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  • Raven's Little Book
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    Hey everybody who's seeing this, I'm Raven! This book contains stories that mean a lot to me, in one way or another. Let's read them and find out how they all connect, and tell the story of my life. >Xavier never really cared about Nat- or so it seemed. Because when new of her being hospitalized for severe blood loss...

  • Taken
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    She was only a child when all Hell broke loose. Terror struck her painfully. And her death was near. She's not stupid, she knows what's going to happen. She could feel it like it was right there in front of her. As time grew, her life filled with true sadness, unlimited fear, and absolute torture. Day by day, night b...

  • Just a Coincidence? (#Wattys2016)
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    First of all, I can't take credit for this amazing cover, it was made by silverfinger- Life for Hazel would be perfect if she had her best friend Ellie with her at her high school. Ever since Hazel moved schools, life has been rough for her. Yeah she's smart, but without her bestie by her side, she doesn't have...

  • Style
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    Eliza and Jem have been dating for four years but after Eliza finds Jem in a compromising situation she has to decide whether or not she should break up with him. Does her heart belong to someone who can't stay? Will their relationship end in burning flames or paradise?

  • Beginning of the End
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    Beginning of the End - the point where something starts to get gradually worse, until it fails or ends completely. *** There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they're the way they are. They aren't just like that because they want to be. Something in the past created them, and sometimes it is impossib...

  • The Beauty & The Boys (Editing)
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    What happens when a naive girl, Katherine, is put into every single class with the five most hottest and famous guys? Mostly chaos and dramas. But what if she falls in love? Can Katherine survive her senior year and all the obstacles ahead? Yet still keep up her good image? **** Praises for TB&TB: This book is so gre...

  • Secret Out
    3.2K 715 12

    The death of Hannah's best friend leads her into a confusing investigation trying to find the killer, proclaiming all her friends are suspects due to unfortunate clues that leads up to them confessing stories only to reveal the real killer\s at the end.

  • Going Undercover As My Twin ✔
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    ❝You are a girl.❞ He said after an agonizingly long silence while I stood helplessly in front of him, shaking. This situation was too overwhelming for me. ❝Uh... Does that bother you?❞ I stuttered and looked at him with genuine curiosity. ❝Yes. Maybe a little too much.❞ Olivia Thompson is living her extremely dull...

  • The Cheerleader
    1.6K 115 23

    We all know the story of the new girl who takes everything from the spoilt queen bee, her boyfriend, her friends, her popularity. It's a wattpad classic. Do you ever look at the mean girl and wonder what her side of the story is? You never do really know a person until you stand in their shoes and walk around in them...

  • Adorably Clueless (TTBA)
    26.2K 520 30

    "Its not an act-not anymore." He whispered , staring up at the empty sky. "Shut up, Liam. You know hope is like sickness to me. You can't joke with me like that." I scoffed. "God, Lexi! You never listen to me!" He broke out of his relaxed position and threw his hands up. "You never say anything!" I cried. We stared at...

  • My Best Friend, The Bad Boy
    84.2K 2.1K 30

    Reputations. They're things people usually obtain without asking for, and seemingly applied to everyone no matter how true or false they may be. Do you know the saying good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught? Kaillie Adams has the reputation for being your typical good girl. She's nice, smart and gets good g...

  • As Lost as Alice
    166 33 12

    She grew up in foster cares and never knew her parents. Now she has to face the reality of being a teenager in a world where she doesn't belong and trying to find herself through everything that's happening because of her actions.

  • My Three Guy Roommates [UNEDITED]
    10.9K 500 23

    Selena was hoping to have the best Summer of her life. That is until she is forced to live with next door neighbors for the summer. And they have a son. Shawn the player/douchebag. But what she didn't know was his two best friends were staying too. Dylan the bad boy/jerk. And Grant the heartbreaker/nice. Now let's ad...

  • High School Story
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    Even the most perfectest of people can crack under the pressure. The populars at Eden High have it all, the money, the looks and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being famous. However, sometimes the mask can slip, sometimes there can be a crack in their flawless act. Not everything is as perfect as it seems wh...

  • Love By Accident
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    Victoria never could imagine that her life would change by having a car accident... a car accident that wasn't much of an 'accident '... especially with the biggest playboy of 10th grade ...Max Rosefield ...will he change her life for better or for worse ... It's up to you to find out!!! *I'm not the owner of any...

  • Beauty and Her Beast ( #Wattys2016 )
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    Abigail moves to a new city, but little does she know, she'll find the beast of her life. *** •PG-13 •Mild Language

  • Stay With Me
    24.7K 3.2K 34

    "I wish I could apologize for kissing you that night but God Rach I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry because that kiss was amazing and I can't stop thinking about it. About you." ☆ミ ☆彡 It was supposed to be the best day of her life, the day Rachel Evans married the man she loves. Instead she receives a phone call telling he...

  • You Make Me Blush! #51in Humour [On Hold]
    4.1K 377 21

    "Don't you get jealous! I'm sure you'll find a better girl for yourself." I had said, which I instantly regretted. We had already argued of her disinterest in girls and I had brought the topic up...again. I knew very well that Scar liked only guys and if possible she'd even marry Tom Cruize whom she keeps swooning at...

  • Love and War | book 1 #Wattys2016 #tbpa2016
    2.9K 172 31

    Not all's fair. cover by: vectorious

  • Taken.
    11K 2K 28

    What if the only way to gain your freedom was to lose all your choices? That's reality for Alexandra when she walks into an old cinema which she finds herself trapped in, which just happens to be ran by a phsycotic hot guy. Alexandra claims her parents have an enormous fortune which he will inherit if he marries her...

  • Saved Drafts
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    Colleen Lautner and Terence Stolton thought that it would be very clever not to send their emails, may their feelings be forever hidden.