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  • The Angelic Wars Fanfiction
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    Because who doesn't love fanfiction Fanfiction of The Angelic Wars series by Amaranthine angel

  • Desiderium
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    Book 2 of Ephemeral: Raziel's story. This story is connected with The Angelic Wars aka TAW by Amaranthine-Angel. Half fanfic, half vampire and half angel genre. Enjoy. :) Highest ranking #3 in Paranormal.

  • Angelic wars relating pictures by a Nerd
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    title Check out the Angelic Wars series by Amaranthine Angel.....

  • Ephemeral
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    Everything's perfect. Until he came crashing in through my window with all his broken glory. He completely thinks that he is in control of the situation. I will let him think that way. Not long until he find out that I am the one who is deceiving him. >Lucifer's fanfiction. >Warning: Restricted for 18 years old a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Absolution
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    I am the face and voice of extinction. My mind is a hollow place of torment, cries, pain, and repressed insanity. Yet who knows, if I am thinking of slaughtering anyone who stands in my way. But I also need to feed this beast within me. I need control, but I know someday I will gonna lose it. I am a monster and a sav...

    Completed   Mature