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  • Segretario (KHR Fan-Fiction)
    96.5K 4.2K 52

    You have been going through lots of job interviews and none of them is a success. That is when you found a job that is said to be the most challenging one with a higher income. What will be your choice? (TYL Sawada Tsunayoshi x [Reader] ) *Prequel to Donna *Cover by @idxris *KHR belongs to Amano Akira *Pictures are no...

  • Second Life
    104K 4K 21

    Dying hadn't really been a plan for Bard, a full fledged woman. As she wonders on her past and nothing really, she is confronted by seven good looking guys, much to her feminine betrayal, and is sent to another world to live out a second life. This time as a male to her utmost horror, and it looks like her feminine qu...

  • The Parallel World [KHR Fanfic]
    14.9K 632 13

    Where Tsuna is united with his fellow chosen people from the original world to their missions in a parallel world. That world does not have any people that are taking their mission for they are left with no heir or maybe for another grave reason. As they have transfered to the new parallel world, there are things they...

  • The Primo's Wife- Scratch that, I'm doing this my way (KHR fanfic)(Giotto x OC)
    90.3K 3.5K 21

    I didn't mean for it to happen! Really, I swear! ... Well, maybe I did. I mean, with Uncle Kawahira... But anyway, a pool of bright light surrounded me and I found myself sitting in the middle of a crowded street. The strange thing was that everyone around me were dressed like they were from the seventeenth century...

  • Reincarnated and Transferred
    292K 13.9K 78

    Reese, a 16-year old brunette female teen and a die-hard Hitman Reborn! Fan, is met with an untimely end. But being shot, and supposedly 'Transferred' to her favourite anime show, is only the beginning of a long, and chaotic, domino topple. Even the Gender Swap seems to be the least of her problems as she, now a he, c...

  • The First Clam's Unladylike Wife
    48.5K 1.2K 30

    Would you believe me if I tell you that I never held a guy's hand, never hugged a guy, never kissed a guy, and never had a boyfriend? Would you? Well, I don't believe it either when I'll skip all these to steps to get married! And not any random guy in the street! I'll be marrying the man my best friend admires the mo...

  • ALiVE (KHR Fanfic)
    540K 33.9K 127

    『 Dying of Asphyxiation was seriously not my goal in life. 』 Neither was meeting a Governor of the Afterlife and getting sent to another world for a second chance at life. Drew was assaulted by a group of men for reasons she didn't understand. Drowning on the same day, she was reincarnated as Ninomiya Rei only to have...

  • Reincarnating Into the World of KHR
    14.6K 596 7

    I was once a regular 12 year old girl but I ended up dying in a robbery gone wrong. When I woke up I was in Namimori but that's not the only thing that's different, I was also a boy.

  • Living On [KHR]
    34.7K 1.8K 14

    Hello. The name's Miyuki. Akiyama Miyuki. It would seem that I have died. Yes, I am most certain. But, what bothers me is that I have become a 4 years old and currently living in an anime world full of Mafia. An anime I've watched and read years ago.

  • Open Sky Yet Not [KHR Fanfic]
    461K 16.9K 47

    "Remembering is never a quiet act of introspection or retrospection. It is the painful re-membering, a putting together of the dismembered past to make sense of the trauma of the present." ― Homi Bhabha. When Tsuna's pride - his family - shattered, there really aren't anymore reasons for him to be the all-encompassin...

  • REBORN! in KHR
    18.4K 799 9

    Without any warning I dropped everything I had in my old life and started anew. Great. What else could go wrong now? Oh wait, it did. Now I have to deal with being a boy for the rest of my life, a single father who has no idea how to take care of a child and me going through the horrors of puberty again. Why couldn't...