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  • Mila Origins (The Fire)
    32 8 2

    Mila is the daughter of Jasmine, and the kid of The Prophecy. This prophecy tells of a kid that will lead supernatural creatures out of fear of being a science experiment to the agents. Agents are humans who come from militaries and polices, who are scared of the unknown and willing to kill. They get fake promises...

  • I See Two
    385 120 7

    I am so stupid. How did I not notice my parents aren't really my parents. But I did, didn't I. You knew your hair was naturally curly, and theirs bone strait. You knew your complexion was darker than there ghostly skin tone. You just never wanted yourself to find out, and be heartbroken. Leah and Lila are twins separ...

  • Ultimate Hybrid
    389 93 6

    When a witch is born, there is a huge party. Celebrating an increase in the covens power, and the great bundle of joy being born into the world. But this witch , Adelaide; shunned and banished by her coven was alone in giving birth. There was no celebration, just a constant fear of the covens retribution. I n her co...