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  • :. Saving Louise .: Doctor Who
    168K 5.4K 40

    Louise Kingston has lived a very protected life, but she's dreamed of going on adventures with a man she's never met. Little does she know that this said man abruptly appears in her life and finds the same notion that he's met her before, he just can't pinpoint it. The Doctor finds himself in Northern England when he...

  • The Girl Who Grew Up In The TARDIS (Wattys2014)
    84K 3K 35

    A 50th anniversary tribute to Doctor Who This is the story of Emily Atwell, the girl who has lived all her life in the TARDIS without the Doctor ever knowing she was there. No one knows the Doctor like Emily for she has witnessed all his lives. And though she has waited all her life, one day she will be the Doctor's c...

  • Time Passages
    289 10 1

    Sunday is just another day as far as bookseller Anna Bailey is concerned, little does she realise that Time has been altered and her (ex) boyfriend taken out of existence by her stalker Ed, who just happens to be a time travelling alien from the future. Although life is about to change forever, the day Anna meets the...

  • The Impossible Story (Doctor Who Fan Fiction
    370 20 15

    This is a story about my Original Character the 22nd Doctor. He has been through the Second Great Time War and experiencing the punishment of having to use the Moment yet again. This is where we meet and find out about our sad Doctor. Maybe with the help of Clara Oswald he can find himself again.

  • Doctor Who: Wrong Turn (for competition)
    65 2 2

    This is a short story where the 9th doctor travels to the wrong spot in place and time where he meets his future companion, Clara. I do not own Doctor Who, it belongs to the BBC. No copyright infringement intended.

  • Children of the Storm
    294 10 1

    When the TARDIS picks up a distress call the Doctor and Anna find themselves in Nineteenth Century Yorkshire. For Anna it is the ultimate literary experience and for the Doctor it is a meeting of minds when they join forces with Emily Bronte, the future author of Wuthering Heights... It soon becomes apparent that Emi...

  • Testing: Clara Oswald
    2.1K 99 15

    The Doctor and companion Clara Oswald are sent on a long and difficult journey with many monsters and challenges. But who's responsible for all the chaos? He sits behind closed doors.

  • The Same |:| A Doctor Who Fanfiction|:|
    39K 1.1K 6

    The Doctor--in his 10th incarnation-- stumbles across a little girl that will change his life forever. This story is dedicated to Child Abuse Awareness Month of April. To the children who've suffered and to those who will never know, to those who have cried, may their spirits forever glow.

  • Break A Few Eggs
    65 6 1

    The Ninth Doctor is all rage and guilt, but then he meets a girl who knows him, who keeps showing up to keep him company. It does them both good.

  • Deleted [Doctor Who Fan Fiction]
    194K 3.9K 1

    Terra is dying, when a strange man in a blue box comes to comfort her. One moment she has no idea who he is, and the next she remembers - she's known the Doctor her whole life. And he's going to make sure she's never alone.

  • Restoration [Companion to Deleted]
    4.8K 400 2

    “Death is not the adventure you wanted…no, not at all.” Terra has been dreaming of a man in a blue box her entire life. But when she needs the Doctor the most, she will find herself alone. This companion story to “Deleted” tells the story of Terra beyond her final moments.

  • The Doctor Cries - [Doctor Who Fanfiction]
    10.2K 426 10

    The Doctor is faced against an evil genius who thinks he has won over The Doctor. But The Doctor's faith in his new companion may turn the tables...

  • Doctor Who: Remember Who You Used To Be
    4.9K 146 8

    Alone for two centuries, the Doctor fought to protect the town of Christmas from the evils hovering above the planet of Trenzalore. And one fine day, a familiar face returns; one he hasn't seen since he wore his tweed jacket. From that day on, new adventures unfold as perils accompany them and more monsters try to spl...

  • Sinking: a TenRose Fanfiction
    16.6K 1K 14

    • • The clock is ticking and the Doctor and Rose Tyler have found themselves on the Titanic. After getting separated they meet some unexpected friends who help them in their search to find each other and get out alive. With less than three hours before the ship will be underwater the Doctor and Rose must find each oth...

  • Official Eighth Doctor
    605 11 10

    Welcome to Wattpad's official book of fan fiction for the Eighth Doctor in the hit tv series Doctor Who! The Eighth Doctor, played by the amazing Paul McGann in a TV movie in 1996, is one of my personal favorite incarnations. He is also the star of many different audio dramas produced by Big Finish, with companions li...

  • The Fool On Mott Hill (Doctor Who)
    1K 42 6

    Wilfred Mott's dead. Donna's devastated & the 11th Doctor shows up to give them comfort in a wibbly-wobbly way. But he may have other reasons for his return. Three regenerations of the Doctor are affected by the most important woman in the Universe, but only one now truly understands her pain & confusion. Donna can h...

  • Doctor Who and the Lost Secret
    143K 5.2K 20

    There are bigger secrets lurking in the universe. Too big for even the Doctor. And it all originates from one girl. Cali. A girl who can't even remember her own life up to the age of six. He should have known her secret. He should have been the first to discover it. But the secret was lost. Up until now...