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  • Braided Halo (Sweden x Abused! Reader)
    40.1K 1.6K 8

    (Eight part story) You looked up to see that your room was completely painted in black, but the words written in red were gone, along with the voices. You shakily got to your feet, thinking it was over with. You were far from right. You looked towards the doorway to try and escape your horrible room. Your eyes immedia...

  • Reunion with Strangers (Viking Nordics x Reader)
    39.1K 1.5K 12

    Have you ever wondered if that feeling of déjà vu ever meant something? That feeling of already meeting some one? Maybe,it isn't just some superstition. One seemingly normal trip to the super market could change your whole life. You had never thought of all the possibilities of going to get groceries, they seemed pre...

  • Baltics x Reader!
    10.6K 334 22

    You are a new country,living in Mr.Russia's house.He is really scary to you so you don't question him.You are also a Baltic country,but you guys are like strangers to each other,you being more from the Caribbean side.*sigh*Good luck Reader!

  • 2p! France x Reader: In love with a killer
    44.2K 1.4K 20

    Walking through the dark alleyway wasn't a good idea on your part, especially when a man kidnappes you. But you survive unlike all of the other unlucky victims of this man. Will you fall in love as he does to you? Or will someone try and stop this love from growing any further?

  • Who? (2p Canada x reader)
    136K 4.7K 48

    An artist surrounded by wildlife, hated by the community she lives in except for the selected few. She searches for inspiration in the forest know as her back yard. What happens when she stumbles in to a certain Canadian or should I say he stumbles into her... even after she helps him , she's never given a name. causi...

  • Shattered Glass(Nordics x reader)
    13.2K 402 35

    I can't reveal anything here but expect some kind of twisted stuff!From Cupcake-Senpai with love!<3

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask/Dare Male Belarus!
    186 10 3

    Admin: heey ask and dare Nikolai! He needs some friends Nikolai : No I don't! I only need Big sister!

  • Winter Flower || Russia x Reader
    59.1K 1.7K 9

    -DISCONTINUED- Your grandmother told you many stories of the nations. Your favorites were the ones including the snow country, Russia. *I do NOT own Hetalia or its characters*

  • A Destined Fate: Russia X Reader
    108K 4.6K 63

    The world is quite a cruel place, the personifications of each nation is well aware of that. You soon find yourself engulfed into a new reality; a reality dwelling with those personifications. Eventually old memories resurface shaping the keepers into new forms. A single sunflower wilts away yet it's the very end of h...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✔ Masquerade | England [EDITING]
    278K 11.8K 49

    In which the cold Commander with an iron heart falls in love with you. [This book is currently being edited, so if there's any mismatch or incongruity, please excuse it! It will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you!]

  • Germany x Reader
    125K 3.7K 37

    Fan fiction based on Hetalia. I do not own Hetalia. This is my first fan fiction.