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  • Antagonizing Mr. Thunder (Monte Carlo Saga)
    53.6K 1.9K 42

    Ivanzeus Miguel Monte Carlo, the eldest son of the richest man in the whole Philippines or probably the whole Asia, Don Fabricio Monte Carlo. The man known for his coldest, arrogant, and condescending attributes. Ivanzeus is the first heir of the Monte Carlo Plantation and all that it's within the Monte Carlo Provinc...

  • The Infamous Rafael Valiente (TagLish Version)
    1.6M 39.3K 54

    Highest rating as of Nov. 23, 2016: #63 NOTE: LOTS OF SWEARING, VIOLENCE, AND SEX SCENES, SO INNOCENT PEOPLE, KEEP OUT OF THE PAGES! (Kiddin'! Go ahead if you like to read it, just be warned. Every chapter is sprinkled with swearing words and mature contents.) ......... Umalis si Rafael sa Spain hindi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionaire's Den (Black Omega Psi Series 4)
    69.3K 1.3K 4

    Warning: CONTAINS MATURE SCENES, SWEARING, AND GRAPHIC SCENES. NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG READERS. PLEASE BE WARNED! A DARK STEAMY ROMANCE He charmed her to his world that nobody knew, not even his friends nor his family. She loves him too much that she lets herself goes with the water's flow. She let him entranced...

  • Billionaire's Deceit (Black Omega Psi Series 3)
    28.3K 382 1

    Warning: Lots of mature scenes, graphic scenes, explicit scenes, not suitable for young readers. Please be warned! She mistakenly thought him as the escort sent by her friend. He was unknowingly bewitched by her innocence and angelic beauty, he lets her believed he was the hooker. Will deceiving her ends with love o...

  • Billionaire's Obsession (Black Omega Psi Series)
    232K 5.7K 13

    Warning: Contains swearing, mature language. Not suitable for young readers. Excerpt: "I told you to stay away, instead, you kept chasing me. Now that you're in my possession, there's no turning back! You are mine, barbie, and nobody can have you, nor touch you but me. You understand?" ......... Lucia...

  • Maid For Her BRS3 (Unedited)
    469K 11.4K 28

    WARNING: INTENDED FOR MATURE READERS ONLY (18+) CONTAINS SPGs. Highest rating so far: #135 as of Nov. 23, 2016 Nobody knew he was arranged to her, Chinny Sandoval, since birth. She's a doll and he hated it. He wants a girl who could match his innate fire. And he found...

  • Billionaire's Game (Black Omega Psi Series 1)
    3.9M 83.4K 56

    COMPLETED WARNING: CONTAINS MATURE SCENES, EXPLICIT LANGUAGES, INTENSE SEXUAL OR GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, NOT SUITABLE FOR MINOR READERS. Except: Sinisiguro ko sayo, zaya. Pag ikaw sumuko sa kamanyakan ko, hanap-hanapin mo ako. Parang gusto ko tuloy sipsipin ang perlas mo at marinig ang pagmumura mo. 😍😍 - Maxwell ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Heartless CEO and His Revenge BRS2 (Unedited)
    2.4M 57.7K 38

    (COMPLETED) WARNING: IT CONTAINS MATURE SCENES THAT ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG READERS! PLEASE BE GUIDED!! "One day, I'll be back at ako ang magpapabagsak sa inyo. Ipapalasap ko sa inyo ang mga sakit, panlalait, at panlolokong ginawa niyo sa akin, lalo-lalong kana, Karen Lynn Perez." - Nicholas Cyrus Montejano L...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kapag Langit Ang Inabot BRS1 (Unedited)
    3.5M 65.5K 34

    |Tagalog Fictional Story| Highest rating in Romance: #74 (as of Aug. 10, 2016) WARNING: For Mature Audiences only (18+) Loving someone too much sometimes loses the meaning of it. You became blinded and forget who you are. You forget what com...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unwanted Fiancee |Montoya Series 2|
    42.2K 456 2

    Wilmer Brice thought he found his one true love in the name of Lilian Guevarra until his father announced his Fiancee. His Unwanted Fiancee, na nag-ngangalang Sofia Margarette Dimalanta. That surname, though ... Then he met her! His heart suddenly became unsettled. Would he ignore her and be happy with Lilia...

  • The Devil's Angel |Montoya Series 1|
    2.1M 53.6K 45

    COMPLETED (Highest Rating so far #10 as of Oct. 19, 2016) Warning: Contains mature scenes and it's in Tagalog-English. ......................... excerpt: "You look even stunning. And I'm going to win you back. Aagawin kita sa pangit na iyon!" Walang gatol niyang deklara at bumalik ang inis ko sa kanya. I s...

  • Hounding Ms. Nerd |Montoya Series 3|
    63.3K 1.6K 5

    Highest Rating as of Oct. 25, 2016 #702 Zackary Malcolm Montoya always finds himself drawn at their nerd classmate Krissia Mandap. Something in her that keeps him fluttering around her. He loves to pester her everyday, and he enjoyed in doing so. He has no idea why, but he loves it, he enjoyed it when her cheeks tain...