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  • Kiss, Marry, Kill
    521K 23K 34

    [MxMxMxMxM] ~ Charlie Hewitt has a secret: his past is not what it seems. He's managed to keep it to himself from the age of 18, when he left home, and buried himself in his friendship with Blake Anderson. But when his best friend found himself at the mercy of cruel, dominant men, Charlie stepped up. He's nev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay High
    1.8M 96.5K 48

    [MxMxM] ~ Blake Anderson is fine. Blake Anderson is not a charity case. Blake Anderson is not some stray dog that needs to be coddled. Don't treat him like one. He makes do. He makes ends meet. On the weeks, the months he can't find a job he suffers through cold winters and sweating summers. On the days he has a job...

    Completed   Mature
  • How to Catch a Fish (ManxMan)
    679K 41.6K 73

    - There is a saying: "If you can't change it, don't worry about it." - However, when you are a prisoner of war, there is not a whole lot you can do except worry. At first, you worry about your fellow soldiers. How many died? Who survived? Then you worry about yourself. What will happen to me? Am I a hostage or an e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vicarious ~ World from Ashes {Complete}
    10.9K 667 12

    Holy Grail. A drug made to enhance the human body in order to combat the desolate world that was destroyed by the war many years ago. Tested over and over again, many of the subjects died or were turned into unspeakable horrors due to the effects. But there were a handful that had risen past the agony that the drug i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Excalibur {Complete}
    58.6K 3K 32

    **WARNING: Depictions of drugs, rape, and violence are within this book.** The world is in ruin. Destroyed by the powers that governed it in all out war years ago. The only sense of order that remains now are those belonging to gangs. Gangs have control over food, water, any valuable resource. Without a gang, survival...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sword Unbroken
    546K 34.8K 62

    An enslaved battleboxer and a fallen noble with a dangerous secret must agree to an uneasy alliance despite conflicting loyalties and forbidden attraction. ***** An enslaved champion in the bloodsport of battleboxing, Imalroc has fought for years to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppet {ManxMan}
    1M 59K 54

    BOOK ONE Demitri Inou is an assassin of the new government, molded and manicured into the perfect pet. Obedient and submissive, he'll do anything the Con Rồng tells him to because he knows the consequences of disobeying them, but even through years of torture and instilled fear, he remains somewhat defiant towards his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Demonic Regime
    660K 36.8K 96

    Werewolves have left the shadows of the mountains. They now walk the streets in their true form, with no fear of being seen. The packs had grown tired of answering to humans, who rank is below that of the lowest omega, so together, they staged an attack. The humans fell on the North American continent, and the rest o...

  • Toy Soldier {ManxManxMan}
    573K 32.3K 53

    **TOY MASTER SERIES: BOOK TWO**SEQUEL TO PUPPET//READ PUPPET FIRST PLEASE** Dakota Bailey has been forced to conform to the belief of other's since he was young; remaining in the closet because of fear, forced to praise a God he hated because his mother's extreme views ruled his life. When his family died in the bombs...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Institution for Lost and Confused Boys (mxm) (polyfidelity)
    672K 23.4K 20

    [This story is mxm; mature and unedited] [Contains incest] [Contains mild self-harm] [TRIGGER WARNING] Fraser has been sent to his uncle's facility The Institution of Lost and Confused Boys after losing his brother and soulmate. The name says it all. Fraser has to deal with anger and loss, and find his place in...

  • The Institution for Hyperactive and Colourful Boys (bxb) (polyfidelity)
    481K 18.6K 22

    [This story is mxm; mature and unedited] [Contains incest] The institute is closing due to it's large amount of members. They didn't know it's go down with a bang. Malachai is the last. A hyperactive trans boy from England. His story was a bit different, but he fits right in. Despite being slightly self-de...

  • Dangerous Liaisons [Sterek]
    4M 106K 32

    A Sterek fiction. When Derek realises that Stiles has become a trigger for him he tries to stay away. He knows that waiting until it passes is the best thing for both of them, but after being forced to stay together in a pool for hours Derek can't help but seek Stiles out. Little does he know that he is stirring somet...

  • The Institution for Angry and Shy Boys (mxm) (polyfidelity)
    609K 22.2K 21

    [This story is mxm; mature and unedited] [Contains incest] [TRIGGER WARNING] It's Rio's turn to come to the institution in France, and this time things are a little different. Rio's not as confident as Fraser was, he's a little easier to offend, a little more angry, a little more, well, everything really. Rio has...

  • You can't leave me behind [BoyxBoy]
    597K 21.7K 41

    SLOW UPDATES "If I kiss you, promise me there won't be any meaning behind it okay? I seriously can't handle feelings and all that." I said, and I could see Ethan's smile widen into a smirk. "I'm sorry Matt but I can't promise that. I already like you too much for feelings not to be involved." He answered and I couldn...

  • You can't run from us [BoyxBoy]
    6M 207K 51

    "You shouldn't have called me a dog; I'll make you regret that. Prepare yourself "Sparky" because when we get home I'll make you beg." His eyes were dark and mischievous and I felt my heartbeat speed up a little. "Sparky? Really doggie, you couldn't come up with something better? And as for the begging... not really...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Warlord's Pet (boyxboy)(on hold)
    269K 9.3K 6

    The future. Where being a shifter means hiding. Lukha is a young cheetah shifter just leaving the confines of his mothers watchful eyes. He lives in the savanna where one thing has been drilled in his mind since the day he was born. Don't shift. Constantine is a powerful warlord, and as tradition says he must find a...

  • His Demon Lord (boyxboy)(on hold)
    119K 4.7K 3

    Lucious Dale is a young warlock just testing the waters of his youthful power. He lives with his mother and father in their lively coven of witches. One night as he sat alone in his room. He accidentally summoned a powerful demon. Raul is a demon lord who has all the power, lovers, and gold anyone can ask for. Then o...

  • Captured.
    33.5K 683 2

    Jake is a slave, given no choice in this cruel, dark world but to be a servant to men with twisted minds. Cale is just a troubled 15 year old boy, looking to anything and everything to escape from the loneliness he faces daily. How are these two boys related? A craving to control and be controlled.

  • Truth or Dare (Jack and Finn Harries fanfiction)
    429K 3.4K 66

    Sex. Kiss a girl. Smoke weed. Achieve 100% drunkness. Have a hangover. Skinny dip. Flash a stranger. Spin the bottle. Truth or dare. Liv lost touch with her childhood friends, Jack and Finn. Which is why she is so surprised when they invite her on a holiday to Ibiza. But Liv won't let this be a normal holiday with the...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's Got a Love Like Woe - [Slash]
    1.6M 52.7K 30

    'There. It's done. I can walk away with my pride and the knowledge that after sixteen long years, I've finally gotten laid. (It's a pretty awesome feeling.) Before I go, though, I have to check and make sure that it's Pamela. Because let's face it: A guy has to know who he lost his V-card to. And just assuming that it...