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  • sunny side. [yoonmin]
    481K 30.8K 29

    ❝why did you throw a book at me?❞ © mygcafe : ゆ 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • puns - myg & pjm
    281K 21.4K 31

    minyoongay: I was just wondering if you heard about the guy whose whole left side got cut off parkpabo: omg no I didn't, is he okay? minyoongay: yeah, he's all right now - yoongi x jimin #1 in pickuplines #5 in puns

  • imessage // yoonmin
    21K 1.5K 11

    jimin gets a message from an unknown number.

  • online。 yoonmin
    2.9M 163K 59

    ☾in which an orange haired boy falls in love with his mint haired friend.☽ © whaelien 2016 #103 in fanfiction-06.19.16 started-05.14.16 completed-06.26.16

  • black +, m.yg
    78.9K 5K 10

    [lowercase intended] + ― min yoongi, an absolute mess, stops park jimin from being on his way to buy milk from the grocery store. the rest becomes an even bigger mess

  • Oppa. [bxb]
    537K 17.3K 10

    ❝The daddy kink is overrated.❞ PJM/MYG Warnings: smut and foul language. (Can chosen to be read as a boyxboy novel, rather than a fanfiction.) --- kinkykook 2017 no plagiarism © all rights reserved

  • little space → yoonmin
    1.7M 83.5K 29

    min yoongi had noticed that park jimin has been acting odd lately. he was perfectly fine not to question it, until one day he came home to see the boy asleep in his bed, cuddling a huge teddy bear with a pacifier in his mouth. started ; march twentieth, 2016 finished ; august twenty seventh, 2016 160917 - 100k...

    Completed   Mature
  • pricked » yoonmin [FF]
    496K 30.2K 78

    Book 2 一 sequel to #sadlife Please leave me without saying a word Please close those beautiful lips, stop bothering me When are you going to let me go My heart that used to keep you inside is becoming a love thorn? Can I not see you again? You, who I can't touch Like a love thorn You make me unable to forget you...

  • #sadlife » yoonmin [texting]
    1.6M 104K 96

    Book 1 ssugasexual: i'm so bored, help #lonely #needsalife #dumbshit #boring #hungry #nofood #sadlife - [texting mostly;] ☹ All rights reserved. Copyright © wangzico 2015

  • eighteen | yoonmin
    336K 17.3K 19

    yoongi was wrong - jimin thought - true love really does exist, he just hasn't come to terms with it even though it's standing right in front of him. copyright © 4sokjin

  • yoonmin one shots
    757K 39.4K 135

    min yoongi x park jimin

  • cupid → yoonmin
    2.4M 152K 41

    Jimin is a matchmaker - an assistant to Cupid - and is sent to the mortal world to make a boy named Min Yoongi fall in love with his music partner, Jung Hoseok started ; february eighteenth, 2016 finished ; july seventh, 2016 160515 - #87 in fanfiction 160523 - #75 in fanfiction 160910 - #7 in yoonmin 160910...

  • little jimin » yoonmin [novella]
    66.5K 4.5K 9

    Somebody killed little Jimin The boy with the tune Who sings in the daytime at noon He was there screaming Beating his voice in his doom But nobody came to him soon.. _ based on Michael Jackson's song 'Little Susie' All rights reserved. Copyright © wangzico 2016

  • no time. | yoonmin
    114K 8.5K 15

    Jimin and Yoongi's adventures are just beginning. Sequel to time's up.

  • sweet | yoonmin
    126K 9K 17

    "sugar is sweet just like you" based off the anime ore monogatari. NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started april 2016.

  • 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐑 / myg + pjm
    93.4K 8.5K 11

    'dear, min yoongi.' @artyoongi

    Completed   Mature
  • mute | yoonmin
    592K 40.5K 23

    "are you mute or something?" NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started january 2016.

  • boys | yoonmin
    429K 32.8K 33

    "is it okay to like boys?" NO TRANSLATIONS. lowercase intended. started march 2016.

  • kpop and chill → yoonmin
    856K 55.2K 26

    "So... can we listen to more of that Chinese music?" "It's Korean, Jesus fucking Christ." started ; december sixth, 2015 finished ; february twenty second, 2016 161010 - 100k reads

    Completed   Mature
  • time's up. | yoonmin
    781K 51K 33

    Every second counts.

  • YoonMin || I NEED U (Completed)
    887K 31.5K 30

    Park Jimin is his human. ©2015BTS