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  • Naruto The Ten Tails of Vengance
    3.7K 65 5

    After another night of getting beat Naruto has had it with the villagers. Watch as he becomes the new Juubi and slaughter the akatsuki. Will Naruto have his vengance on those how hurt him or will he frogive them. Will he burn the world with his army from hell or will he be stopped by an angel for witch he falls for.

  • The Fox And The Desert Flower
    137K 1.9K 17

    when Naruto was 4 years old. He was beaten so bad it nearly killed him so he runs away from the village and goes some where to start anew. to try and be happy

  • Naruto the Knowledgable
    44.1K 859 4

    Naruto Is a kid who while Isn't loud or annoying, he knows things, he knows things that few or none know and the reason is unknown to all but Naruto and the Shinigami.

  • Spirit Fox (Naruto Fanfiction)
    494K 10.1K 29

    Naruto beats Sasuke, the beloved Uchiha, and bring him back to Konohagakure. Yay! Naruto became a hero right? Wrong. The dumbarse council votes Naruto to be banished because he hurt their precious "Sasuke-sama" The idiot villagers and the councilors would soon regret it because Gaara, the new Kazekage cut off their al...

  • Legend Of The Sharingan Jinjuricki
    26.1K 645 4

    Naruto uzumaki, gets a Sharingan transplanted into him along with the Nine tails, sixteen years ago. Now, he has total control of the Nine tails, and the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. (Has all abilities of the Sharingan users:Amaterasu, Kamui, etc.) No one but the fifth Hokage, Tsunade-san, Jiraiya sensei, Kakashi, and...

  • The Crimson Fox
    446K 11.8K 23

    "Kitsune" A.K.A Naruto, the greatest leader the ANBU has ever seen, is graceful, silent, and DEADLY, disposing of his enemies in mere seconds. He has killed thousands of enemies in a giant spray of blood, earning the nickname, "The Crimson Fox". Only the ANBU and the Samdaime Hokage know his true identity. One day th...

  • Naruto Senju
    42.8K 1K 4

    Warning: Godlike Naruto, but will be facing a Godlike enemy later! What if Minato has done a better job during the sealing? Instead of Naruto receiving half of Kurama's chakra and half his soul, he receives all the chakra while Minato takes Kurama's soul into the Shinigami's stomach. What if when Tsunade learned of th...

  • Naruto Dishonored Shinobi
    2K 71 2

    At the Valley of end we all know that Naruto used the power of the fox to fight Sasuke. What if the villagers were angry with him for using the Fox's power? What if they tried to have him imprisoned and executed before Jiraiya found out? With new powers and a new resolve will he ever be the same?

  • Naruto Broken Shinobi
    32.2K 843 13

    He'd passed on his first attempt, gotten to be a ninja three years earlier. That gave him different teammates and a sensei that actually trained him, sadly his two teammates died and now he's stuck with an emo prick and a fan girl. A discontinued story by shadowstar91, credit goes to him for an epic idea. I tried me...

  • Naruto: Defying Fate
    1.1K 34 2

    What if instead of a goofy idiot, Naruto started out with more intelligence and more strength because of the presence of high powered chakra inside him? What if Sasuke were irredeemable? What if Sakura wasn't a totally useless fangirl? Yeah I'm changing alot just on that last one😂

  • Naruto the Flying Thunder God
    136K 2.7K 15

    What if Naruto were smarter? What if his father's jutsu, the Hiraishin, we're a bloodline limit passed through the Namikaze clan but no one knew because of the trip tri-kunai that Minato had used? What if Sasuke weren't quite such an ass? What if their third teammate were Hinata Hyuuga? (over done idea but I'll make i...

  • What if?
    9.6K 455 18

    What if Naruto weren't so innocent? What if the demon in him convinced him that humanity wasn't worth his time and that he was better off a harbinger of death and destruction? What if Naruto became the demon the civilians thought he was? What if Sasuke reacted differently to what Itachi did and became strong solely t...

  • Naruto the Ultimate Shinobi
    70.6K 1.9K 6

    What if the villagers tried to kill Naruto and the Kyuubi saved him? What if the Kyuubi saving him gave him strange abilities? Not God-mode but MUCH more powerful! Naru/Hina. Haven't decided whether or not for Sasuke to be a good guy yet but he will also recieve an upgrade later:)