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  • Who Knew? (Justin Bieber Fanfic.)
    6.6M 96.6K 67

    Kylie Braun, 16, the daughter of Scott Braun or as some of you may know him as Scooter Braun, never liked the annoying, self centered, jerky superstar known as Justin Bieber. Kylie thought her life would be normal. One day Kylie's dad told her that she was going on tour and had to live with Justin Bieber. Kylie's dad...

  • You Promised Forever: Sequel to Who Knew
    3.3M 52.4K 53

    So what happens after one year of drama? Does it continue? Usually it doesn't, but for Kylie Braun, now 18/ going on to 19, it's a different story. Kylie made a vow to avoid Bieber, will she keep it? Lets just say... Some promises are meant to kept and some are meant to be broken. Read to join Kylie on this adventure.

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember Me: The Trust Me Series Epilogue
    239K 5.3K 12

    Four years. Four years have passed since that fateful day when everything came crashing down in paradise. After a rocky path to rehab and back, freshly-turned-21-year-old Justin is barely beginning to experience a newfound return to superstardom while Allie, now a junior majoring in dance at NYU, attempts to focus...

  • Awoken: Who Knew- Season 3
    715K 20.5K 52

    What if it was all a dream for Kylie? None of those things happened. Will Kylie fall in love again? Let's find out when she has awoken.

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust Me (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)
    2.9M 28.9K 45

    Allie McHenry is a seemingly normal girl from Denver, Colorado who becomes a backup dancer for Jasmine Villegas on the My World Tour. Justin Bieber is a slightly arrogant world-famous pop star who's used to having girls throw themselves at him. But Allie McHenry is, unfortunately for him, not one of them. One bet h...