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  • Yule Log
    353 16 2

    [Completed] She was leaving on Christmas night. That was until he waltzed in.

  • A Florist's Guide to Love
    4K 234 11

    [Completed] In which a girl who sells flowers meets a guy who is allergic to flowers. What could possibly go right?

  • #EverydayHeroes
    313 34 1

    #EverydayHeroes need YOUR recognition! Find out more here. [cover credits | @zketchy]

  • Tiger's curse_story of a white fox
    224 11 5

    A tiger's curse fanfiction. Take place at tiger's voyage when Kelsey is captured by lokesh. Turns out Lokesh got a secret son, who is also another sorcerer. Unlike his father, he did not want to get involved in his evil business. He let Kelsey leave. And what Kelsey saw in her eyes, was a face so familiar she would...

  • Daughter of Man
    7.3K 369 76

    Angel slayer was her title Phoenix was her alias But before that, she had a name, Penryn. What has driven a young naive girl into a warrior who never backs down? A lass into a leader ? That all happened in a decision, one she couldn't help to ask what would have happened if she chose another way out? To leave inste...