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  • Clouded ☁ a. skywalker
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    "how sweet it is to be a cloud, floating in the blue.." {Written by: @cuddlyhemmings & @awkwardfilmkid} {disclaimer: pretty obvi we didn't create the star wars universe or any characters from there, s/o to our dad George Lucas for doing that ty dad}

  • The Female Jedi | Anakin Skywalker
    690K 21.1K 60

    THIS BOOK IS THE FIRST I EVER WROTE, THERE WILL BE MISTAKES AND CLICHE MOMENTS Book 1 and 2 of The Female Jedi series. Number 1 under 'Anakin Skywalker' It's been four years since Padmé was killed. Ever since, a piece of Anakin was left empty. Until he met Almeta. As Almeta was assigned as Anakin's Padawan, he was...

  • Hypnotic ↠ Anakin Skywalker
    13.1K 545 4

    ❞She's the fire burning through my head all day long, and when I fall asleep, she becomes the ash that stains my dreams.❞ Or, in which two forbidden lovers go against everything to find each other. [ STAR WARS ; EPISODE I, II, III ] angelina mic...

  • His Padawan
    105K 3.6K 18

    "How far would you go to save her?" "I'd die for her" The bond between Master and Padawan is unbreakable. The bond of true love is undeniable. Anakin Skywalker, the Hero With No Fear, is falling. His love for Padme and his fear of losing her is tearing him apart. The young Jedi Knight is drawing closer and clos...

  • Control ► Anakin Skywalker
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    ❝Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.❞ ► In which young Anakin Skywalker is given the task to protect the princess from Naboo; who hides a dark secret that could lead to their demise [ Coming Soon ] [ Star Wars episode II - III ] [ Cover Cre...

  • Assassin (A Star Wars Fan-Fiction) Book 2
    293K 11.5K 45

    (Cover made by @la-la-lara ) Ten years had passed since the last time either of them saw their significant other. Ten years of distance with nothing to hold them together besides their love and their thoughts. Their empty lives finally become whole once again when Denali is assigned a padawan upon her arrival on Corus...

  • Christensen (A Hayden Christensen Fanfic)
    14.3K 243 7

    "What did you just say to me?" inquired the rather gorgeous peice of man and arrogance in front of me. "You heard me " I said, getting in his face. And that's how it all started.

  • ❝Chained Hearts❞ Star Wars | Anakin Skywalker
    82.3K 1K 9

    ||Anakin Skywalker|| Forbidden. Forbidden against all odds. Two Hearts yearning for Each Other. But they were Chained, They were chained from each other, They were... CHAI...

  • Fight Inside (Anakin Skywalker X Reader)
    230K 6.1K 85

    (Y/N) Was a young girl who had always trained with Anakin since she was nine years old, before her master Alaya Sacura and her were sent off for duties as far out as beyond the outer rim. Is he adopting sudden feelings for her as soon as the Senator from Naboo's life is in danger? (Following Movies 2 to 6)

    Completed   Mature
  • Star Wars: The Chosen One || An Anakin Skywalker Story [COMPLETED]
    220K 5.7K 44

    The Galactic Republic is in grave danger. Since the dramatic death of the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the Senate believed the Republic was in no harm of being overthrown. Therefore, the Council has granted young Anakin Skywalker the rank of Master, and henceforth, he is given the task of training a powerful female p...

  • The Final Heist
    23.9K 509 44

    All men are sinners. Sin leaks from all words we speak. The burden of sin floats in the air like a plague. Of course we cannot help this unbearable impulse. 'I'm only human.' In the instance of this saying, is in the presence of sin. I am not remotely human. Because I sin, it does not make me human. I'm a monster...

    Completed   Mature
  • nose-dive⇒obi-wan
    41.1K 1K 25

    star wars episodes i-iii - An order has been kept intact for over 2000 years by following a strict code,but now they must bend the rules for a situation that may threaten their very existence. Two incredibly powerful Padawans must be trained by the same master. Ranah Zahar and Anakin Skywalker come from very differen...

  • Wires | Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker |
    42.9K 1.7K 25

    [cover not mine] ❝At Dusk, death came for me in the form of a man.❞

  • His Path (Book 2) (ON HOLD)
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    *THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD UNTIL I FINISH RE-WRITING THE FIRST BOOK!* Life was perfect. It was just the way you wanted: Training with your Master, Anakin Skywalker, hanging around, it was peaceful, and quiet... well, maybe not so peaceful and quiet. Being left with the responsibility Padmé was supposed to have wasn't as e...

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    he is another cutie I fell in love with. why are boys on the darkside so f*cking cute? leave requests. A compilation of imagines of one of the Star Wars cuties ❣.

  • Anakin Imagines (Requests Open)
    36.7K 808 13

    A few Imagines form the hero with no fear! Details inside!