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  • New Life at South Park High (Part 2): Craig Tucker x Reader
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    This is the second part to my first fanfic New Life at South Park High. You should probably read that first, but I wont make you. Please do enjoy, and I have to thank FandomsRuleOurLife for asking me to make this.

  • New Life at South Park High: Craig Tucker x Reader
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    Hello my little penguins, this is my very first fanfiction, and it's a Craig Tucker x Reader. Basically, the reader is new to South Park High, and she has a rude awakening when she meet Craig Tucker. Unfortunately, this story (and the rest of the series) does not have Tweek drama. I wrote this story five years ago and...

  • South Park x Reader
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    Reader x Various. To anyone who wants to read my one shots but are unable to access it, please go to my Quotev account and read them there since Wattpad is a jerk. Near a small little mountain there is a town known as South Park, where all sorts of strange things happen. There, a young girl begins her journey of mak...