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  • Sakura Blossom Contest (CLOSED!)
    7.3K 382 12

    A fanfiction contest that will be hosted around the time the cherry blossoms will be blooming. The best time of the year. Spring.

    7K 562 17


  • The Mystical Ones ; JJK
    76.8K 4.1K 29

    Magical creatures are dangerous. That is what humans believed. They were not brave enough to even talk about them. A whole kingdom of mystical beings is present now. What are the humans going to do? Not that the magical creatures would harm them. But a simple encounter of the two was inevitable. Will they remain scar...

  • Contradiction || BTS Hyung line
    3K 291 11

    "I didn't take you to be the cheating type but damn" Yoongi said with an arrogant smirk as I sent him a glare. Of course he'd rub it in my face. "So I'm guessing he's the guy you were talking about the other day at the bar" Jhope added. "Yes, he is." I replied "Wait don't tell me you guys have been with her as well."...

  • A Lesson Learned
    223 12 4

    How do you negotiate with the devil? Your grades are in the hands of Taehyung. Jungkook vows to do anything to help you pass. Your mouth keeps getting you into trouble. Someone has to teach you a lesson.

  • boy meet evil (⩩)
    2.2K 53 11

    boys meet evil 𓍢 ≀ ⁺ ongoing remake version ˒ ७ Ada seorang gadis baru di Urahara. cantik dan misteri, pelajar baru Karina adalah perbincangan Sekolah Maza. Dari mana dia datang? Dimana dia tinggal? Tidak ada yang tahu tentangnya, tetapi semua orang ingin tahu. Junho mendapati dirinya tertarik kepadanya. Dia tidak b...

  • New 새로운 // BTS
    3.5M 139K 101

    What if BTS had an 8th member?... and what if that member was a girl? All she ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being, not just with her hands but with her heart. But not even RaeJae knew of this until she met Seven new boys. Seven new boys who showed her the world in color, And perhaps even saved h...

  • Bangtan Fluff! || bts one-shots & imagines
    112K 3.1K 18

    «some fluff (and occasional angst) about these seven lovely boys»

  • her bully | jung hoseok
    167K 8.1K 32

    "Why are you doing this to her?" "She looks fragile, but I love seeing her getting hurt, not by others, but me."

  • I Need You » BTS [COMPLETED]
    165K 6.1K 54

    Park Yoo In is a cold girl that everyone in her school afraid of her. But what will happen later when she met BTS? What will happen when all the members of BTS fall for her at the same time? Who is she going to choose? Or does she really choose one of them or walk away and pretend that nothing happen between them?

  • Complex [COMPLETED]
    44.9K 1.5K 24

    The title says everything

  • Bangtan Boys at School
    2.1K 83 5

    BTS at your school? Amazing. But now, they are in you grade. Cool. But what if, they ended up in your class? Hell yeah! Too bad that your too shy too deal with them. That is, until they start to deal with you.

  • My Teacher|Vrene fanfic
    637 37 3

    Irene, a young teen that attends Seoul high school,has the highest grades in the whole school. Every boy is dreaming to have her, but what happens when a new teacher steals her heart?

  • Skool Luv Affair || Bangtan ||
    2.5K 51 7

    "Let me leave!" I screamed,tears coming out. All of them grabbed my clothes out of my luggage,"Don't leave us please! Were sorry! Don't do this!" I cried and grabbed more clothes out from my wardrobe,they ran to me and started pulling me away from what I was doing.I felt Jungkook hugging me from the back as he let tea...

  • He is a SHE?? [BTS fanfic]
    42.7K 1.1K 8

    Ri (short for Ri Min) Is a dancer, singer, and rapper who wants to become the next big kpop idol. When she goes to audition at Big Hit she is mistaken for a boy and becomes a new addition to an up and coming kpop group, Bangtan Boys. Will she be found out or will her boyish charms keeps her true self hidden?

  • Starting a new school with got7 and BTS
    5K 170 12

    Starting a new school with Got7 and BTS is about a girl called Samantha and her brother josh who start a new school in South Korea but what they don't now is that the idol Got7 and BTS also attend this school! One member from each group slowly start to fall in love with Samantha but who will Samantha choose! Will Sama...

  • Life With Bullies
    208K 5.6K 36's just a word for them but for me it's the people at school. I hate them all! I can't even stand for myself~ but come to think of it...they just Bully NON popular students =_= the hell ! I'm just sick of it!

  • Love Chronology of the Seven Boys
    4.5K 213 13

    ( A BTS Fanfiction ) Seven Boys: Seven different love stories to be untold. Can you take it to be with a Broken Hearted Boy, a Self-Centered Jerk, an Arrogant Boy, a Bully King, a Playboy, a Naive Jerk and a Clamorous Boy. How would you react if one of them will fall inlove with you? Let me welcome you to their Love...

  • BTS School Luv Affair (BTS FANFICTION)||On Hold until: July 1||
    29.2K 691 6

    7 boys. 1 girl. 7 boys courting over 1 girl. BTS. Choi Eunhae. Choi Eunhae who is a new student, a transferee to Garden high. She had already gained some fans. Mostly boys, and some girls, and also gained some hatred. But she still have her friends to support her and help her. But the thing is, when she first came i...

  • Prince No Smile And Miss Chubby
    4.3K 189 3

    'Prince No Smile' is the name given by Eunha to Jungkook.His face is cold without smile.But meeting Eunha is like a miracle to him.He start to know what is the meaning of smile.When love start to appear,fate change everything.Eunha is shock.Why Jungkook look like he doesn't know her?

  • fri[END]s | BTS
    29.7K 2K 10

    Before the beginning there was seven of them. After the end there was one. Will he join his friends? Friends. Hope. Care. Trust. Strength. Dedication. Loyalty. Friends. Smile.

  • POINT OF VIEW → bts fanfiction
    264K 12.3K 42

    k.t.h ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ When the shyest girl and the most popular boy at school switch bodies, their lives are turned upside down as they catch a glimpse into completely different perspectives of life. ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ She learns to live. He learns to love.

  • Danger (A BTS FanFiction)
    38K 1.3K 8

    West Shine Academy, famous for having the smartest, richest and most attractive students in the whole country of South Korea but deep inside... there's Kacelyn Lu. Kacelyn Lu, 17 yrs old from 11-A. She's the loner type, being bullied by the popular girls and the jocks. She rather hang out in the library than the bleac...

  • insane | taehyung
    12.6K 673 6

    "it's all in your head, min young; whether you believe it or not."

  • Psycho Guy✔ (V fanfic) [Completed]
    386K 18.1K 47

    Highest ranking- #45 in horror Hye ;) -KTH Who is this? -Momo Your fanboy. -KTH Who? -Momo Aish..i said just now. Your fanboy. -KTH Dont play around. -Momo I am not. I am serious. I like you.-KTH Go away.- Momo Look outside.-KTH ♡♡♡♡♡ (the characters in this story are nothing more than just for a fanfiction...not to...

    343K 12.4K 37

    Story of a simple girl who fell in love to her stalker. • Warning: contains mature themes • Rated SPG

    Completed   Mature
  • BTS Imagines ❤
    1.5M 38.1K 108