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  • Harry Styles Imagines
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    WARNING: These imagines contain strong language and sexual references. We do not recommend reading if you're easily disturbed by any of these things. (MATURE IMAGINES) Copyright © 2014 by BudFanFictions and _cheekystyless. All rights reserved.

  • Harry Styles One Shots
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    Completed   Mature
  • 1D - Dirty Imagines (Harry Styles)
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    I don't take requests. Sorry to anybody who wants a personal one. Before you read, read this; THESE ARE VERY INTENSE AND IF YOU ARE -14 I WOULDN'T READ IT IF I WERE YOU. It's just a warning, and please, don't get pissed off and come crying to me, if you can't handle the stories. Sorry for being blunt, but that's just...

  • Our Dirty Little Secrets (Dirty One Direction imagines) COMPLETED!
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    Not the best imagines because this is my first piece of work. but I hope you enjoy them:)

    Completed   Mature
  • One Shots♕Harry Styles {ON HOLD}
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    A collection of smutty Harry one shots.

  • Thirsty h.s
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    One shots of Harry Styles Warning: Mature content

  • The Dirty Series (Harry Styles Smut One Shots)
    1M 6.4K 33

    Basically a compilation of one shot smut short stories. I've got two other plain romance fics, along with a smut laden long fic, so read those if you're in the mood for something different. Enjoy.

  • Harry styles short stories
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    Short stories for you to enjoy... have fun !

  • Harry Styles Smut
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    I had a few got drunk on you and now I'm wasted

  • Harry Styles imagines
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    Imagines of the brown curly haired idiot who is loved by millions, known as Harry styles.

  • The Best Of Harry Styles Smut
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    Smutty Harry Styles is the best Harry Styles.♡ P.S. The first 18 smuts are very old, and if you've been here for a while you may have noticed I unpublished about 50 chapters i had before to make this book an all Harry one.

  • Harry Styles Imagines
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    We all imagine things... :) Please feel free to read if you're doing the same thing or just simply enjoy reading imagines. :) Every vote or/and comment is very much appreciated and I thank you in advance. :) -Veronika ♡