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  • Best Books on Wattpad
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    Want something to read that you won't put down after reading the first line? Well then come on in and read my reviews and reccomendations. Maybe you'll find somethin that stands up to your standards! :)

  • The Legends of Wattpad.
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    Once upon a time mankind came across Wattpad. A place where young writers learn and improve their skills. There have been a large amount of witers that have succesfully completed their task. These writers are known as legends and these are their stories..... ________________________ The Legends of wattpad, is a book c...

  • Must Reads on Wattpad
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    The very best of Romance and Teen Fiction. All rights go to the authors.

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    Here are my top favourite wattpad books that are must reads!! All these books fit in the category of Romance, Teen Fiction, and werewolf!!!

  • Wattpad's Greatest Stories of ALL Time
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    Wattpad's Greatest Stories of ALL Time (:

  • Completed Werewolf Stories
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    Great Werewolf Stories that are completed Really great werewolf stories that I read and are worth reading so enjoy Book cover by Snowman8830 Thank you If you would like me to read one of your favorite or one of your own completed werewolf story please let me know Highest Rank in Werewolf #14 Highest Rank in Random...

  • Best Books On Wattpad
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    Really good books on Wattpad that you'll enjoy and won't regret. So, if you're looking for a good book...well here you go! Enjoy! I'm removing some books because they aren't published anymore. Please let me know if a book isn't there or if the author has changed their name. Thank you! Highest Ranking: - #4- Intere...

  • Favorite Completed Wattpad Stories!
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    You know the struggle of finding a new and good book to read? - Searching through the entire library or online platform (just like Wattpad) to find a single book which will be worth your time. Can you identify yourself? Gurl, then I got you covered. ;D This collection is basically what the title reveals: my favorite...

  • Best {Completed} Wattpad Stories!!
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    Well, these are some really good stories that I have to share, so I did. The author "CupidA" inspired me to write this since she gave me such good stories to check out. I'll always update every time I find a good story, so keep checking!! {And you have to vote and follow for me to keep updating... (≧▽≦)} REMEMBER TO F...

  • The Best of Wattpad
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    You're always looking for them. You're itching to find that story, that makes you swoon; gets you yearning for the next update; makes you read it over and over again; makes you wish you lived that life, have the love they have; makes you fall in love with the story's Romeo, the story's hot ass bad ass; makes you drow...

  • Best on Wattpad
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    ~ I don't mean to brag, but this book you're looking at has held a number 1 spot more than 50 times.. You may now applaud ~ These are my absolute favourite books that I've read on Wattpad. These are all my opinions, some you may or may not agree with. Hopefully you'll stick around, as the latest chapters con...

  • Books I Was Reading At 3AM™
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    For every Wattpader, the first book you read here is the best, the most memorable. The book you will probably read more than once and the book that will get you hooked on this site. But you don't know how to find the right one? Or the selection that everyone seems to be talking about? Here i've put books recommen...

  • aphrodite - reviews
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    【 complete-2016 edition 】 A collection of must read books I love and enjoy. Suggest your all-time favorite books here. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ D I S C L A I M E R All stories featured belong to their rightful authors. I am entitled to my own opinion; and stories are reviewed in fair basis. No book promotions and no affiliated part...

  • The Best of Wattpad
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    Is it challenging for you to find a good story to read amidst the hundreds of thousands of options of wattpad? The good news is, I've already sorted out some of the best teen fiction, romance, short story, mystery, science fiction, and humor stories for you and included them in this book. Because I can't stand waiting...

  • Best Wattpad Stories
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    This is a collection of my all time favorite Wattpad novels. If you want me to read a book tell me on my message board or personal message me. Please DON'T tell me by commenting on chapters because I don't have time to go through all my chapters to see what y'all write. Amount of reads and votes were correct at the ti...

  • Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books
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    A list of Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books. [UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

  • Best Wattpad Stories
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    This is a collection of my all time favorite Wattpad novels. There’s no order, it’s just a bunch of books I would recommend reading. 2015 UPDATE: I gathered these novels back in 2012-2013 - so this "book" is very much outdated but the stories in here are still pretty good. Just don't expect me to update this anymore.

  • Amazing Love Books on Wattpad
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    The Best Love Books on Wattpad in my opinion. If you only like love books, then read these books. I will really only have books about love but there may be others on occasion.

    2.5M 8.4K 174

    If you are looking for something to read than take a glimpse of this book... This book contains all the completed books on wattpad (read by me) which are good....

  • Best Teen Romance Stories
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    Some of my favourite Teen Romance stories on Wattpad. I will keep adding more :)

  • Best Stories on Wattpad!
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    Looking for something new to read on Wattpad? Well you've come to right place! These are some of my personal favorite stories that I've stumbled upon and I hope you take the time to read them! Make sure to comment on your favorites and vote as well! Update: I have not touched/updated this book in ages, so some of the...

  • Best Books On Wattpad
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    If you don't know what books you should read, then you came to the right place. Admit it, it's really hard to find a good book on Wattpad. So, here's a place you can find some of the best! I thought I would share with the rest of the world all of the amazing books Wattpad has to offer. I'm not responsible for any fang...

  • Best Books On Wattpad
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    Hi! Are you finding some best books here on wattpad? I have something to share some best books on wattpad, I'm sure you'll like it or even might love it :) I am posting The Title of the Book, The Cover, The Trailer (if there is), The Summary, The Cast, and lastly is The Author. I hope you really read it. Also, I p...

  • Best Completed Wattpad Books
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    This is a collection of my favourite books on wattpad, so look inside if you're in search for any recommendations or amazing books to read to fill your time. Remember to leave me a comment to let me know if you liked any of the books I've recommended and remember, I love being recommended books too! I claim no rights...

  • Best Books On Wattpad
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    Need a new book to read? Then you came to the right place. In this book you can find some of my favorite books on Wattpad

  • Best Completed Wattpad Stories
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    If you don't like stories with bad boys this isn't for you :) I am sucker for bad boys in stories. Best Completed Wattpad Stories is list of the best stories I have read so far. I am always open for suggestions what story I should read next :) You can also find me on tumblr :

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    I have created this book to let you know that Wattpad has some great stories that you should read. I have my favourite stories up here and you might like to try some of this books. What you waiting for check out my favourite stories.

  • Best Wattpad Stories
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    A collection of the best books on wattpad.

  • Best Completed Wattpad Stories
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    These are some of my favorite books in wattpad and if you want me to check out some of your books then leave a comment:) NOTE I dedicate this book to all readers out there....especially the ones who take time to message me to read their books or suggest their own fave books😊😊😘