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  • 100 Treats You Must Read
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    More amazing stories! Don't forget to check out the first book of recommendations. Vote and comment so people read the stories. No negativety please. I dont comment rude things on your books, neither do the authors, so there is no need for you to on here. Links are in the external link box to reach the story. (Pr...

  • ♛Micah's Covers♛ [CLOSED PERMANENTLY]
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    Check out my new book "Willow Graphics" :D

  • Best Stories
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    Best Stories on Wattpad. This is a collection of books on Wattpad that I believe are the absolute best. Check them out, you just might like them. I absolutely love each and every one, and I promise none of these are cliché or just plain horrible. I would die of shame if they were.

  • Best Completed Wattpad Books
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    Just some of the best books I've read since starting on Wattpad :)

  • Favorite Books on Wattpad
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    Hey guys!! Here are some stories that I would totally recommend to you since I really think these stories are pretty amazing. So, go ahead and let that imagination expand into these stories written by amazing Wattpad authors. I hope you take note and who knows? Maybe your book can be one of my favorites?

  • WATTPAD's Greatest Stories of all Time
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    How hard is it for you to find new stories on WATTPAD after finishing this really well written, amazing plot line and all together the best book ever!? Well you might think any of these following question, "There's no way I can't too that book! It's too good! I can't believe it's over! How am I going to find another...

  • Book Recommendations
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  • Wattpad favorites
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    This story will contain my absolute favorite books/stories, it will contain the title, summary, and the rate I think it should be (it's only my opinion of course). Also all the books mentioned will have a high "rating" because duh read the title of this book. Hope you enjoy! If you feel lazy to look up these story's...

  • My WATTPAD Must Reads!
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    A collection of descriptions and my opinions of the stories that I think are some of the must reads on Wattpad!

  • Wattpad's Must Reads: Volume I
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    These are some of Wattpad's completed must reads. Based on a eighteen year old girl's opinion. External Links should be attached to each story. フィニッシュ -Finisshu-

  • Books That Will Hook You Like Crack
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    Recommended Books Cute Funny Drama Love Friendship Marriage So on..

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    Here are the stories that i have personally enjoyed reading and that have left me asking for more. Humor, romance, teen fiction, fan fiction, action, adventure, fantasy, etc. You name them. These stories will get literally anyone excited and lost in its world thats for sure. They are always interesting to read for me...