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  • The Prince's Choice (Book 3)
    224K 8.3K 30

    It's been two weeks since Camry was kicked out of Prince Daxton's selection. In those two weeks, she's moped around trying to get over her heart break. But she's also found a power in herself that she didn't know was there before. When Daxton calls Camry, it confuses her even more. She's trying to get over him but he...

  • The Illean Lady (The Illean Fanfics #1)
    127K 5.3K 55

    35 Contestants One Prince And A Girl That Could Really Care Less Meet Milada Lorenz. She's wild, fiery, passionate.... And her dream is to become a world renowned ballerina. Milada's passion for dancing has kept the flame in heart heart...

  • The Princess (The Selection)
    259K 7.8K 59

    Book 2 in this series. (See below) Celia Ann Shreave is the daughter of Maxon and America. She just turned 18 and has to marry in order to keep the crown. What happens when she hosts her own Selection, making her the first female to ever host their own? Will she find love in one of these men? Or will it turn out to b...

  • Another Choice; the second epilogue
    651 38 1

    This is a small little chapter about Amelia and Beckett (told from Amelia's POV) and their future life. And by that, I mean like thirty years in the future or whatnot. Hope you enjoy!

  • The Daughter Of Illéa
    421K 17.6K 86

    The day I started living was the day you walked into the room. Cliché, Delilah Primar, the typical, awkward, and yet oblivious girl from Atlin would assume. However, when Delilah faces the challenge of a life time, cliché begins to be her reality as she confronts many battles to win the heart of Prince Augustus of Ill...

  • Our Life Together
    70.5K 2.7K 51

    Book 3 in this series, sequel to the Princess Celia, the daughter of Maxon and America, just married the love of her life, Flynn Stephens. When Flynn must learn to become king and take on the responsibilities of her father things become complicated in their marriage. Will they sink or float?

  • Yours Truly, Lady Illea (Illean Fanfics #2, A Lady Illea Novel)
    262K 9.6K 64

    They started with 35. Now there's 10. Who will be the last girl standing? After several t...

  • You Have My Heart, Lady Illea (A Lady Illea Novel)
    224K 8.6K 56

    35 Girls Came To The Palace Only Six Remain Who Will Be The Future Queen? When Alessandra Carswell first came to the palace she didn't think she'd be there very lon...

  • Almost Royal (Book 2)
    254K 10.3K 26

    Camry Kingsom was chosen for Prince Daxton Cambridges selection (against her will). What she thought would be a useless waste of time, turned into a blossoming relationship. But Daxton was unsure of their relationship. Daxton and Camry, now in a mixed up confused relationship, have to someway finish the selection. He...

  • His Choice (The Selection)
    58.6K 2.2K 51

    Book 4 in this series. Wrote with @firerose11 Ember filled out the forms as a joke... And then she got picked. Six years after Celia and Flynn found love it, it was Prince Charles's turn. It was unexpected when the form ended up in her mailbox. She and her friends laughed at it, finding it funny that the prince who wa...

  • The Addition (The Selection)
    195K 3.4K 22

    Book 1 in this series. America and Maxon have been married for two years. America loves getting to wake up next to the love of her life. But she isn't as happy with her current life as she thought she would. What happens when she decides that she's ready for child? Thank you -nini- for all the help with editing! I ac...

  • The New Royal Blood (Book 1)
    440K 16.4K 30

    The royal family in England is looking for new blood, as in new blood lines. They've searched all throughout England and deemed the ladies unfit for Prince Daxton Cambridge. The royals make a deal with President Aaron Bider of the United States saying all ladies 15-19 are to required enter the selection to be Prince D...

  • Lady Illea (Lady Illea #1)
    437K 14.2K 60

    Alessandra Maia Carswell is the newest competitor for the selection. Having been raised an only child by her father, Alessandra had a tough time growing up. She's a strong willed girl with a beautiful heart but will her pretty face be able to win her a crown? The truth is Alessandra does not want love,but when the opp...