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  • Dragon Wolves
    20.9K 853 37

    Azure a white wolf with no last name lost her parents, and is constantly abused by her pack, they call her weak not knowing what she is, a dragon wolf, the most powerful being on earth, a perfect creation, or so it is said, she takes no more and kills the alpha while finding her mate, who seems sweet at first but end...

  • Dominace
    302 7 4

    A Wolf named Aurora dreamed about being Alpha, One day her opurtunity came.

  • Running Wild
    1K 54 5

  • Kailin
    7K 416 33

    In the midst of the long and woeful war between the Kailin and Grimmer, one young woman learns the true powers of her heritage and the test between friendship, partnership, and battle. She is determined to discover her life whether with tooth or blade, and will stand with her families -- no matter what they may be.

  • Nashoga: Book 1 of the Redstone Series
    330 8 2

    Nashoga, the alpha of the Redstone Pack, has been run off. While in exile, Nashoga meets Buck, an elk with an attitude, and the two are thrust into a dire situation. Will the two be at each others' throats or will they learn to work together to defeat this new threat? Will Nashoga reunite with his pack and his love? O...

  • The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (SECTION 1)
    338 13 1

    Deep in the wintery forests lies all sorts of wildlife. Wolves, moose, deer, elk, Canadian goose, bobcats, grizzly bears and other animals make the frosted forests come to life. But we're mainly focusing on one species in specific, the wolf. Gorgeous creatures and strong fighters. They have been for centuries. This ch...