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  • Friends; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)
    44K 1.4K 15

    What happens when a popular girl finds out that a not so popular boy lives on the same street as she does? They start walking to and from school together. What happens when that popular girl has to bring a date to a Halloween party? You'll just have to see. I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here...

  • Promise
    107 0 4

    Serah is desperate to find what she's missing in life. She needs her sister back and she's willing to give up everything in order to find her. She leaves with a man named Noel Kreiss on a journey to save her missing sister. For some reason she trusts this stranger. Will she find her sister? And, most importantly, will...

  • Remembering Noel (A FFXIII Fan Fiction)
    5.7K 139 22

    Come along with Serah and Noel (Hope, Maqui, Yuj, Midna, Yeul etc.) on their journey of forgetfulness, jealousy, despair, and rediscovering love. Final Fantasy 13

  • ~For you I'll guard~ (Noel and Serah)
    316 8 1

    Where Serah learns that her true hero has been by her side all along.