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  • Another kind Of Halfa(a danny Phantom X Reader Story)
    62.4K 1.3K 23

    Hey guys I hope you're going to like this danny phantom x reader story.I wanted to make this personal for everybody,but if you can't think of a nickname or just want to do it with the original idea of the character you're short nickname can be mia and the longer nickname miana,why? Lets just say it's a little secret(i...

  • Danny Phantom x Female reader
    47.1K 1.4K 43

    Highest ranking: #1 in Dannyphantomxreader Season one of Danny Phantom with you thrown into it. (I do not own Danny Phantom or any of the characters/episodes I've used in this story!) SEASON 2 IS OUT, NOW! Go check it out! :3 Your parents are paranormal researches: hired by Vlad Masters and teaming up with the Fento...

  • To the Girl with Turquoise Eyes
    32.1K 854 49

    .... Danny Phantom X OC.... P.S I only own what you don't see in the original show.

  • The popular girl ( Danny phantom/Fenton x OC/reader )
    1.4K 28 15

    When 17 year old Arabella decides to live with her mother after her mother and father divorce, and move to Amity park. She makes new friends and soon is reunited with her old friend Paulina who doesn't hesitate to bring her into the group. however, a certain 'loser' as Dash likes to call him, catches Arabellas eye. Th...

  • new school [Danny phantom x reader] ✔️ completed
    75.8K 1.7K 15

    Y/n just moved to a new town because of her troubling past. That till this day still haunts her. Can Danny change that? Will y/n learn to trust him or will the past stop her/him? #1 dannyxreader

  • danny imagines (Danny Phantom x Reader)
    33.3K 737 12

    In which, you join Danny and his friends of a not-so-normal life as high schoolers. Note: Doing something a little different, but this would be following a story timeline so no requests! Disclaimer: Setting of junior year in high school. Slow but inevitable rom-com. No Phantom Planet. Danny Phantom (c) Nickelodeon

  • Various X Reader
    2.8M 76.4K 200

    Read the title.

  • Various X Reader One shots!
    1.1M 21K 193

    We all have had that awkward time in our lives when we have had or still have a crush on a person or thing that isn't real. If you are reading this book then you probably still do...Well your not alone! We all have a problem and I'll help you with your daily dose of sexy cartoon characters. please keep in mind that I'...

  • We Are Heroes (Danny Phantom × Code Lyoko)
    5.5K 114 23

    Casper highschool makes class exchanges with Kadic highschool in Boulogne Billancourt, France. Team phantom and team lyoko get the chance to meet each other and become friends, unaware of each other's secrets. One day, Danny found someone important alive in the ghost zone, and this person has revealed the truth about...

  • Danny Phantom X Reader
    51.9K 1.5K 8

    You've been friends with Danny Phantom since your freshman year of high school, when the both of you start having issues pertaining to your relationship you're given a gift. Ghost powers are passed down onto you by a strange ghost girl, a child of the frost dimension. With your new abilities, you're forced to make a...

  • The New Ghost In Town (A Danny Phantom Fanfic)
    86.8K 2.3K 21

    There's a new girl town. Danny gets suspicious that she may be a ghost but before he can find out she disappears. What happened to her? Will Danny be able to help her before it's too late? Or will he find himself doomed to the same fate?

  • Danny Phantom XReader
    42.2K 1.2K 32

    You have two halves of you. Human and ghost. Who would've thought that you had two different personalities as well!

  • The Ultimate Enemy (Danny Phantom x Female!Reader)
    93K 2.1K 12

    This is the Ultimate Enemy episode but with you thrown into the mix.

  • Danny Phantom x Female!Reader
    780K 17K 85

    You and your parents move from (hometown) to Amity Park because your father got a job offer at Axion Labs. Few days after you move, you start your new school year at Casper High where your life changes after you met three teenagers

  • Various X Reader
    3.5M 89.9K 246

    They title says it all. It has characters from all sorts of shows, series, games, movies, celebrities, YouTubers.

  • My Real-Life Fantasy (Danny phantom x reader)
    221K 6.1K 28

    You're a popular girl at Casper High,with your best friend being Paulina, with your boyfriend being Dash, being on the cheerleader team. You had a perfect life! But not so much since you couldn't be yourself. One day,you meet Danny Fenton. and your whole life changes. The story is better,trust me! This is a DANNY PHA...

  • The New Halfa In Amitypark
    56.9K 1.7K 19

    when (y/n) moves to Amitypark with her parents, she makes new friends and leans a few things about herself and her other half.

  • A Danny Phantom Story
    36.2K 1.1K 14

    when Danny's parents find out he is half ghost will they accept him or will they hate him and neglect him find out here

  • Ghost Love
    4.8K 101 12

    Jamie may seem like your average, ordinary girl. But really she's half ghost known as the Flaming Angel! Then she meets Danny Phantom. But they fight thinking that the other is evil. When they find out they are just halfas, romance starts to form. But now that they've met without their boss's permission, they'll have...

  • I'm half ghost just like you (Danny Fenton)
    7K 166 13

    For the time being, this story is on hold. This is a completed story, but I can't upload anymore of it until I get my laptop fixed.

  • Only Half
    4.2K 137 14

    [Danny Phantom Fanfiction] Taking place a short while after "D-stabalized", Valerie is set on capturing Vlad Plasmius, whose identity she has recently learned. To counter, Vlad reveals the ghost boy's secret, putting Danny at serious risk of dying - permanently. (*Will update as often as I can!)

  • I'm in love with a ghost (danny phantom phanfic)
    947 31 2

    miracle rose alexander is a 14 year old girl and she just move in amity park next to danny fenton...she goes to casper high....miracle is a shy girl...but dont get her mad if u know whats good for u...little did danny know that he suspects that miracle is strange lately..and little did miracle knows is danny is a half...