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  • Nico x reader
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  • If you dont fall for me. I wont fall for you (Human! Karkat x Reader)
    63.4K 1.5K 9

    Heyo friends, i made this story when i was thirteen. I am currently seventeen and cringing so hard at how bad this is. I hope you cringe too.

  • The seven sealed girl - Neji love story
    234 5 3

    ??? P.O.V "AYATO!" I yelled as I threw a kunai at one of the ninja who attacked us. The ninja came from behind the red haired boy and was going for the kill. I missed as I always do. I grunted in frustration. "Pathetic. You couldn't do better? The life of your comrade is on the line and you can t do better?" A voice f...

  • Twin of the Cherry Blossom || Naruto Fanfiction
    553K 17.8K 24

    (Completed) Tsuki Haruno is the older twin sister of Sakura Haruno. Tsuki isn't like her sister who spends her time chasing a boy who has no interest in her, instead Tsuki spends her time reading, studying, and training. Tsuki was a normal child with a normal family, but this family stopped caring for her and started...

  • creating my own doom sasuke x reader
    5K 178 11

    Just like Itachi Uchiha, kirumi had to kill her own clan. She heads to the Konoha villlage hidden in the leaves she decides to start over with a new life, a new love, and a new doom. Oh yea, she's kakashi's daughter. Wanna see what happens? Just read and comment. DISCLAIMER: I OBVIOUSLY DON'T OWN NARUTO! *The story...

  • You're Not Alone [Kirito X Reader]
    81.1K 2.7K 22

    You have always been a girl who loved video games. You were often considered a 'Legend' and were a naturally great and powerful player. One day, you are gifted the newly requested game, SAO. What happens when you realize that you are stuck inside a virtual world forever?

  • Not Your Average Fairytale
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    this is a Jeff x Sally book I just got the idea I don't own any of the creepy pasta people and I will not be staying on the story line of their characters

  • Mituna x FemTroll!Reader
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  • My honeybee
    22.7K 709 19

    At first it stung but it was as sweet as honey.

  • Daughter of the Legendary Sanin (Naruto Fanfic)
    294K 9.8K 19

    13 years ago two of the legendary Sanin Jiraiya and Tsunade had a drunken one night stand that neither remember or would ever remember, but that one drunken mistake created their daughter Creed. But sadly neither of them would ever know that they had a daughter, for as soon as Orochimaru noticed the signs that Tsunade...

  • The Copy Kitten?! {Kakashi's Daughter Fanfic}
    516K 11.3K 18

    Koneko Hatake. Ninja Extraordinaire. Girl genius. Kakashi's daughter. {ALL OF THE EDITING IS FINISHED, SO IT MATCHES UP WITH MIRRORS OF KONEKO} Second book: Mirrors of Koneko Disclaimer! The cover picture of Koneko and Naruto does NOT belong to me! Naruto belongs to Kishimoto and the person on the cover belongs to K...

  • Claude's New Master (Ciel x Reader)
    5.4K 161 2

    My first reader insert. I hope it's not that terrible. I don't even know why it's even called Claude's New Master if it's a Ciel x Reader. Meh. I hope you like it. I do not own Black Butler or any of the references I make.

  • Zodiac signs
    31.4M 999K 199

    Everything and anything about your zodiac sign whether it be stereotypes Or real accurate facts, Who knows? What is your sign? I tried to be all deep and shit but it didn't work :/ *~Some are from Tumblr and some I made up myself~*

  • Armin x Reader
    441 15 4

    So before I start I don't Attack on titan nor do I own the characters. I hope you enjoy.

  • FNAF on Drugs: Bonnie on Crack, 5 Nerds at Freddy's, and other jacked-up stories
    116K 4.8K 101

    A bunch of random scripts I wrote for the heck of it. FEEL THE COCAINE

  • Shinigami Girl
    230 8 3

    This is a story about a girl who is L's adopted little sister. Her father is the shinigami king and soul reaper. Her name is Sayomi but until she is done with the KIRA case she is Amaya. Big surprise in the first chapter. Please read and remember I do not own death note neither do I own the characters all rights go to...

  • The Figure Cloaked In Black - Yandere Levi x Reader
    11.5K 222 1

    Marco is missing and Levi is acting a little off. But why?

  • Amusing Anime Memes and more..
    558K 24.5K 102

    A bunch of hilarious memes based off various Animes, with a few added bonuses

  • Saving (Y/n) //Ciel X Reader//
    15.9K 564 3

    You are a noble and have slight anger issues, but it's not your fault. Your parents never loved you, no one cares if you live or die in this world, and your Aunt...only pretending so she can snag money from you. You didn't like being mean, but it was the only way to make sure others stayed away. You just hurt inside t...

  • I Can't Swim- A Free! Haruka X reader fanfiction
    200K 7.2K 19

    "Haru! I can't swim!" "Y/N You can do it! I'm here with you!" "I can't swim without you right next to me!" "Who said I was leaving?" ------------------ You and Haru have been best friend since before pre-k. Haru was the serious, protective type, while you were the calm and fun loving type. You had everything in commo...

  • Troubled Love * Death Note * (near x reader)
    48K 1.3K 8

    You were brought to Wammy's after you and your parents had been in a tragic car crash, they died at the scene but you didn't, you got to live. Then something unexpected happened, you fell in love, you fell in love with a certain boy with white hair, but he could never love you back, because well.. it seemed as if he h...

  • Near X Reader
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  • Contemplating Love (Yukine X Reader)
    42.3K 1.8K 27

    You are a Regalia looking for a master. The supposedly "Yato" gad has made you his regalia,including his older regalia Yukine.You both don't get on the right foot at first,but remember the saying: "All love starts in a place of conflict and soon becomes something richer"~Mr.Peabody

  • Sword art online : Protection
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  • L's Daughter
    47.4K 1.9K 11

  • On the run (Ciel x reader)
    23.3K 1K 31

    Ciel Phantomhive was your best friend! You always talked to each other all through high school, and it came to the point to where he showed up at your window most nights! What happens when he shows up at your window, but he doesn't want to talk, he tells you to pack a bag and run with him. Why? Read to find out! (set...

  • If I die young, take my death note
    34K 1.3K 5

    This girl wasn't normal, the leopard ears and tail said that much. She was an alley child with no name. Given up at birth and framed a monster. What happens when she is suddenly in possession of a death note. And since this girl is no bigger that 12 years old and is currently 3 she gets special treatment from her shin...

  • I'm Yours [Nanase Haruka x Reader]
    192K 5.2K 62

    Yours (adj.) Belonging to individual.