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  • I NEED U (BTS boyxboy fanfic)
    145K 7.3K 57

    "What exactly are we now?" "Nothing. Just band members. Hyung and maknae. You're still Yoongi hyung's boyfriend and I'm still Bangtan's golden maknae. Nothing's change. Neither do I want it to change." "Wae?" "Isn't it good like that now? I want nothing, except you. I just wanna stay close to you, even if it's a minut...

  • Psychotic | A Jungkook Fanfiction
    29.9K 1K 2

    "Do you trust me?"

  • The Burning of the Palace at Versailles (or, Butterfly) [REWRITING]
    263K 165 26

    Formerly titled Butterfly ~~~ When former reporter Melody Tsushima was sentenced to twenty months in prison, she hadn't expected to be sent to Versailles. Cooking soups and planting daffodils, after all, was strange. But all par for the course at the so-called "Palace at Versailles," an old mansion equal parts prison...

    363K 12.8K 59

    ❝Remember how you told me that you wanted to find the most beautiful moment in life?❞ ❝I'll help you with that. I'll help you find that moment.❞ ------- Started: 151130 Completed: ??? Status: [x] Ongoing [ ] Completed ------- ©JeonSaeHyun ©2015-2018

  • Don't Ever Erase Me (A VIXX Hongbin FanFiction)
    11.9K 673 30

    Hongbin and Y/N were never seperated from each other ever since they met. They loved, cared, and trusted each other. They were a dream couple everyone would want to be in. That was all ruined when Y/N was diagnosed with a very horrible cancer. What will Hongbin do when he discovers about his love's life at stake? Hi...

  • First Love (A Vixx Fanfic)
    1K 25 6

    Bugil High School is a private, independent highschool located in Cheonan, South Korea. During the trainee years, a group is raised in this school to get the best education known and during this time, a popular trainee group called Vixx is staying there. What happens when they get a new transfer student to their schoo...

  • Lone wolf
    8.6K 177 11

    'He's ran as fast as his petit legs could take him...' Luhan isn't your average 17 year old boy. He's a wolf. With his parents killed by the Masked Men at the age of 16, and having to live in an apartment with 2 jobs, Luhan always wonders, can things get possibly worse? Not until he meets Kris, the alley man, who tel...

  • Secret Wings
    9.2M 303K 46

    Hailey always thought she had a pretty ordinary life. The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth. Soon, though, her mother is not the most important thing on the young girl's mind as she discovers a hidden side of herself and...

  • Keep Me For Eternity [Keo FanFic]
    21.2K 942 32

    Since Vixx's debut, Lee Jaehwan and Jung Taekwoon have become close. Taekwoon is becoming more open about himself yet only seems really comfortable around Jaehwan. Set in the time between the release of Voodoo Doll and Eternity. (Eternity has yet to be released in this story)

  • Except You (EXO Fan Fiction)
    4.5M 101K 56

    Everyone adores and loves her.. .. except him. He is always nice and friendly towards everyone.. .. except her. He is quite the catch at school and with one look, he can have anyone.. .. except her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUICK NOTE: I also posted t...

  • Rich Kids (Seventeen fan fiction)
    976K 38.7K 48

    Yoo Nara is your typical girl. Well, not really. Nara is the highest ranked student in all of Korea and attends high school with extremely wealthy brats. Having to deal with school, family, a handsome butler, lovers, and new friends, what will happen to this poor girl? Book cover by @Yana_saeng_