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  • What is love? Ayano (Yan-chan) x Female reader x Megami Saiko
    36.3K 834 7

    Hello readers, This is a GxG story. Head's up this is my first book. So, it wont be that good. I'm sorry if I didn't satisfy your expectations. COVER PICTURE AND THE CHARACTER DOESN'T BELONG TO ME. Thank you!!! Summary: Y/n L/n is a not so normal teenager, having a sweet mother and strict father who has high expecta...

  • Twin Trouble ( Momobami Twin x Female Reader)
    67.6K 2.4K 8


  • I Want to Save You? (Saki x Female Reader)
    7.5K 397 6

    TRIGGER WARNING.. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.. (⌐■-■) violence (⌐■-■) sexual (⌐■-■) gore (⌐■-■) etc. started august 13, 2020

    33.8K 519 11

    Penny isn't Ironwood's only project. Enter Mayu. A experimented child who has multiple Semblances. Will Mayu carry out her mission after running away, or will she help to see the world burn...find out inside

  • My Vampire Lover ( Vampire! Girl x Female! Reader) -COMPLETED-
    20.4K 139 2

    This is about you and of course a vampire, who at first was your best friend... hopefully the story is better then the description WARNING: DOES INCLUDE SEX SCENCE (OR LEMON) COMPLETED AND SPELLING CHECK (I think) *Belongs to the ex-author/owner of this account* THIS STORY COMES FROM AN APP NAMED CHOICES. I WROTE IT F...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remnant's Blossomed Tempest
    87.6K 1.8K 27

    Shy Female Reader x RWBY Harem RWBY owned by Rooserteeth

  • Violet Reaper: RWBY X Female Reader
    20.9K 377 8

    My first female reader story I wanna try it out see how this story goes. A AU story for RWBY. RWBY belongs to ROOSTERTEETH and Monty Oum.

  • The Murderous Rose (Neglected! Diclonius Female Reader x RWBY)
    2.9K 42 6

    Honestly, I was looking through stories and thought of this neat idea with RWBY. Let's see how this description fits for you. *ahem!* Neglected by her family because of ONE singular trait, Y/N, a 13-year-old diclonius, has left her family and hopped on a bullhead towards a different civilization. When she gets accepte...

  • Yandere Grimm Rwby x survivor futa fem reader
    65K 1.2K 15

    Grimm has taken over. Many life's were lost. Cities destroyed from such attack. (Y/N) is a survivor of the attacks, doing everything she can to survive. But things change when a bunch of Grimm girls want her to themselves. (I don't own anything but the plot) Rwby- rooster teeth

  • The Old Hunter Of Nazarick (Dark souls X Overlord) Rewritten
    176K 2.8K 36

    You where Touch Me younger brother and the only no-Heteromorphic Race player in the Guild of Ainz Ooal Gown. Well not a true member of the guild but you where treated like one. You where famous for your PvE skills in YGGDRASIL even elder dragons where no match for you. As well as good friends of Momonga even before he...

  • The unusual ninja
    1.6K 62 11

    as like my other work this is also a Yuri fanfic paring I'm thinking of nothing maybe female reader x sakura or hinata idk really in fact maybe both I guess well see and it will follow the naruto timeline I'll make a few changes hopefully nothing major plz give feedback

  • Erza Scarlet x g!p reader oneshots
    7.3K 99 7

    This is an erza x reader oneshots I hope you like it I dont own fairy tail.... :)))

  • a Vampire in the Dungeon (IWTPGAD Heram x Fem Shalltear reader)
    16.8K 325 7

    A/N: ok I read a similar story and I got inspired by it so here we are The Dungeon where dangerous monsters rome and if you my save someone where love blooms but one day in the Dungeon something new appeared someone with blood red armor appeared and saved two wemon one with white hair and the other with blond hair how...

  • How to Survive a Naruto Reincarnation
    81.7K 5K 34

    What would you do if you wake up in the Naruto World with all your memories? 1. Be a ninja and join a village (meet the main characters!). 2. Rebel and join Akatsuki (hopefully they won't kill you immediately). 3. Or be like me and get caught by the ANBU for accidental trespassing and spying. Image: Whatever I found...

  • Scary Stories (Discontinued)
    12.3K 493 10

    A few scary stories to be told in the dark of night. Tales of monster and ghost and creatures of evil. Step inside but beware, once you do there is no escape.

