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  • One Time ¥ Interracial/BWWM JB
    56K 1.8K 30

    Justin Bieber had a lot of fun on the Believe Tour, but it was time to take a break and try to stay out of the public eye. That was a hard task at hand, considering his presence was well known in Atlanta Georgia. Audri Coleman, on the other hand, was just living her life without any worries or stress in the said city...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love In Handcuffs (Jason Mccann)
    641K 24.4K 66

    He pushed me against the wall and a smirk drew on his lips. "You're mine. And shawty, you ain't going nowhere" -Jason McCann

    Completed   Mature
  • Without A Queen (POF Sequel)
    670K 30.1K 71

    "I-iman I know you're still upset at me and You have every right to be-" "Well thank you for your permission!" Iman yelled sarcastically, Back at him. "I just-what do I have to do iman? I want you to love me again. I can't take anymore of this." "Thats the problem Justin. You have to make me fall in love with you agai...

  • Prince of France *Editing*
    2.3M 94.3K 116

    |"I want you to be my Queen." Justin whispered as he trapped me between the wall and his body. No words could come out of my mouth. The only thing I could do was stare into his pleading hazel eyes. "sweetheart, please.." he said kissing up my neck with his soft lips. "Justin please stop. I c-cant." "please. I need you...

    Completed   Mature
  • The One | Slowly editing |
    552K 32.6K 78

    "Do you love me?" I asked him. My eyes looked into his desperately waiting for a response. "More than I have loved anyone in my life." His breath hitches. "Then stay with me. Don't leave." I beg, my hands cup his face. "But your father-" "Screw my father."

    Completed   Mature
  • Strip -jb-
    368K 10.2K 33

    Kimberly Harris is a troubled stripper living a pain filled and regretful life just trying to make it through her life in California. Justin Bieber is a Music sensation gone wrong. When the two meet it's never going to be plain sailing. In fact it's anything but easy for them. [ATTENTION: Contains sexual themes, stron...

  • Rocky Road Love (interracial bbwm)
    270 3 1

    What happens when Erica a black female meets Justin Bieber. What will happen when Justin falls in love with her at first sight? What will happen if she have feelings for him but don't want to hurt his fans? Read to find out about all the drama and upcoming unexpected experiences in Erica life.

  • Being Usher's Niece (Justin Bieber Love Story)
    6.8M 106K 61

    What happens when you mom is a workahlic and your mom thinks its best for you to stay with your uncle? What happens when your uncle is Usher Raymond? This is exactly what is happening to Nicole Johnson. Her mom is a millionaire. No billoionaire. She is the owner of her own record lable. You could say she could sing an...

  • Upper Class Love (a Justin Bieber love story novella)
    609K 3.8K 26

    She's just an onthevergeofbeingpoor sixteen-year-old who's friend scored free tickets and backstage passes to Justin Bieber's concert. He's an upper class millionaire with millions of girls chasing after him who bumps into her after going pee. But when he falls in love with her, will she fall for him, like every girl...

  • When I met him (Justin Beiber)
    70.1K 2.1K 44

    Lorraine Valerie D. Park is the owner of ELIZABETH Clothing Line and the acting General Manager of their five star hotels worldwide, the PARK Square Hotel. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. Albert Park a Korean and Mrs. Elizabeth De la Rama Park a Filipino. She has two brothers the oldest is Victor Park, a business...

  • Claimed ~ Justin Bieber
    23.6M 448K 75

    "It is better to be feared than loved" Fanfiction #4 Teen Fiction #13 Copyright © 2013, JustinsAvenger

    Completed   Mature
  • One Hundred Shades of Forever.
    1.7M 57.6K 52

    - This story will be completed on Wattpad but the full version of this book is available to purchase on if you don't want to wait for updates. Just go to <-- (make sure the D is capitalized)

    Completed   Mature
  • Body Rock
    6.2M 128K 75

    Body Rock is about a Chicago-born dancer named Marissa Small. Marissa has a hurtful past, which pushes her out of Chicago and into LA in hopes of leaving her past behind and pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. As her goals are met, she unexpectedly falls in love with Justin. As Marissa falls deep...

  • Love Cycle (Third Book of Fake Date)
    278K 6.3K 40

    Megan and Justin Bieber have a hard time trying to make their childrens a star. But yet none of them are interested. When they finally give up, Justin finds a new singer on Youtube- Madison Beer. Who is yet to be Codys new enemy. Chaz Somers a early friend comes to live in the big mansion and accidently falls in love...

