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  • Torn- a game of thrones fanfiction
    165K 3.9K 25

    Arathea Iyesrt of Valdell and her family are summoned to King's Landing, a fortnight before the Royal Wedding between King Joffrey Baratheon and Lady Margery Tyrell. In King's Landing, Arathea falls for a certain Prince. However, Arathea's time in King's Landing was not all fun and games, not if Joffrey had anything...

  • Alysandra Targaryen- The Dragon in the Shadows
    126K 2.5K 15

    In Roberts Rebellion, Elia Martell of Dorne and her children Aegon and Rhaeneys were murdered by The Mountain, under Tywin Lannisters order. But he ordered the Mountain to spare the twin of Aegon, a girl named Alysandra. He wanted to be able to hold Dorne at something, so they wouldn't revolt over the murder of their...

  • Worlds Apart - A World She Never Knew
    34.5K 876 8

    Nadya saved the life of an innocent boy and in exchange his priest father promised to send her to a place where she could become happy. At the brink of death she agrees, thinking the man may have meant heaven. Never did she expect she would land into the land of her mother's favourite tv-show. Can she survive the Game...

  • Malicious. (Joffrey/Game of Thrones)
    23.5K 559 6

    Being the only daughter of a Lord and Lady meant life was simple for Annabeth Darcy. The outcome of being a girl meant you had to act like one, polite and ladylike. Annabeth may be the perfect daughter but she wasn't always the perfect 'lady'. Being brought up with two brothers Tristan and Merek, meant she was a good...

  • Draw Your Swords
    6K 158 5

    "Come on on love, draw your swords, shoot me to the ground. You are mine, I am yours, let's not fuck around." Laryss Clatton, wed to the Warden of the North, Ramsay Bolton. A bastard in her eyes, only a man through his cursed, wretched sins. Unforgiving and solid as ice, Ramsay hopes to melt the sharp Clatton. Though...

  • The Lion And The Rose [Game Of Thrones]
    54.7K 1.3K 16

    Ella Tyrell is a girl who wants to be free and not be owned by someone. But that all changes when her Grandmother tells her and her sister, Margaery, that they will be marrying. Ella doesn't like the sound of that. When she gets there, she finds that it won't be that bad. So she thinks. When a incident happens, Sansa...