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  • Yandere Erwin x Male Reader (Malexmale)(Strong lemons)
    189 6 4

    (Y/n) a young seventeen year old male working at a small popular café in a big city, is suddenly kidnapped by Erwin Smith.. An insane man who has had very long and commited crazy obsession with him since he first layed eyes on (Y/n)..... he's definitely willing to go through extreme lengths to keep (Y/n), his prized p...

  • A Promise (An Attack on Titan Fanfic: Erwin Smith)
    242K 13.5K 89

    In which the 13th Commander of the Scouting Legion and his right hand woman both strive to reach their dreams in their titan-infested world, where the odds are definitely not in their favor. A story where friendships are formed, sacrifices are made, death is inevitable, and love is unchangeable. . . ATTACK ON TITAN FA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Minecraft: The Story(Based on DnD Campaign)
    23 3 2

    8 different people wake up from a long slumber. Their memories gone. As they struggle with trying to learn themselves they discover they aren't alone in this strange world. Can they overcome the greatest obstacles they ever faced and band together to save what's left of humanity?

  • Storm on the Horizon: The Sequel to Man or Machine? -A Deux Ex Fanfic
    48 2 1

    You designed his augs without knowing he'd ever have them and why. You became his engineer to keep him running smoothly. You became his carer after a freak accident. You became his beloved against all odds. After marrying Jensen, the threat of a new act of terror threatens to separate the two of you. Can you close the...

  • You Belong With Me...
    11.9K 313 7

    " Daenerys Targaryen is going to marry Ned Stark's bastard son. " Robert said and laughed loudly. What if Daenerys wasn't taken to Essos and instead she grew up in Westros? What is she was forced to marry Jon Snow?

  • Rebellion In The Family
    4.4K 212 16

    Winnie Kennedy was once a normal girl, living a relatively normal life, until she wandered into Mother Miranda's village. It was there that she was murdered, and her body was used in an experiment and resurrected with extraordinary powers, but at the cost of her memory. Now renamed Branwyn, and being viewed as Mirand...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Hearts, Severed Limbs (Levi x OC x Erwin)
    70.4K 3.2K 152

    Nathalie and Levi have been together ever since they were children. They had nothing and no one to rely onto but each other. Both, broken by the loss of their friends Isabel and Furlan, accept their fate to serve under Commander Erwin Smith as soldiers of the Scout Regiment. Nathalie and his squad are the only ones he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Erwin x Reader [ LEMON]
    82K 1.3K 6

    You live your normal life as a fangirl of anime, Attack on Titan to be specific. But all of a sudden your whole life changes in on day.

  • ❤️‍🔥MY LITTLE DEMON❤️‍🔥 - Kyōjurō Rengoku
    197 27 7

    MANGA SPOILERS! New update every week Btw I had to repost this story... last time I did it wrong 🧑🏻‍🦲 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I WILL TURN YOU BACK INTO A HUMAN!" "HUMMMM?" I had no one left, from the st...

  • Attack on Titan Boyfriend Scenarios!
    444K 4.9K 40

    The title says it all! Requests are open! I do not own Attack on titan

  • Caged Bird
    13.1K 486 12

    Nothing in Hanji's life had been good...She was ripped away from her family at only nine years old. Now she's forced to work a job she hates. One day though, a mysterious stranger came along and completely changed her life.

  • Lovely Red (Modern! erwin x reader) COMPLETED
    7.9K 137 21

    You are top in your class and a great captain in the girls dance team, but there is just one problem, Erwin Smith. He is top in all of his classes too, and he just happens to be the captain for the boys dance team. Yeah, life is great but also terrible at the same time, and the strangest thing is you have stunning re...

  • Make my nightmares dissappear (Ereri Fanfiction)
    478 14 8

    Levis childhood was a traumatising time in his life. The memories and emotions he had felt back then still haunt him in his dreams. If only someone could make these nightmares dissappear... (Lots of swearing, *be warned* child abuse, murder, yaoi and lots of feels) Sorry if there are any grammar mistakes

  • Her Revenge
    46.6K 1.4K 4

    Isabella Morcelli had been dead set on taking her revenge ever since she turned sixteen. Taking on the name of Izzie Samuels, she began to take down the group of people that ruined her innocence. Now at twenty-two, she's four people away from taking down the one she had always wanted to. Dimitri Black was only there...

