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  • lonely hearts club ✨ || kth au [COMPLETED]
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    "lonely hearts club // do you want to be with somebody like me?" maybe single parents are meant to be members of the lonely hearts club. © 2022 | eleni_cherie »» check out my other bts fanfics as well! #8 sarahhyland #43 single-dad #78 romanticcomedy #164 single-parent #272 kth #514 romcom #936 btsv

  • 8 mile ✨ || myg au [COMPLETED]
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    "Thanks to you I could make my dream come true." first time yoongi laid eyes on soyeon was eight years ago, at a rap battle in a rundown club. how could they know the effect they would have on each other ever since? »not a cliché fanfic.«| romcom | © 2022 | eleni_cherie | cover by me. »» check out my other bts fanf...

  • private affair ✨ || ksj au [COMPLETED]
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    "I just need someone to talk to," he quietly said, not daring to look her in the eyes. "It's alright. I can still be your private affair." He's desperate for company. She gets paid by the hour. © 2021 | eleni_cherie »» check out my other bts fanfics as well! #316 ksj #35 kimyongsun #361 solar #425 song #249 lyrics

  • polaris✨ || bts • kth au [COMPLETED]
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    ❝You brought the stars from the sky right to my skin.❞ And it all started with an astronomy book. »not a cliché fanfic.«| alternative universe | romcom | © 2020 | eleni_cherie | cover by me. »» check out my other bts fanfics as well! #1 btscollegeau #10 sarahhyland #16 astronomy #34 youngromance #79 knj #80 ksj #84 j...

  • lost in translation ✨|| kth [COMPLETED]
    462 101 12

    about two online friends meeting in tokyo. loosly inspired by the movie 'lost in translation'. »not a cliché fanfic.«| romcom | © 2019 | eleni_cherie | cover by me. »» check out my other bts fanfics as well! #5 sarah hyland #3 hyland #199 kth #593 btsv #195 aesthetic #199 movie #155 japan #433 newadult #240 romcom #5...

  • Forever Yours
    57.2K 351 4

    Parker is the most lovable person. She is talented. She goes to Harvard. Top of her class. She isn't to proud of her past. With her mother giving her up for sex to get high. She meets Jacob the baddest boy in school. He has the most girls in school. He also has a bad past with his mother. When she leaves him to die...

  • My One Exception
    88 4 2

    In which he is her only exception for everything.

  • ::oliver::
    13 3 5

    "She told me she'd still be alive by the time we were both 18"

  • Phoenix Tear
    21 1 1

    "there is a crystal stuck. stuck in your eye" Those words bounced through Zack's head as he attempts to gain back a normal lifestyle after an act of nature had killed his older brother. He soon discovers that the crystal could hold amazing powers, including the ability to use ice powers on his free will. But he will...

  • Doppelgänger// Teen Wolf
    87.8K 2.4K 18

    " Why do I look like her? She questioned. '' What am i Peter?'' '' You my darling niece are something extrodinary.''

  • The Speaking of Unspoken
    2.4K 842 21

    Someone right beside you could be reading your mind right now! And thousands of others have that talent. One boy Michael, exposed his power and was sent into another dimension with other mind readers! Now they must work as one to escape. [Best ranking yet: 32nd In Adventure [Action: 507th in Action]

  • Evaporation
    190 46 3

    A massive drought took place on Earth, diminishing all water. A mother and son are homeless, they only have each other for survival and support . The son has an idea to get the water back but the mother can't go. She's too old and fragile. "I'm sorry mother, i must go..." [STORY UPDATED EVERY TUESDAY, FRIDAY, AND...

  • It gets better
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    Life isn't always fair and we can't predict to prevent what happens. We just have to take it as it comes and try like hell to get through whatever life throws at us because in the end it does get better.

  • Mad Hatter
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    "you think im psycho, you think im gone"

  • Rants
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    basically just me complaining about how much I hate my life :))

  • Chasing Morgan | LH
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    "You have 60 days. 1,440 hours. If you don't find me, you don't find her. And if you don't find us, it's game over" (Amazing cover goes to eleni_cherie !! Y'all make sure to check her stuff out)

  • Laguna Negra » 2016
    1.3K 87 7

    Se acaban las vacaciones. Carolina Leal tiene que regresar al Internado. Pero este año descubrirá lo escalofriante que puede ser la vuelta a los estudios. Nunca antes salió al bosque, pero ahora lo único que quiere es saber la verdad, y ayudar a su nuevo compañero de clase, Marcos. Iván no está muy de acuerdo con eso...

  • Runaways L.H
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    Lauren was dragged to a bar by her fiancé, someone who was slowly making her unhappy. She sits down besides a boy she doesn't know and starts talking to him next thing you know she's creating a plan to leave her fiancé and join the boy on the road. The boys name was Luke Hemmings. Cover: Eleni_cherie

    754 77 11

    Who knew that a girl and a boy could spark a relationship from an accidental hug in the middle of a shitty Macy's? cover by the beautiful @eleni_cherie

  • Poles Apart
    133 17 6

    Rare, a perfect word to describe Valentina Rose Castello. No, she is not an alien, but she is the daughter of Ethan Castello. Ethan is the founder of Inditex, a multinational clothing company. She can be living the lavish and extravagant life with her father, but strangely enough she chose to live with her junkie moth...

  • The Creators
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    Κακό: Καθετί που είναι αντίθετο με τις επιθυμίες του ανθρώπου, είναι δυσάρεστο, βλαβερό ή άτοπο/ Συμφορά, δυστυχία /Η αρνητική πλευρά μιας κατάστασης ή ενός προσώπου. Αυτές είναι κάποιες από τις ερμηνείες που μπορεί να βρει κανείς για το περιεχόμενο της λέξης "κακό". Όμως σε μια κοινωνία που το κακό κρύβεται πίσω από...

  • Screen Time
    1.9K 223 11

    Before that winter, Clara had been a normal teenage girl. She spent about twelve hours a day using one of her family's many computers on an OnLife site. She'd never seen any of her friends in person. She'd hardly ever cracked a window or door. She'd never even left her own home. And why would she need to? Everything...

  • Bad Boy Gone Good (A H.S. AU)
    107 18 4

    When Jenifer Tomlinson Louis little sister meets Harry Styles for the first time he is nothing she expected him to be. Jenifer does her best to him. Will she be able to? Who knows? Well. I do. "What's wrong Harry?" "None of your business little girl."

  • Voicemails to Mars
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    voicemails that a girl sends to her runway best friend who only has a phone and a charger. lowercase intended ©Sammers091302xoxo 2015 || Sam Cover Credits: @eleni_cherie 2015

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    a graphic designer//book cover artist offers her photoshop skills for you to request covers for whatever story you want. »all covers made by me. | © 2016-17 | eleni_cherie | #14 random #352 edit #689 shop #808 cover

  • choices ✨ || 5sos • lrh [COMPLETED]
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    ❝In the end, our choices make us.❞ In which a girl, trying to find a place she belongs to through tv shows and movies, becomes the new photographer of a famous band and makes their lead singer question his own self. And the choices they've made. »not a cliché fanfic.« | RomCom | © 2015-17 | eleni_cherie | [long chap...