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  • Cocaine kisses
    87.1K 7.5K 14

    Once upon a time, we shared our wicked blisses. But in the end, they were nothing but cocaine kisses. Highest ranking: #42 in poetry

  • The Art Of Sending Flowers
    282K 23.1K 15

    "Orange lillies are said to represent passion. I just want you to know that I hate you with a burning passion." - In which a sarcastic, sassy and undeniably heartbroken boy who goes by the name of Archer Giovani buys flowers for his cheating ex-girlfriend everyday according to his different emotions in the shop Elnor...

  • Simplicity Covers
    31K 3.6K 140

    Book is [closed] ♡ just message me if you'd like a cover. only payment is a shoutout in your book bio. - please only request if your book is already out.

  • Street Girl
    4.4M 170K 62

    FREE STORY WITH EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. This is *not* a Paid Story. Eighteen-year-old hockey prodigy Elliot Wexler has three goals for senior year. One: somehow graduate with a 3.5 GPA. Two: hide his bipolar disorder from his peers. And three: make it into the NHL with no scandals. Piece of cake. What he doesn't expect is...

  • Love, Cancer & Me ✓ [Original]
    888K 18.4K 39

    [COMPLETE] At ten years old Darcy Silver was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After undergoing seven years in remission Darcy is informed of the widespread of cancer. At 17 years-old now, she has to start chemotherapy once again but her hope has wavered and her strength is questionable. She knows her fate is wri...

  • Fighting the Fall ✔
    159K 5K 36

    [COMPLETE] Lydia and Dustin share the fact that they are boxers. However, the two lead very different lives. Lydia Dunst was raised in the life of boxing by retired boxing star Kirkland Dunst. She strives for greatness in the ring and tries to please the coach, her father. Dustin King leads a double life. At home he'...

  • The Consolation Prize
    72.9K 1.4K 8

    She became the back-up bride, like the consolation prize to every loser who could never win. (c) 2016 determinants [Book #2 of The Unfortunate Weddings Series] [#6 Spiritual; 07/05/16]

  • The Empirical Law | ✓
    170K 7K 28

    A young woman struggles in the modern world when she has to finish university, handle life and take care of her six-year-old son. It certainly doesn't help her situation when she's got things barely figured out. Madilyn Adair is known for being driven, passionate and putting her son, Riley, above all else even if it m...

  • Flirtline Bling ✔ {#1}
    495K 33.3K 28

    One accidental phone call between two teenagers, and they find themselves not being able to stop talking to each other. Could one wrong call, help them find the right one? {highest rank - #1 in short story as of 12th June, 2016} cover by - @crookednights

  • What Lies Under
    2.2K 180 10

    "There is a whole other world under the lake" Or at least, that's what Claire's grandmother always said. Claire always assumed she meant the fishes. Claire's mother always assumed Grandma Jo had gone off the deep end. (Pun intended.) Claire may have agreed, if Grandma Jo's favourite saying hadn't been in their famil...

    1.3K 166 2

    TO BE PULLED BETWEEN THE DEAD AND THE WILLING TO BE DEAD. published on 6.29.16 highest rank: #51 SS | 8.29.16 COPYRIGHT - SCARREDREAMS / SUNTAINTS 2016

  • The Strength of Us
    114K 4.4K 35

    There's always been something missing in Stevie's life. She just doesn't know what or who it is. When Stevie's father starts to act suspicious, she takes it upon herself to find out what he's hiding. But when she finally sees what secret he's keeping from her, will she be able to handle it? Will all of the pain be wor...

  • cigs and berry cruisers [completed]
    1.7K 310 30

    her boyfriend became her stalker. the voices became her friends. she became her killer. a story that begins at the end. lowecase intended.

    Completed   Mature
  • changing lives [completed]
    1K 129 15

    one message at a time. lowercase intended

  • sticks and stones [completed]
    783 92 9

    may break her bones. [lowercase intended]

  • lines. [completed]
    926 127 17

    ollie wants kiera. kiera doesn't want anything to do with ollie. but he will fight for her.

  • gaps. [completed]
    7.7K 423 17

    an age gap. nothing more, nothing less. age is but a number... - based on a true story and event happening to my friend right now. [lowercase intended]

  • odds are [completed]
    1.9K 339 17

    odds are we'll be alright. (lowercase intended)

  • unsent [self-published]
    158 14 5

    my debut self-published story. will show a preview of each chapter.

  • sweater [completed]
    4K 545 18

    he gave her his sweater. she never thought it would end. (lowercase intended)

  • red [completed]
    768 157 10

    she thought she was in love, until she saw red. book two in the colours series, may be read out of order themes of abuse, no details other then objects thrown.

  • black. [completed]
    780 210 17

    the problem solved, the answer was found. book four in the colours series, this should be read last. [lowercase intended]

  • blue [completed]
    1.7K 319 13

    in a world where everyone lives in grayscale, until they fall in love. book one in the colours series, may be read out of order

  • Ramona and Julian
    24.4K 2.6K 35

    a series of letters that Ramona and Julian wrote to each other. (2014)

  • In The End
    2K 106 4

    I always thought the world would never end. But then it did. (Fanfiction entry for The Blast by Sarah Perlmutter!) (2015)

  • Diane Young [Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014]
    222K 10.7K 28

    Due to the recent death of her closest friend, Diane's summer has started off to be a spiral of depression and despondency. But enter a chameleon and Elijah West, a smart and sassy plot twist who sets out to challenge Diane's monotonous ways and simply change her outlook on life. [spiritual #22 on October 14th, 2015] ...

  • Teens
    120K 8.9K 42

    the story of two teens who kill time. short story; #175 (22nd April 2014) (2014, 2015, 2017)

  • Gravity
    285K 17.9K 103

    It's funny how life works. You make decisions based on who you trust and how much you trust them. You fall in love with the most unlikeliest of people. And as soon as everything is going so very well, the wheel stops turning forward and goes backwards. Everything that went up comes crashing down. Because gravity grou...

  • Let's Be Birds (OLD VERSION)
    17.6K 1.1K 36

    This story is being rewritten on my page. It's new name is Freestyle and a lot of it has changed, but I'm gonna keep this up so feel free to read it! <3 ☼ ☼ ☼ Nate Harris is insecure and way too in love with a girl he knows doesn't love him back. So when the over friendly and bubbly Hannah Hunt suggests they go on...

  • Slugger
    127K 6K 38

    Kennedy didn't mean to slug a baseball at Dante's head. (But he's glad she did). *-*-*-* "You know what they say, right?" "What do they say?" "Being in the same room as someone when they pee automatically makes you soul mates," "Well shit." "Wait, are you surprised or are you taking a dump?" "...