  • The father of my daughter: A Justin Bieber Love Story
    1.7K 37 4

    Maddie Jones had to raise her daughter on her own when the one and only Justin Bieber left her. He didn't want the baby but she did and that's why he left her. What will Maddie do when she hears that Justin is back to Stratford for a summerbreak? Does she let him get close to their daughter, does Justin remember that...

  • Recovery ~ Justin Bieber (Book 2)
    27.5K 886 19

    Justin Bieber and Hanna Mayor had an on again off again relationship on the believe tour. When they get home, how will things play out? ~ I didn't make the cover, I found it on Google :)

  • You're a dad. (a Justin Bieber Parent story)
    684K 8.3K 25

    Savannah and Justin didn't use a condom one time. Savannah discovers she's pregnant and Justin stands by her. This is the story of the Young Hollywood it-couple turned teen parents, wonder what could happen... (I wrote this when I was like 13/14 okay, don't say I didn't warn ya)

  • Daddy's Home (Justin Bieber Love Story)
    497K 9.7K 43

    I went back to New York after finding out I got pregnant with my best friend's child.I'm currently 18 living on my own with my three year old daughter.And now that my child's father is in town,i'm scared to show my face. |Justin Bieber Love Story| © Copyright 2013

  • I'll Do Anything - Justin Bieber Fanfic
    50.3K 1K 32

    ONE OF MY FIRST STORIES ITS SO BAD GAHH What happens when Tyn , Justin Bieber's girlfirend , catches Justin cheating ? Devestated , Tyn storms out of the house , which leads to an almost fatal accident . What will happen when Tyn wakes up , and loses all her memory ? Will she remember Justin ? What will Justin do...

  • The Love Game
    1.2M 21.2K 25

    Kaci Amador’s always been the girl every guy wants. So when she moves to a new school, she knows exactly what to expect. Then there’s Justin Bieber: the popular guy that every girl wants. Well, except for Kaci. The minute Justin sees Kaci, he knows he has to have her. Too bad Kaci wants nothing to do with him. Or doe...

  • Fake Date (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)
    1.3M 25.7K 65

    Megan Lowe, an average 18 year old, likes every celebrity except Justin Bieber. She thinks he is too full of himself and doesn't like his personality. She never thought she would meet him until they run into each other. On the other hand Justin is trying to prove to her that he is not what she thinks he is. They also...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet Your Child | A Justin Bieber Fanficion
    594K 11.9K 40

    *caution this is a story i wrote over four years ago i was so bad then so pls bear w me*m What happens when a young ,confused Justin leaves his pregnant girlfriend at 16 . What happens if they meet again , and Justin doesn't know she's his daughter? Read and find out !

  • Prankster on the loose. (Justin Bieber)
    82.5K 2.4K 33

    It all started when Chaz Somers started to hit on the weird and crazy one, Skylar Shaw. They understand that, the thing them being friends is better, so they stay like that. After 3 weeks of knowing each-other, Ryan and Chaz needs to leave for London, to meet their friend, Justin Bieber. The interesting part starts wh...

  • Our Hearts
    628K 6.3K 30

    When Lila Sander's goes on vacation with her parents & her brother to Atlanta, Georgia to visit her mother's old friend, she's shocked to find out she has a son who just happens to be Justin Bieber. Justin and Lila become close friends but are there other feelings lurking behind their friendship? What will win? True L...

  • Never Stopped Loving You (Sequel to Fake Date)
    781K 15.5K 58

    What happens after Justins mistake got Megan to leave him for good? It seems good for Megan as she starts a new beginning in her life and has clearly moved on. But on the other hand.. Justin is in deep depression. The only person that can make him stand on his feet again would be Megan. What can Justin do to bring her...

  • Adopted by Justin Bieber
    13.2K 170 12

    Hi my name is Lina I'm 12 years old. I live in a orphanage because my mom died while giving birth to me and my dad kept me for 5 years. After he felt like he was done beating me he sent me to the orphanage told me I was a worthless piece of shit Then I was adopted by the one and only Justin Bieber What to know what h...

  • MY life As Scooter Braun's Daughter- Justin Bieber
    503K 5.6K 52

    My name is Alexandra Braun people call me Alex for short and im an only child my mom died when I was 10 so its only my dad and I living in this big world full of fame. I would say one of my closets friends is Justin Bieber but things just might turn around for us for the better or worst. Alot of people walk in and...

  • Justin I'm Pregnant, It's Yours (Justin Bieber Fan Fic)
    72K 1.1K 13

    Justin has been friends with Macey ever since they could walk, they finally get together and Macey accidentally ends up pregnant. How will they get through this? While also dealing with a psycho ex Selena Gomez. Read to find out!