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  • Accept Me (Natsu x Reader)
    48.7K 1.6K 15

    (y/n) is a kind, sweet and funny girl who was adopted by Acnologia the king of dragons and meets Natsu, her childhood friend who invites her to Fairy Tail only for her to leave them and becomes one of the wizard saints of Fiore, also known as Tear. 10 years has passed and a mishap brings you back to the guild you call...

  • Collection of : Fairy Tail X Reader One-Shots
    165K 4.3K 32

    WARNING: You may cry or get addicted to Mystogan. I take no respond for your emotions so read at your own risk. Also, cute one-shots are there too NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS

  • Fairy Tail x reader Boyfriend/Girlfriend scenarios!
    49.1K 688 14

    Wai you reed difs, I iz suuch traASSh. ('・_・') (JKJK DONT LEAVE ME PLS ; - ;) Requests = .:Closed:. All artwork belongs to their rightful owners. AKA NOT ME. This book contains: -Somewhat cliche scenarios -Fluff and lime (For now o - o) -And a bunch of A/n's (no regrets.)

  • (Fem!) Fairy Tail x Reader (Fem!)
    25.9K 341 1

    For those girls who want to get with The female fairies! Lemons will be!

  • Starlight (Natsu x Reader)
    115K 2.6K 13

    (Y/N) (L/N) just saved Lucy Heartfilia from an attack. The members of Fairy Tail were very happy with her heroic act. You never belonged to a guild a before, you would always travel on your never knew where you came from. Did you even have a family? How did you get your magic? Also how does Master Makaro...

  • Fairy Tail X Girl!Reader (ADVENTURE STORY)
    39.8K 1K 22

    Disclaimer: I have no right to own the anime/manga Fairy Tail. FT belongs to the wonderful Hiro Mashima. All other created places belong to me. You, of course, also do not belong to me. __________________ Here is a Fairy Tail fandom where you, the reader is included in the adventures of Fairy Tail. How does this story...

  • Never Forget {Loke X Reader}
    79.7K 2.4K 8

    『 #2 ʟᴏᴋᴇ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ 』 You Are A Celestial Spirit, Your Nick name is Lilly because you are the silver key of plants. Lucy was one day looking to buy more keys and bought yours, but you can't decide weather to accept the contract or not. You've always feared celestial wizards ever since the 'incident' with the celestial...

  • Blood is thicker than water...(a fairytail x reader) ~Discontined
    13.4K 363 5

    !Discontinued! Fairytail is one of the best guilds(if not the best) in foire, everyone knows that. The guild is known for its warm bonds and over the top festivals and ofcours.. for the damage they can cause! They have faced some extreem threaths, but always managed to overcome them with the power of friendship! But w...

  • Fairy Tail One Shots!
    64.7K 1.5K 13

    Request for any Fairy Tail Boy. (I can try to make one shots for Fairy Tail girls as well.)

  • Lucy's little Sister?{Natsu x Reader}
    247K 5.4K 22

    " Guys! guess what!?" Lucy shouts happily to the members of fairy tail "What?" "My sister is joining FAIRYTAIL? " Lucy yelled squealing "YOU HAVE A SISTER!?" They replied dumbfounded Editing: Grammar errors and story plot has been touched up.

  • 『Fairy Tail』 X Reader One Shots
    78.8K 2K 13

    X Reader one shots with Fairy Tail Characters. MxM, FxM, FxF, ?x? Want a certain character? Comment in the Suggestion Page! ♪ All photos used rightfully belongs to their respective owners.

  • Fairy tail one shots {Closed!}
    526K 9.6K 85

    Just a book full of your favorite ships❤ (as in ships, I mean it's mostly character x reader) *I'm no longer taking any requests!

  • Fairy Tail Yuri Oneshots
    10.6K 106 7

    Title explains everything. Comment for a request!

  • Their Guardian Angel (Fairy Tail x Reader x OC) #Wattys2017
    65.2K 1.6K 17

    Lilith Princess of the Angels finds humans in the realm of Earth-land fascinating, most of all the Kingdom of Fiore. Lilith has always watched over one guild in particular... Fairy Tail. Through all their adventures Lilith has observed them and their love for one another. But what will happen when Lilith forsees the T...

  • Fairy Tail One Shots ( X Reader )
    69.3K 1.6K 13

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but this is a Fairy Tail one shot book. I'll be taking requests on various types of one shots (unless otherwise specified), details are in the first chapter. Enjoy!

  • Fairy Tail x Reader One Shots
    19.4K 450 4

    Fairy Tail x Reader One Shots, request in comments if you want a specific character and I'll go off that.

  • Fairy Tail X Reader
    122K 2.3K 25

    Y/N is a flame dragon slayer, regular, cool, healing, and celestial. She was taught by her dragon father, Genso. When he left she was 7 and she traveled for a year looking, but you couldn't find him. Now Y/N is 8 years and it's the anniversary of the day Genso left, while she and her exceed, E/N, were walking in the...

  • Fairy Tail One Shots (x Reader)
    503K 8.9K 41

    This is a collection of Fairy Tail one shots and also X-readers. I'll be taking requests so don't be afraid to ask. ^-^ All of the Lemons from this one-shot book have now been placed in their own book for those who only enjoy Lemons and to keep those innocent minded people innocent. (I do not own Fairy Tail or its cha...

  • The Twin Rulers of The Zodiac (Loke X Reader) *Discontinued Sorta*
    52.1K 1.3K 27

    (This story isn't actually discontinued, but is in the process of being rewritten! The new version is named "So-Called Destiny". But, feel free to continue reading this one if you'd like) Y/N and her brother Ethan are not regular celestial spirits. No, they are a half breed of celestial spirit, and wizard. Their story...

  • Avengers imagines & preferences
    289K 5K 33

    Just a bunch of Avengers imagines and preferences :) REQUESTS OPEN

  • REBEL {Loke x Reader} [A Fairy Tail Fanfic]
    110K 3.4K 11

    {#8 IN LOKE X READER} The lost of a friend can change a person. After (Y/N) lost the only person she ever trusted- the only person she ever loved, it changed her. And she blamed her best friends death, on Sarha Jennings, the celestial wizard. Rebelling against ever being owned again, the King sentenced her key under t...

  • Fairy Tail Girls One Shots (Yuri)
    337K 4.5K 24

    This book only contains Yuri. Enjoy Reading!

  • Fairy Tail Yuri One-shots
    1.1M 13K 41

    Sure, there are fanfictions about Fairy tail guys x female readers. But what about the beautiful ladies of Fairy Tail! I also won't be taking in any requests unless I run out of ideas. If I do, I'll look through the comments for a request I like and then write it Credits to @JuliaVeronik8 for the cover! <3

  • Midnight Tears
    29.8K 717 5

    GirlxGirl! Erza Scarlet x FemReader! This is my first so hopefully it won't be to terrible xD

  • darkness that covers light (natsu x reader)
    884 22 13

    *NOTE* Although this is a story I wrote I need to give most of the credit to another author for her amazing story that this book was inspired by Name of da author:cyarynn Name of da book:the 'hot' theif If you have not yet, I advise you to go check it out >w< Anyways is a natsu X reader. You are the last of your race...