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  • Dancetale - Magic Sights (SansxFrisk SHORT-STORY)
    3.4K 223 1

    SHORT STORY OF DANCETALE! *Requested* I have had a few requests of this and I'm excited to write this! This will be a short story, meaning it wont be too long and it's just like a small story for those who don't want too much. Or just need something to do. This book has a lot of references to songs, so try and f...

  • Fire Emblem X Reader (Completed)
    551K 9.9K 127

    Hello my lovely readers! Want to request characters for me too do? Well, here ya go! I'll only post when someone gives me a request so make sure to request often! So, may my book tip Wattpad's scales of awesomeness! PICTURES DON'T BELONG TO ME! THEY BELONG TOO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER! Awesome cover art made by Cloudsinsk...

  • 【 Stray Ties 】Noragami Yato x Hiyori
    76.9K 2.7K 23

    What are these feelings? Can a God like me love someone mortal like her? ~ Yato's living his usual life like he always does, but then he's starting to realize that whenever he's with Hiyori, he's feeling weird. Will Yato realize that he's in love with her and confess? >Yato x Hiyori< 《Yato's POV ( point of view )》 H...

  • Dancing Into Tomorrow//Dancetale
    46.3K 1.9K 25

    He had given up. He didn't care about what was happening around him. He didn't care about dancing anymore. He hardly cared for anything now. But secretly, he cared too much.