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  • Loretti (Book 1 of Loretti Series)
    69.8K 2.7K 35

    Hazel Brown had only one thing on her mind that night. To get home. But when she comes across a man, brutally shot, the world takes some turns. Stuck between, finding her true family, an immerse love triangle, and finding herself, will she be able to know what truly happened in the past?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Perfect Organism (BWWM)
    8.4K 317 18

    "You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? The organism do I explain this? Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." She says, as she watched the xenomorph hiss softly at her. It tilted its head, as if it could understand her. She stared at the xenomorph, as it hissed so...

  • My Bestfriends Grandfather (BWWM)
    1.1M 34K 30

    This is a HOOD story. Karma Brismé. 19 years old. 5 foot 7 brick house for damn sure. Ass to tittie ratio on point. A face so beautiful you could say it was carved from the hands of Michael Angelo himself, actually she was once told. Bred from a white heroin addicted mother and fifty year old Haitian pimp. Attractin...

    249K 12.3K 44

    (Sequel to NAKED) She's a high school graduate and she's heading to college! Camari has already had a rough year, and through the Summer she made it clear that she'll put herself first for now on. Moving in around the corner from Trevor and her brother she will come face to face with the guys that she thought she once...

  • There All Along
    87.9K 3K 19

    Kaden's shirt must've lifted in his sleep because I could see half of his well toned stomach, his V too... And again, it was mesmerizing in my eyes. Like nothing I've ever seen before, and that was silly considering I've seen tattoos before. But this one, this one was special in some way I couldn't place and I just wa...

  • An Unexpected Surprise, Dream Babies Series
    227K 10.1K 29

    Kavaya Jackson landed her dream job, working at one of the top companies, Brights'Jim Foundation Inc. She never dream would end up there. Everyone was going well until she had bad run in with the CEO of Brights' Jim Foundation. She carry a secret she doesn't want know one to know. What will she do when people starts t...

  • Cold Hearted
    26.1K 927 7

    He's a cold hearted criminal, a world renowned killer who's known to target even the most innocent people of society. He earned a name for himself on the streets and in the underground, a name that described his dark twisted demeanour. His emotions, if he even had any were completely switched off, he felt pain but he...

  • My White Russian CEO (BWWM)
    142K 6.2K 18

    21 year old Zuleica Balewa lost her parents at a young age. They were killed in a car accident. She was left in the care of her aunt and uncle who beats her. She was smart at her school and always got good marks on her studies. Tutoring her classmates since she was 16. All the money she earned was for her to move to t...

  • Bringing Her To Her Knees
    589K 13.2K 16

    Popular Girl Blackmail Nerdy guy Nothing bad could happen right.?

  • My mafia man
    537K 14K 46

    "you wanna know what's on my mind. How about the fact that my baby mama is going out in tight clothes and going on a little date to spare somebody's feelings. How the fuck do you think I feel" "why do you even care I'm just somebody you fucked and ducked. Am I not allowed to find somebody to be with" "that somebody co...

  • Victoria
    297K 11.1K 37

    Being a single mother is one thing, but being a single mother in the dating pool is another. Victoria has blocked herself off from any form of a relationship for the past six years when her heart was ripped out her chest. Now she finds herself trying to get back on track after spending Friday nights having a date with...

    Completed   Mature
  • See Me Through
    153K 6.4K 54

    Mature 18+ When Amina is brought back to the place that caused her so much pain she is suddenly thrown into more drama than when she left.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Heir
    210K 8.1K 41

    "SAY SOMETHING!" Nikki screamed at him. "You're an asshole." "Don't curse at me." He warned but she was too angry and emotional to listen. "No! Asshole! Dick!" She got in his face. "What are you going to about it, Don!" He run his hand through his hair. They looked into each other's eyes, no one ready to back down. O...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Beautiful Mess (Under Editing)
    640K 31.7K 41

    ••^^"Meek......obedient.....naive....plain....emotional....docile....I guess she will do." I heard him utter to himself and I was lost as to what he meant by that. He reached inside on of the drawers to take out a file and pushed it my way. "I trust your feeble mind will be capable of memorizing everything in here by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pastel Dreams || editing
    268K 10.9K 27

    Also named Bilionaires Aren't Black " All I can focus on is the blood beating harshly to my temples as I pull her closer to me, trying to figure out the enigma next to me, currently snuggling up to my chest, and slowly but surely weaving her path into my heart. " ...

  • Via Del Monte (BWWM)
    8.8K 275 2

    Falling perfectly in love with the perfect guy is every girls dream. But we all know perfect doesn't exist.

  • The Boss' Aggression (BWWM)
    713K 19.5K 41

    TBA • The Boss' Aggression • Dante Grants A twenty something woman who just lost her only living relative to thugs. She was kidnapped by men and taken to an unknown property. Full of unknown people, and an unknown man. One thing was for sure, that demon of a man was no Angel. •The story is not edited•

  • Italian Coffee House [BWWM]
    1.5M 69.8K 46

    A Recipe for a Disaster Serving 6 Ingredients: 1 lb. Brute of a Sinfully Gorgeous Boss 1 lb. Shy Beautiful Broken Waitress 2 tbsp. Gorgeous Matchmaking Sister 1 1/4 tsp. of Dreamy Crush 1 cup of Sassy Best Friend 1 bowl of Melted Chocolate Method: Add Brute of a Boss and Broken Waitress to a large bowl together with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanted By A Criminal(BWWM){Completed}
    554K 28K 25

    After witnessing a crime, twenty-two year old-stripper by trade-Ebony Moore finds herself in a bind. What she sees will cost her. It could possibly be her life or maybe her heart...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bared: A King's Hart Novel Book 3 (BWWM)
    209K 10.6K 27

    A private man with a once broken heart, Nathaniel has found solace in Nuri Hart's steady yet quirky ways. He wants her, despite everything coming to take her away from him, and he will stop short of nothing to keep her at his side. In her he sees hope of something he thought he could never have. Nuri is no longer runn...

  • Colateral Exchange
    155K 8.1K 25

    Cover by: AutumnBlaze16 Everly Finley is a successful CEO that is missing one thing. A family of her own. Vincenio Sandrigo is a twenty-nine year old male who carries an excess load of baggage. These two find that their lives are being intertwined in the weirdest of ways. Is there a way that Everly could get her 'Cola...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rather Ruthless
    326K 11.5K 30

    ☆☆☆ He was rich, handsome and ruthless and he thought he wouldn't fall until he met her. She was beautiful, kind and smart but she never thought a man like him would be interested in her. With him, however, comes a terrible past and a ruthless world she may not be able to survive.

  • As You Are (BWWM) (ON HOLD)
    459K 18.3K 29

    He wondered if there was some deeper meaning to his attraction, the way her lips moved as she spoke, the slight smile that she gave to him every time she caught him staring. He wanted to know why did she have him feeling this way. He can have any woman he wants but what makes her so different? Bwwm story This story w...

  • His Secret Heirs
    37.4K 1.6K 7

    (ON HOLD DUE TO EXTREME EDITING) Bk1 of The Violine Sister Series Short tempered , independent black women Chantale Violine dropped every thing and left New York with her twins to take care of her sick mother in Greece. But Chantale's fears become reality when she sees the only man that can only satisfy her true desi...