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  • Dissection of the feeling called <3
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    My fingers ran over the coarse surface of the wooden stick, taking it in my hand and holding it over the frog's chest. I couldn't help myself any longer. I dug the edge into it's flesh, a smirk growing on my face as it further attempted to struggle. I then watched as it grew limp. I turned it over onto its stomach, po...

  • Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy
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    He was a billionaire, I was a bellboy, can I make it anymore obvious? It all started one fateful afternoon in summer of 2012. I was working as a bellboy at the Trump Hotel in Hong Kong on an internship program. This was my first time in a big city. It was all I could have ever dreamed of, and more. But little did I k...

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