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  • The Queen and the Vampire
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    Queen Sumaiya or Smiley or Queen Khan is hybrid queen huntress. She was turned 129 years ago. The person who turned her didn't realize he turned her into the strongest hybrid alive. She became a queen soon after. She meets a vampire named Harry styles.

  • Role Play 101
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    A guide to Role Play. You may be thinking "How can this a-hole tell me how to and how not to role play?" and that is quite alright if you are. But, without rules, things are chaos. And this is what I was taught that seems to be one of the most effective ways to do Role Play. Please, new role players or old, take a loo...

  • How to Drive a Star Wars Fangirl Crazy
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    Here is a list of things to trigger your Star Wars loving fangirl. Because why die of natural causes when you can die by a plastic lightsaber?