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  • Save me (black butler fan fiction)
    6.4K 294 21

    Harumi is dieing. She is dieing of a disease. The doctors can't give her the cure in her area. So she is forced to move in with her cousin. THAT SHES NEVER MET BEFORE. But she soon meets Sebastian. Harumi knows she's dieing. She knows if they don't hurry she will die. But her new growing friendship makes her think...

    270K 9.2K 37

    Throughout my childhood I was fascinated by fantasy world. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, angels, mermaids, fairies you name it I know it; movies, books, fanfictions I have gone through it all. I was even aspiring to become a occult teacher but then I died. Got reborn as a witch, which is like my dream come tr...

  • Born As Elena Gilbert
    167K 5.2K 37

    I never thought I would die and me reincarnated as Elena fucking Gilbert!!! She is My least favorite character. I'll make it my duty to fuck up this plot. You have soulmates in this book Disclaimer: I DON'T own the vampire diaries or it's characters, all credit to the related parties only. Also, the pictures or video...

  • Red Wisps
    102K 1.8K 30

    Andromeda or Andy Swan since she was young has had powers she's not sure where she got them or how to use them.All she knows is that when she is angry or sad they come out. When Andy and her twin sister Bella move to Forks Andy meets a certain Hale. But is this meeting a blessing or a curse? Jasper Hale X OC

  • My darling mate - Klaus x OC
    347K 10.2K 59

    You know my sister's story. Now it's time you learnt mine. My name is Stella Gilbert and I am the oldest of the Gilbert children, adopted at the small age of 5. Miranda and Grayson are the only parents I have ever known. Now that they are dead I have to keep the promises I made so long ago. A/N Will be in Stella's PO...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game
    905K 31.9K 39

    My name was Satori when I died in the 1960s and I was reincarnated as Lilian before I died and was reincarnated as the Villainess in an Otome Game called "The Flower of Love". I was reborn as Sarah a fat ugly 7 year old Villainess daughter, I have both memories when I was a man and when I was a woman in Japan. This st...

  • The Choice - A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story
    359K 8.2K 21

    No one should have to choose between family and love but unfortunately for Lucinda Salvatore she has to choose between her brothers who she hasn't spoken to for most of her immortal life and the man who her brothers hate more than anyone else. Who will she choose?

  • Panda boy (OHSHC fanfic/ Mori love story boyxboy)
    15K 496 11

    Peter night is the youngest child in the night family who are the richest family in the world. Peter has a panda sweater he got from his childhood friend before he moved away from Japan to go to France with his family. He finally came back to Japan to see his childhood friend but he finds out he is in a host club at h...

  • Honey-Senpai has a younger sister!? [A Nekozawa Fanfic] [OHSHC]
    100K 2.9K 16

    Camille Haninozuka, sister of the Honey-senpai of the host club, No one knew of her, except Kyoya Ootori. When she got in Ouran, because of a request, it turned hellish and well she escaped death. Though what if something really strange happened that forced her to run away, would she come back? Between the love trian...

  • OHSHC (yaoi) haruhi's Lolita brother
    326K 8.9K 28

    Aito is Haruhi's older brother only by a year. One day he decides that it's time for him to also transfer into ouran with his sister. When he does he is welcomed into the host club and is surprised at what he sees.

  • Broken and Alone (A Vampire Academy FanFic)
    49.6K 1.2K 15

    What if Rose was able to save Dimitri before he was turned into a Strigoi? Well, I've thought about that. There are obviously two endings that would go with this twist. I chose the one that doesn't end with rainbows and hearts. It's the day after the attack and Dimitri has bad news for Rose. He's leaving her for Tasha...

  • Creepy Pastas X Reader (One Shot Lemon)
    10.1K 111 16

    So do you love/ like creepy pastas? Well you might enjoy this ;) NOTE: THIS IS AN ONE SHOT LEMON OR ECCHI STORY OF EVERY GUY MEMBER OF CREEPY PASTAS!!! Enjoy my children ;) and btw I can do dedication and requestsss!!!! just comment below ;) ~Tomoooo

  • Tentacle Lord
    6.2K 79 15

    Kagero Kogami was a normal highschool student which love Anime and Light Novel a little more than others, in other words he was an otaku. With him being an otaku, it was normal for him to be looked down upon and hated by his classmate. But that all changed after he and the other four classmates of his were summoned by...

  • The Wonderful World of Demonic Sex
    23.9K 116 2

    +18 EXPLICIT CONTENT! IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18 THEN PLEASE LEAVE NOW, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! This is a DMC(Devil May Cry) Yuri Fanfic with Beastiality,Bondage, Reverse Rape, and Possession(s) fanfiction. There is no specific or primary pairings in this fanfic because the main character is the reader himself/herself...

