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  • Imagine Ethan+Grayson Dolan
    60.4K 814 19

    Dolan twin Imagines :)

  • Alpha Grayson | ✔️ (Published)
    8.4M 198K 22

    *BOOK THREE* (Can be read as standalone) OFFICIAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL!! THIS INCLUDES THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST TWO CHAPTERS. Lexia has been held captive for most of her life. Until one day, when a young, attractive Alpha appears with an offer she cannot refuse. Why he chose her, to come live with him in hi...

  • 1D Preferences
    3.6M 30K 184

    Just some preferences ☺

  • Batman and Superman Imagines
    365K 5.7K 124

    I do Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent imagines. May contain spoilers

    Completed   Mature
  • Interracial Preferences/ Imagines
    82.9K 1.7K 50

    Heyyy! So I write Interracial one direction stories! So far I have a book out called 'That girl' so go check that out!! I hope you like these Imagines and preferences and if you have any requests then comment or message me :)

  • One Direction Imagines
    444K 1.8K 66

    I'm still taking imagine requests, so if you would like one, answer the questions below. You can either comment or inbox me! :) Enjoy! *starred fields are required. the other two can be given if you want. It just helps make the story feel more personal. ~ONLY A FEW OF THE FIRST IMAGINES I WROTE ARE FULLY REVISED (WH...

  • One Direction Interracial Imagines & Preferences
    411K 10.8K 131

    Hello, I'm making this book for myself an my colored bad gals out there. We don't get much recognition with the boys whatsoever. So let's throw away those books with the "Blonde hair blue eyes", the only Blonde hair an blue eyes here is Niall, and bring in the melanin! This book is heavily influenced with music. Mainl...

  • Teen Wolf Imagines and Preferences
    460K 7.2K 98

    Scott, Stiles, Liam, Isaac, Derek, and more! Book is complete

  • One direction preferences
    694K 4.5K 100

    Some preferences are from TUMBLER. CREDITS TO THE OWNERS.

    Completed   Mature
  • One Direction Imagines And Preferences Book 2 <3
    4.8M 49.9K 201

    My other book 'One Direction Imagines And Preferences' reached maximum chapter limit so I had to create a new book :) go check the other book out I'm sure you will enjoy it and you will enjoy this one as well :)

  • One Direction Imagines and Preferences Book 3
    2.2M 30.2K 200

    Book 3 of my 'One Direction Imagines and Preferences' :)

  • A Flirtationship | ✔ (Sample)
    14M 333K 40

    [Now Published!] "God, I like him. I like my best friend. Oh, and he has a girlfriend." He's an attractive football player with a penchant for stealing hearts. She's his socially awkward best friend. They share a relationship that is difficult to define. After all, which pair of best friends spend half their time fli...

  • Teen wolf Smut
    486K 3.7K 22

    These include; Matt Daehler Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Isaac Lahey Derek Hale Peter Hale Aiden Ethan Liam Dunbar Jackson Whittemore Theo Raeken Chris Argent Nolan Holloway Gabe (i dont know his last name) Malia Tate Lydia martin Hayden romero Kira yukimira They are probably gonna be smut, cause I'm dirty. And...

  • a bunch of pll imagines and preferences...
    391K 6.1K 65

    imagines about pretty little liars. characters include Jason, ezra, toby, caleb, Mike, wren and Noel.

  • Percy Jackson Preferences
    348K 5.9K 26

    Includes Percy, Jason, Leo, Nico, and Frank. I don't own the characters. I can add others (Connor/Travis, Octavian, Grover etc.) later if requested. You can also leave preference requests in the comments. Enjoy ❤️ (You can also view from my profile on Quotev under the name Nerdy Kitten)

  • Supernatural Preferences and Imagines
    225K 5.4K 51

    The title says it! I will do preferences and imagines for Dean Sam Castiel Jack And other characters if you request!! I will take requests and will do smut Enjoy reading!!!! Requests are: Open I DONT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS AND ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE SHOW.

  • Dreaded DreamWorks (Book Two From The FREAKSHOWFILMS Series)
    73.6K 3.5K 22

    Dead End Disney was a place of misery. But what happens when your best friend fully convinces you to go on a new attraction called Dreaded DreamWorks. Will Pumpkin, Peach's twin avenge her imprisonment? Will you make it through a full week of this horror? (Cover made by @watermixedwithfire thanks fam)

  • Dead End Disney
    776K 28.3K 19

    Have you ever been to Disney World? Or How about Disney Land? Animal Kingdom is a must am I right? And I'm sure you have been to Epcot! A new Disney attraction has come to Orlando, Florida and it's called Dead End Disney! But Dead End Disney has a few....horrifying secrets. Finished 7/2/16 *Book Two Has Been Made*

  • Watching Wren
    323K 8.8K 4

    Someone has been watching Wren for weeks. She can’t see them, but she can feel them. Can feel their eyes on her as she leaves her dorm, as she walks down the street with her friends. This fact becomes startlingly clear when someone poses as her boyfriend on the chatting app, ChatMe, and sends her a link—a link that...

  • #YouPayForWhatYouPost
    761K 14K 3

    Lori, Miranda, and Tess were best friends since first grade. Thick as thieves. Then one tragic night, Miranda goes missing. The sleepy little town of Maplewood is beside themselves as months pass with no word of the missing girl. Life goes on though and Lora and Tess are determined to move on as well. But can they?

  • One Direction Preferences and Imagines
    1.1M 8.2K 132

    Really badly written preferences/imagines because I was an actual fetus when I wrote these, but I'm very appreciative of all the love these got!

    Completed   Mature
  • Teen Wolf Imagines|| Wattys 2016
    10.3K 133 15

    *fancy TW imagine book name* Requests are OPEN! So tell me what you want to read and I'll write it ;) If you follow me on tumblr *wink wink* ( you can also read my imagines there! I will give you warnings. Aaaanyhow... have fun!

  • The Vampire Diaries Preferences And Imagines
    2.8M 49.3K 203

    It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here. Imagines and Preferences for the men of The Vampire Diaries. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! Highest Rank #17 in FanFiction - 19/12/16 #6 in The Vampire Diaries I don't own any of the characters from the vampire diaries.

  • 5sos preferences..
    232K 3.6K 78

    5sos preferences for my girlies.. sorry for the slow update.. blame my school..

  • 5sos Preferences
    2.5M 42.6K 116

    These are just some 5sos preferences from Tumblr. They are not mine, full credit goes to all writers.

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
    3.9M 48.5K 100

    It says it all in the title + Comment or message me for suggestion

  • One Direction BSM Preferences
    93.2K 908 34

    Ok, I've been recently ready a lot of these, so I thought I'd give it a try since I've had my own ideas bouncing around my head. Hope y'all like it

  • Interracial Preferences ( Open for requests )
    17.9K 311 17

    Interracial Magcon & Flaming Geos preferences

  • One Direction Interracial Pregnancy Series
    148K 4.5K 170

    Interracial Pregnancy Series