Rosita, and Abraham come across a guy who needs help. The four of them begin to travel to DC, in hopes of a cure. Like usual in the apocalypse, things cant go right. People die, and people move in. --- THE FIRST 20 CHAPTERS WERE MADE WHEN I WAS LIKE 10-11 SO DON...

  • The Walking Dead Imagines [DISCONTINUED]
    160K 2.9K 70

    Comment who you want me to write about! -Daryl -Rick -Glenn -Carl -And anyone else you can think of And I do... -Romance -Death Scene -Confessed Love after a near death experience -Or Anything you can think of!

  • The Governor's Daughter {Carl Grimes/The Walking Dead}
    378K 9.6K 29

    When the malicious Governor of Woodbury takes hostages from a group of survivors living at a nearby prison, his daughter is the one to betray him and break them out and, better yet, go with them back to the prison. What started as just a plan to annoy her father led her her finding a certain someone that she'd never...