  • The Last of Us
    46.7K 1.1K 20

    Ruby and Yang are vampires trying to make it through Beacon Au where vampires were the third race, but wiped out during the great war. REWRITTEN!!!!

  • A Rose In The Cold (WhiteRose)
    6.6K 201 8

    A WhiteRose ship story idea that I've had in my mind for a little bit. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this but we'll see how this goes. Hopefully it goes well but I hope you all enjoy.

  • Fighting To Win Your Love(WHITEROSE)
    11.9K 263 5

    Ruby Rose was one of the youngest people in Beacon academy being two years ahead from everyone she had gotten a few admirers from her old school Signal sometimes she would get as people said fanmail but one had striked her heart making her get a small crush on the mysterious person who she had never met. This triggere...

  • Wild Wolf and the Runaway
    22.1K 519 43

    Weiss Schnee is tired of being beaten and abused by her father. She flees into the forest walking till she can't anymore. She stops only to get cornered by Grimm. She prepares for death only to be saved by a mysterious wolf girl. The wolf takes the girl to her pack where the two began to fall in love.

  • The Red Reaper
    24.7K 342 25

    this is about Ruby's life her mom is still alive but many people thought she was dead and Ruby was taken from Yang and her father and kinda turned into a faunus. Things about the story: people know I don't own rwby only the fanfic second is I can't write a good story only good enough to put it on here and there maybe...

  • My Papa's...harem!? (Helltaker Fanfic)
    275K 6.5K 20

    You went home to your old town, visiting your father, his not your biological father but his your father, Helltaker. As you enter his house your life will now turn into....HELL? (this is GxG and has 18+ theme, it also has futanari)

  • New Blood: RWBY Female Vampire Reader x Harem
    161K 3.6K 27

    (y/n) Silverheart was born to a royal family In her world Altana, until the night of her 16th birthday a clan of vampires raided her home. Leaving nothing behind, but blood stained walls and floors. That night she was bitten forever leaving a mark on her now pale skin, and obtaining the ability to jump to other worlds...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Cruel World (Mikasa x Fem!Reader)
    3.5K 63 3

    Can you love again? Even with a broken heart? In this cruel world, you never know where you will find true love. Mikasa and (Y/N) will have to find out what love really feels like. Warning: Contains smut

  • Long ago, yes(Youjo senki fanfiction)
    42.1K 1.3K 51

    •This is probably for people who crave for twins or just want to see what this is about •and this book will disappoint you 'I know... I had the guts to say we separate ways and meet up after five years as a promise, I'm sorry if I'm a year late or something since time is know I didn't mean to make you...

  • Lumity X Female Reader
    19.1K 514 8

    100 years ago... "What do we do!?" I panic "Sweatie there is something we must do" my mom tells me "Y/n do you remember the tales of the Titan" My mom states as I nod "Well, It's back" she states as I feel my heart sink We were then brought into a secret hide out and placed into pods as an anesthetic com...

  • Dom Futa OC x Sub Rwby Harem
    21.5K 303 4

    A fanfiction that was requested.

  • Your Beautiful Smile [TogaChako/OchaToga Fanfic] [Discontinued]
    43.5K 1.1K 17

    She didn't know what made this girl so special. Was it her shining brown eyes? Her chocolatey hair that always seemed to smell like cinnamon? Her joyful smile? Was it how she just reeked of delicious blood? She wasn't sure..but she knew she wanted her! - She didn't know what was happening to her. Sure, she knew she ha...

  • Skullgirls Characters x Reader (YURI LEMONS)
    78.2K 674 11

    (the images I use aren't mine, I found them online. Just so you know... 😅) Whelp, I'm just about tired of not seeing any girl on girl reader lemons about Skullgirls, so here you go! Adult Content! 18+, but let's be honest, the teens are gonna see it. It's inevitable, it's the internet. Have fun to all the fellow WLWs...

  • Naruto FutaHarem x Female Reader
    40.8K 450 5

    Naruto FutaHarem x Female Reader requested by someone, don't know if they want me to put there name or not so I won't say who.

  • Yandere Futanari Esdeath X Loli Neko Girl
    206K 2.8K 10

    (getting a new phone... So will not be able to update for sometime) (Thanks to Vixuzen for the description) Esdeath finds a helpless girl in poor condition, she takes her in and cares for her, esdeath finds herself falling in love with this girl, but she later realized that her love is like no other, her love is obses...