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  • Alpha Rogue [BoyxBoy]
    3.8M 150K 46

    Being an Omega is no walk in the park. Theo and his best friend Fraya are the only omega's in the Silver Creek Pack. They get pushed around by everyone in the pack just because of the rank they were born into. Both Theo and Fraya have gotten used to the abuse and never expected much from life. But what happens when th...

  • Insatiable [boyxboy] On Hold
    4.3M 88.9K 26

    [WARNING: There is MATURE boyxboy action! So if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Is it wrong to love two people at the same time? How do you pick one from the other when they both have qualities that you love? Wyatt Evans has had his heart broken by the one person that he thought he would be with forever. It didn't h...

  • My Dear Brother
    99.9K 3K 4

    [BoyxBoy] ... Andy is in love with his older brother, but can't say anything to him. His best friend tries to get him to talk to his brother, but Andy is just scared that Kain, his older brother, will only make fun of him. Follow Andy through a short journey to win his brother's heart. Or does Andy own Kain's heart al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Boys, One Love Boyxboy
    117K 3.7K 33

    Logan is in denial of his sexuality when he meets the handsome Daniel Coleman. Daniel somehow convinces Logan that he has to come out or he'll stay a closet gay forever... Will Logan come out or stay inside, and what happens after he decide?

    Completed   Mature
  • Scarred Predator [ON HOLD]
    313K 15.7K 22

    --part two-- The Forsaken Daughter and the Runaway Son; When Jessah Bailey feels her mate bond tear she falls into a deep depression, no longer the happy girl she was once was, and no longer her family's favourite. Keon Monroe was looked at with fear, his father's legacy living on in his own power. When the Beta deci...

  • Gentle Predator
    3.4M 96.6K 27

    -- part one-- The Warrior's Daughter and The Alpha's son; When Illyria is orphaned at the tender age of four she finds herself in an unlikely friendship with a boy seven years her senior. Tristyn is the next Alpha and Illyria his fierce little friend. What happens when it comes time for the two best friends to find...

  • The Runaway Mate
    8.1M 253K 40

    The Runaway Mate Carly Faye isn't your average seventeen year old werewolf, she's anything but actually. Having lost everything that was important to her at a very young age, Carly has trouble fitting in with the rest of her pack and as a result of this she has always been an outcast. When she was fifteen Carly found...

  • Queen of Kings
    2.2M 85K 36

    Blood. Blood everywhere. It was all I could see as bodies laid everywhere. The stench of rotten flesh and blood filtered through my nose, making me cringe. It wasn't just werewolves, but many other beings. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that this was all because of me. Because of who I am. Why did it h...

  • Alpha Landon | ✔️ (Published)
    6.6M 90.5K 10

    *BOOK ONE* (Can he read as standalone) (Completed) Sequel: Alpha Kaden "You can't love him, you need someone who you're more compatible with," he insisted. His arms moved suddenly, his palms slamming against the wall beside my head, his arms locked into place. "You wouldn't know," I gritted out in frustration. Landon...

  • His Reject
    1.3M 58.2K 53

    Life isn't all peaches and cream for innocent Toby Myers. I mean, how is it supposed to be when almost the entire pack makes it their job to let Toby know that being gay is a sin? Then, add the fact that he gets rejected by his alpha mate, Matthew Richardson, and you'll end up with a Toby that's broken and tired. So l...

    Completed   Mature
  • What He Needs
    466K 29.3K 41

    Winston thought that his life couldn't get much worse after he gave up everything in order to be with his high school sweetheart. But the universe seemed to have a sick sense of humor when he finds said sweetheart in bed with another man. Deciding to go out and relinquish the heartache, Winston runs into more trouble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Holding On To His Prey
    180K 9.1K 20

    .:Book 2 In "The Hunt For Love" Series:. Liam Nelson and Blake Harvey's lives are good. The sheep and lion couple is content with waking up to each other every morning and falling asleep together every night. Nothing has ever felt so right to them before their fateful meeting five years ago. However, when Liam falls...

  • Hope From a Rogue (BoyXBoy)
    128K 5.6K 21

    (Teaser) No no no no! It took a moment before he realized it was soft teeth around his neck, and he was vibrating from a larger animals growl surrounding his body. And the sweet thick smell that made Evan weak entered this nostrils calming his racing heart, before it jumped up into fear. Evan heard popping and cracki...

  • Predator & Prey
    1.7M 87K 40

    .:Book 1 In "The Hunt For Love" Series:. In a town full of mostly predator shifters, Liam Nelson has every right to be cautious of everything and everyone around him. Being a sheep shifter basically puts him at the bottom of the food chain. Add in his S.A.D and you get a Liam that is just too reserved for his own good...