  • Isabella
    12.6M 388K 41

    When Ashley found out that she was pregnant with twins, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her husband. But when he got home later that night, he told her that he wanted a divorce without really giving her a reason why. Heartbroken, Ashley does the only thing that she could do. She signed the divorce paper...

  • Leon S Kennedy x reader (book 1)
    16.3K 443 11

    You are a 20 year old that loves adventures and dangerous things but once raccoon city was crawling with zombies you thought you were dead till a man with blond hair save you.

  • Apocalyptic Lovers *Rahim Love Story*
    6.5K 172 25

    Crash and Crane are working for the GRE and they had a special mission. To find a missing file that was stolen by none other than Rais. They both are injured and do not take long to heal. By the time they are healed, Crash already made a best friend and Crane is up on his feet, ready to do whatever it is that could ge...

  • Dead Island Nightmare
    181 1 9

    What if what happened on banoi and palani wasn't really what happened at all. What if the zombie apocalypse wasn't really the nightmare that everyone experienced? Instead of zombies it was vampires that had come to extinguish the human race and wipe us all from existence. Join purna, Logan, Sam b xian mei and John Mor...

  • Escape The Dead Island: Book 1
    1.3K 36 8

    A girl visits her summer vacation on a famous island resort called "Banoi". But it turns out that she has woke up one day to the zombie plague. She and some others have to find their way off this island. Will they make it? Or will they die Btw some spelling errors srry

  • Family Book 10
    2.6K 219 77

    Let's do it again!

  • A New Destiny (Levi x Dragon reader)
    219K 5K 32

    an accident dragon wakes up to see that humanity is in a war with the titans and she wants to help. But what happens when you meet humanities strongest and start developing feelings? (I don't own any art in this story or aot)

  • Surrogate | A.M. |
    359K 10K 31

    A story in which a man, falls for his surrogate mother, whom is carrying a child for him and his gay lover. DISCLAIMER: This story is very old and needs hella editing. i.e There are sentences in Italian that aren't translated until the authors note at the end and at this point in time I have no time to edit it. I am a...

  • The Sound of Silence: Fire in the Dark, Fanfiction Book #2
    493 33 7

    Leon and Chris share a deep bond and understanding no one within the BSAA or the DSO could ever comprehend. Leon, implanted with the Omega Plagas, birthed Chris Redfield's child, Cristiana Scotia, and Glenn Arias' child, Finley Piers. Despite his traumatizing circumstances, the scarred agent persevered and even marrie...

  • Resident Evil Leon little sister
    7K 152 31

    Leon Scott Kennedy is a police officer and when her boss told him to take a break Leon agree after six yrs later Leon become a secret agents at U.S federal government and also Leon have a little sister who is already a high school student her name is Renee Scott Kennedy when her work is done Leon teach Renee to self...

  • Finding home
    1.3K 78 10

    Sequel to I'd fight for you Many years past and it seems the haunting past of the famous John Wick has caught up to him. His was taken against his will and used for one purpose. Who will save him? Who will take him out of his loop hole of violence and war? Read more to find out...

  • Future Plans
    11 2 1

    Plans I want to do for this account.

  • I found you. {Nivanfield}
    3.1K 69 6

    Chris was on a mission to find a hostage held by the Juavos. To later on, join the B.S.A.A.

  • Jake Muller x reader
    3K 81 4

    Jake Muller x reader is calling your name boo What happens when you meet Jake Muller? You just went to go get Jake Muller's blood when his house was blown up. You and Jake fight through a lot to get to HQ. Soon, Jake falls for you and you can't help but love him.

  • Diabolik Lovers - More Brides For the Price of One (Series #1)
    1.7K 5 40

    Yui is now a vampire, and still learning to deal with this new way of life. But what happens when three of Yui friends show up at the Sakamaki manor looking for her? This will take place 3 months after Yui becomes a vampire. Multiple Pairing: Ayato/Yui, Subaru/OC, Laito/OC, Shu/OC, Kanato/OC and Reiji/OC. M for Sexual...