  • little mermaid 💭
    11.5K 334 24

    [AU] You were a mermaid and mermaids were forbidden to mix with humans. When you were old enough to go up to the ocean, you saved a handsome man. A demon named Erwin decided to help you. And so, he turned you into a human. But here's the twist, in order for you to stay alive, you need to have sex as a life energy. So...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tom x Marco *Fire burns brighter with Love* (Slow Updates!)
    574K 14.8K 28

    this is a tomco also know as marco x tom. (YAOI) dont like dont read. There is a plot line and there are still all the other characters to, its a one sided thing but then turns to more. please read and comment. If you like billdip too then you should check out my book on that.

  • The book of Anime lemons
    95.4K 794 24

    Series of lemons. Some about You the reader X some of your fave Anime characters( example: Levi X Reader) And some anime X anime (example: Natsu X Lucy.) I will give you a warning at the begging of each. (Some Boy X Boy and some Girl X Girl) so ya enjoy.

  • guardein of the forest(gakuen alice fanfiction){ discontinued }
    18.3K 425 13

    {Do not read this is the older version and I would Rewrite it but I have many other things to rewrite , I may of said I would rewrite this in the past, but seeing as this is just complete trash, please don't read this. I made this when I knew nothing of writing so yes this is just something that needs to be rewritten...

  • Gakuen Alice (Natsume fanfic)
    63.8K 1.6K 20

    Kitty is a girl who was raised by cats she has a cat alice and a fire alice. She can not talk and is very shy. She is also really short and light so its easy to carry her.

  • Mikan's twin sister ( Gakuen Alice fanfiction )
    30.9K 753 21

    Erika Futuba Sakura Im Mikan's sister but unlike her I'm not a goody two shoes. So this is my story how my dumb sister ran away from home to find her best friend Hotaru. Along the way to bring her back I find that I too have a Alice therefore was admitted into the school also. But then I met him and maybe my life ch...

  • Gakuen Alice Crossover; Queens of the Universe
    32.3K 879 51

    Mikan Sakura Yukihara heard her friends talking bad things behind her back. Angry and sad, she requested her Uncle to transfer to a different school to hone her Alices. However, Kazumi Yukihara sent her to Seiei Sakuragaoka Academy, a non-Alice school. Questioning his answer, he replied that a certain Mini-Goddess wil...

  • Not Always That Sweet Angel (gakuen alice fanfic
    19K 438 18

    Angela has a worst past then Natsune. But before this she has friends before and after this too. One day she see Persona even though she still going to the same school and she became friends with persona. then one day she is chased and saw Mr.Narumi or Pervert prince sensei. Then she found out her Alice's and is fors...

  • Angel Kitty - Alice Academy
    10.7K 351 10

    10 year old Misaki, escape the murderers of her mother, that got killed nearly 5 years ago. After a long walk she encounters a large gate, where two men try to capture her but is saved by a 'perverted prince' known as Nayumi, who is a teacher at Alice Acedemy, she unexpectedly enrolls to the alice academy as Nayumi se...

  • Dark Angel ( Alice Academy. / Gakuen Alice )
    79.7K 2.2K 30

    Miyu Sakura Darkmoon a girl who has lived most of her life in Alice academy Alice her farther left her there. one day the elementary division principal decided to let her attend class for the first time. Because of the way she was raised she grew up cold and empty what will happen when she meets a certain group of kid...

  • Gakuen Alice/ Alice Academy (Fan-fic)
    14K 490 21

    Emi Ayano at first, is a hated, depressed and emotionless girl. She feels like she's never wanted in the world. She's been treated as a slave by her own mother and she never knew her father. And the only person she trusted left her without even saying goodbye or telling her why. And now, she's being taken to Alice Aca...

  • The Son of Bill Cipher
    77.8K 1.8K 11

    I'm reading this story called Bill Cipher's Son and it gave me the idea for this story. Also you should check out that story it's really good. Well anyway I hope you enjoy the story. I suck at summaries. Please read and check out that other story at @DipperCipher0.

  • Bill Cipher's Son
    789K 22.7K 42

    Bill wanted someone to care for and share his knowledge with, just between the two of them. But Bill never wanted a lover, being a demon was an advantage because they were a mix of both genders. Then when it's almost time for the baby to come, Stanford enters and banishes Bill into a deep place into the mindscape. Aft...

  • The Silent One and The Loner
    7.7K 208 27

    Lovey-dovey gets destroyed! Midori Akira (my fave made-up character) is in love with the former antagonist of Shaman King, Hao. Who on earth are the Silent One and the Loner?! Know it! (No spoilers please. I wish you will like it even though I think it's messed up. And oh! Be aware of the part two of their lovey-dovey...

  • Incomplete ✠ Shaman King
    10.5K 253 24

    Ashe is a very nice girl and very special. Why? Because she can see ghosts, being known as a freak made her drop out of school and stay out of it. When the Shaman Tournament is underway, she meets her best friends' friends and they journey out to be the best. But when things don\'t turn the way she hopes, it\'s up to...