    Completed   Mature
  • New Wolf
    113K 4.5K 39

    •Completed •highest rank: #95 in werewolf Looking up her eyes roamed around the classroom until they landed on someone who wasn't working. Someone who was looking directly into her own eyes. Someone who wouldn't stop even after she turned her head. He wouldn't stop. ~•~ A new girl...

  • Pregnant and Rejected
    283K 6.8K 25

    You should read the first book before this just to get the concept. (regret me ha!) cover made by AllAmeriacnNerd) hi Also this book was . (93 in werewolf) After being rejected for the second time and brandished from the pack . I found out I was pregent . It's been 1 year since then I have gotten a job as a teache...

  • Regret Me, Ha . (Under major reconstruction)
    214K 6.4K 23

    92!in werewolf ( cover made by All American nerd) btw just one word. Just wanted to make sure u guys can read it. I Alex Young reject you as my mate . All I felt was pain . I will not give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry . All I did was walk away as Alex and his blonde bimbo make out . With every kiss I feel it...

  • The Moon Child
    87K 3.8K 13

    Can Dyran survive the hardships that life throws at him. What will happen when all hope of happiness that he had is broken and shattered? He's different than every other wolf in his pack and he knows it but why is he different? The time will come when he will need to forget about his broken heart and use the powers h...

  • I Rejected My Alpha
    62.5K 1.6K 21

    Alexa was abused for as long as she can remember. One of her tormentors is the Alpha who she found out was her mate. He just didn't know. When it was Alpha Jace's 18th birthday he found out that Alexa was his mate. He was suppose to find out at age 16 but because of his player ways he never noticed. He accepted it b...

  • The alpha and the omega
    39.3K 1.1K 3

    Sophie is the omega of the silver moon pack. She is beaten and abused for the death of her parents the old alpha and Luna. Now one of her biggest abusers is her brother the new alpha. She is about to turn 18 and she will find her mate will she make it that long. Read and find out. *WARNING* If you don't like books th...

  • My Omega
    121K 3.7K 15

    Chase Lycan was turning 18 in one week he had one week to find his mate. He had one week until he would be given his fathers alpha position of Lycan pack. So in look for his mate he brings his beta to be, Grant. The last stop for them is the Wildfire pack and both find their mates surprisingly. Brittany Grace is 17 an...

  • Alpha Silver
    10K 109 8

    "Would you still want me after you know what I've done?" All her life, Hayley, only knew one thing. Protect human civilization at all cost. She vow her loyalty to the Hunter Association as it flows through her blood system. She knew it is possible for her to have a mate, but never wanted it to happen to her. She has...

  • An Alphas Omega
    134K 4.1K 13

    Clover Green is the Omega of the Blue Moon Pack. Nobody is kind to her except her vampire best friend Kyane and the third in command.of her pack, Johnny. However she is different, special even, compared to all other omegas. She has powers. People could use her for her powers so Clover has kept it a secret for as Long...

  • Alpha Finally Meets His Mate
    11.6K 431 15

    Lamiya was a regular, simple human girl that went to college to start her future. She has no idea whats out there in the world , that werewolves exist and that her whole life is about to change. Damon on the other hand knows all about the werewolf world because he is infact a wolf himself and alpha of his pack. He's b...

  • My Broken Luna
    13.1M 363K 51

    "Stop. Stop, please." I sob as the whip comes down on my back once more. "Shut up yo-" my tormentor's words are cut off by a ferocious growl. I sense another masculine figure in the dark room, but can't make out a word he's shouting. The burning and searing pain that I'm experiencing is just too much. A sickening snap...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alphas Baby(#wattys2016)
    64.4K 2.1K 15

    In this hot new arrival on wattpad, will love be able to conquer all? Jake and Lacey have to fight to stay together, will the birth of there son fix it? Elijah-james isnt as ordinary as you and I but he will do anything to protect his parents.

  • The Alpha's Angel
    1.4M 61.4K 35

    "Something is different about her." I hear Dana say to Bentley as I play with the baby before me. "How so?" He asks. "I don't know, shes like more vibrant." Dana says, "like a glow." "Oh I get what your saying, but she's always had that glow." Bentley says and I smile. If only they knew. - - - *Sequel to Human Luna...

  • Rejecting the Alpha
    27.6M 859K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • Stitches (BoyxBoy)
    316K 12.7K 31

    "Are You Really Going To Love Me Forever, Or Is This Just A Hit And Run?" Hayden Thompson, just graduated from high school but he had to run far away to get away from his dark secret. Going all the way from New York City to Miami, Hayden had no idea he was going to get a job at the top nightclub and falls in love with...

    Completed   Mature