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  • cold world | cameron dallas (au)
    100K 4.1K 40

    in which two corrupt souls fall in love, while the world around them falls apart.

  • trust issues | c.d
    4.9K 140 3

    "i told you trusting me was a bad idea." - in which cameron falls for the one girl he knew wasn't good for him, the one girl who warned him about breaking his heart. - [lowercase intended] - [story idea and cover by @wonderhayes]

  • Heroism // Cameron Dallas
    35.1K 748 51

    In a rehabilitation center, nothing exciting happens when you're depressed, until two paths collide. Danielle Hanes; beautiful brown hair with green eyes who happens to be a teenage girl that has depression. Cameron Dallas; a support group leader that isn't exactly the guy he says he is. Both come from very different...

  • Challenging ∞ c.d
    59.5K 1.8K 23

    boys always want what they can't have. written by bri

  • one and only | c.d
    126K 2.5K 49

    maybe some things weren't meant to be. badly written// READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • the babysitter⇝c.d
    412K 9.5K 36

    "do you need a babysitter or not?" i pop my gum, rolling my eyes at the shirtless boy. ⇝ a story in which a girl in desperate need of a job starts babysitting 2 cousins of the hot, reckless boy down the street. ⇝ lowercase intended © delishusdallas ⇝ highest rank #6 in camerondallas #10 in magcon #2 in babysitter war...

  • Human // c.d
    501K 14.3K 114

    "No, it's either- it's either we're fighting or we're not. There's either something wrong, or everything's perfect. You know Cameron, I don't even know what love is." I cried, turning to face his weakened body. "I never did."

  • faking it ◉ c.d
    174K 4.8K 36

    "at first, it was no feelings involved. that was our #1 rule. but you broke that rule, causing me to break it too." ◉ a story in which two teens date to win a bet, and make another girl jealous to win her over. ◉ lowercase intended © delishusdallas ◉ warning: i guess i should warn you about the language and explicit s...

  • • Letters • { Cameron Dallas } *CURRENTLY UNDER EXTREME EDITING!*
    26.5K 953 26

    "If only my love was enough to keep us going, we would go on for eternity."

    Completed   Mature