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  • Loki's Redemption
    17.9K 816 13

    "It was the only way." At first no one new what Doctor Strange meant, the decimation was the worse possible thing that could happen to the universe. But through all of the dimensions, all of the possible universes, all versions of Doctor Strange would say that single line as they all could see the one outcome that co...

  • TMNT Together
    1K 111 17

    Shredder highers multiple new sevants. The turtles try to make them deflect to the Hamato Clan. Even Karai is still under the Foot's harsh ruling, but she wants to escape. (On going RP) @k_Borchert and @hbbug3

  • TMNT: Brainwashed
    2.6K 235 25

    The four turtles, Karai, and April were captured by the Kraang and were brainwashed to forget. They meet again. Leo, Raph, and Karai being owners of a very popular and successful businesses, Hamato Solutions, while Donnie and Mikey are looking for jobs. Will they realize who they once were?

  • The 1st Annual Hunger Games
    242 36 8

    Before the Girl on Fire, there was the first annual Hunger Games. Heather of District 12, Brianna of District 4, and Emma of District 7 unite in the Games. You get to decide who dies in the Hunger Games! [EVERYBODY...exept for us at first, because we're the main characters. :) ]

  • Friend Me Not!
    1.5K 394 34

    Three girls from three different backgrounds get lost on a school field trip. They all have one backpack, and their own skills. Together they must survive the dangerous wild. They learn things about each other that no one else knew... Will they be able to survive or will they die trying? Entered in the Watty Awards 20...

  • Otherside
    151 10 5