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  • Drifters X Reader Oneshots
    30.8K 539 21

    Since there isn't that much Drifters fanfiction, I thought about writing some. So I hope you enjoy and please be patient with the updates. P.S. No lemons or limes because I suck at writing them and I don't wanna give you guys shit stuff to read. Thanks for reading!

  • Transfer Notice.
    145 11 3

    Sir Integra got a letter from America. The letter said. " Dear, Integra. I am Nevaeh Morales from the Morales Organization. My dear friend Integra, America is being bombarded with Vampire attacks! We request your assistance immediately. Sincerely, Nevaeh Morales. " England was peaceful at this time so she th...

  • Alucard X Reader Lemons
    53K 712 5

    Lemons of the sexiest vamp undead.

  • His Eternal Mate (Alucard x reader)
    41.2K 749 7

    Imagine Alucard waking up to find you kissing away his bloody tears due to a dream he was having. He stops you by pulling you onto his lap and giving you a kiss. He then tells you how happy he is that he found you. His Eternal Mate.

  • Hellsing Ultimate: The Coming Darkness
    1.5K 76 19

    You all recognize the name. This story will be about the Hellsing Ultimate anime. I plan to continue this story exactly where the show ended where Integra gives a few drops of her blood to Alucard. So follow th4 characters as their story continues with the vampire king known as Alucard, the mortal women known as Integ...

  • Lost In The Abyss called Love....
    3.4K 187 22

    Nevaeh.A.Morales. The only female Mercenary in the wild geese With Pip Bernadotte as the captain things were occasionally difficult, like having your ass slapped by one of the guys or someone making fun of you. But she was Second in command in the Wild Geese her aim was always on spot and hand to hand Combat was nev...

  • I'll make you mine - Alucard X Female Reader (Lemon/Smut)
    48.4K 525 2

    After being attacked by thugs who call themselves 'vampires', meeting a mysterious man in red and being abducted, your night doesn't exactly go as planned... not that you're complaining.