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  • Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfiction
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    Percy Jackson has saved the world two times, from Gaea and from Kronos. He can finally relax. But when his half brother Kurt arrives, he's betrayed by everybody except his three most reliable friends. When he decides he can't take it anymore, he leaves camp for good. Chaos offers Percy a place in his army and wants Pe...

  • Omega | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction
    1.6K 38 4

    (alright, so I wanted to try out the Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos plotline, but I'm gonna make it a bit different, don't worry) Percy Jackson used to be a hero, years ago. He used to be the best demigod at camp, maybe even in the world. But all that changed when he had gone out on a quest and never came back. He was pr...

  • Alpha's Story | Percy Jackson Chaos || COMPLETE
    32.2K 1K 27

    Sequel / companion to That's Not My Life Anymore. Bianca di Angelo sacrificed herself at a young age. She had a full life ahead of her that she never got to live. What if she got another chance to live? What if she got another chance to experience a true life? When a mysterious man visits her in the Underworld, Bianc...

  • Percy Jackson: Gods and Demigods
    20.2K 480 37

    Basically, this is a mix of interviews with gods or demigods, stories about gods or sometimes demigods I made up or personally researched about and improvised. There are also some random poems and junk. I really hope you like this story.

  • Percy Jackson Jokes 2
    1.9M 110K 190

    The swakle to my first Percy Jackson Jokes book -_- note: Not all these jokes are mine I just compile dem all for you to read! <3 Don't forget to vote, comment and follow!

  • Percy Jackson Jokes!
    4.7M 238K 203

    Random Percy Jackson jokes

  • Percy Jackson: Truth Or Dare
    661K 14.8K 51

    Oh and this book is discontinued :(((((!!!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO RICK RIORDAN!!!! Hey! This is Percy Jackson: Truth or Dare! It's filled with cool, wild, and crazy Truths and Dares! ~Enjoy! Love Kylie!!

  • Ask Anubis
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    Ask me questions about me or those around me, and I'll do my best to answer most questions.

  • Percy Jackson Truth or Dare!
    272K 4.9K 74

    What if Percy and his friends got together in Cabin Three and played Truth or Dare? Join Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Me (Jasmine Dragonite, Not my real last name.) and a couple other's in a game of Truth or Dare. Prepare for laughter, daring, love, a bit of bleeped out cussing, and a whole load of slapping! (The author is n...

  • Percy Jackson Gets Facebook
    76.8K 3.7K 84

    Okay. I know there are a lot of these out there, but I love them, and wanted to do my own. Characters who will be in this chat, are: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Praetor Reyna, Drew, Clarisse la Rue, Hazel, Frank, Rachel, Piper, Octav...

  • Percy Jackson Facebook Chats
    13.6K 493 21

    Facebook time for Percy and his friends. Caution: Full of Randomness. Well. kind of full of randomness. :) DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE COMMENT OR FOLLOW ME. THANK YOU. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters nor the places. Rick Riordan does. But I might have added some characters.

  • Remember me?
    902K 33.2K 58

    Annabeth was a quiet girl. Now she's and outspoken billionaire. Percy was a detention regular. Now he's a special agent for the FBI. Piper was always unpopular. Now she's a rising star. Jason was always popular. Now he runs his own lawfirm. Leo was the class clown. Now he's the prime suspect. Frank was the failing...

  • Ask Hades.
    4.1K 280 29

    Hey. Ask any question of hades. Thanks. Peace out.