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  • Healing *Discontinued For Now*
    54.3K 1.7K 15

    Sans (Red) is a monster trapped in the nightmare that is Underfell. Brotherly abuse and the stresses of this world cause him to do the unthinkable, how will the Swap brothers react to the arrival of his broken mind? Possible trigger warnings? I don't know, read at your own risk. UnderFell and by extension Undertale do...

  • I'm Here (ErrorInk Story)
    24K 788 4

    Error never knew why Ink kept trying to be friends with him... Even after all those times he tried to kill or stop him, he still asks just to be friends, and refuses to fight. But, what Error doesnt know, that the monster completely opposite from him, can actually be quite similar in a way that he would have never tho...

  • ❤️Ask Bendy The Demon and Boris The Wolf❤️
    464 2 3

    Basically you just ask them questions and some dares maybe, btw other character like Oswald, Mickey, and more might be in here as well but anyways I hope you enjoyed! ( I own none of theses characters, all art that is shown belongs to me)

  • Snapped Crayons Art Book 1
    19K 2.5K 120

    Title says it all! WeLcOmE tO sNaPpEd CrAyOnS aRt BoOk! My art isn't the best... but I try! NO STEALING AND/OR CLAIMING IT AS YOUR OWN. Wanna use a piece of my art as your profile or background picture? I won't mind! As long as you credit me. If you don't credit, I'LL HUNT CHU DOWN. :3

  • Art Book And Stuff...
    4.2K 606 64

    Hello there! This is my art book for...well everything (mostly Undertale) I always love to receive request, so don't be afraid to request me. I hope you'll enjoy!

  • Afterdeath Trash..
    4.6K 220 9

    Hoi.... I suck at writing stories. This is the first fanfic I've ever wrote.

    Completed   Mature
  • Poth One-Shots! (Goth X Palette)
    39.5K 576 8

    (I blame Tumblr) In which Goth will/won't get friendzoned! And a happy place where the author cries :') !! All art belongs to their respected owners !!

    Completed   Mature
  • Ink X Error ~ A Unforgetful Bond
    61.7K 2K 40

    One creates one destroys...soon to come to see they has more in common than expected...but then something always stands in there way..will they ever find their happy ending?

  • My Art (mostly Undertale)
    37.5K 2.9K 150

    Just my drawings! Enjoy

  • Ask/Dare The AU Sans Undertale (Completed)
    58.8K 1.2K 48

    Highest rank: #49 in Ask (how???) and #9 in askanddare (ok w h a t) Literally what the title said *WARNING* Slow update please be patient You can also send my storylines and scenarios. Just remember to follow the rules. People you can ask: Classic/Original Sans•Blueberry •Outer•Fell•Sci•Ink•Error•Gaster sans•Chess•Gan...

  • Nerd And Jock AU
    245K 3.9K 37

    Random one shots for an amazing AU HIGHEST RANK IN FANFICS #545

  • Goth x Palette (Poth)~OneShots {REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!}
    90.1K 1.9K 21

    Goth is Geno and Death's child and Palette is Ink and Dream's child, if you didn't know. Just a one-shot book I chose to make, because I haven't seen any Goth x Palette stories. Feel free to leave a request but i don't do repeats. (For example if i already did Vampire Palette, don't ask for another one, NO REPEATS) ...

  • Sans's Joke Book - Undertale
    346K 9.7K 17

    welcome to my little book where i write down some of my best jokes. so waddyasay? look around a bit! tell me some of your PUNny jokes and puns in a comment! peace.

  • A forgotten semi-art book
    889 118 30

    No rain, no flowers...

  • Ask the author!
    537 14 14

    I'm bored as hell so ask me question i don't care if there perverted or if there just horrible question like whats your favorite kind of cheese.

  • Reaper X Geno
    4.4K 65 2

    ( don't no how to describe this ) When Chara comes after Geno reaper sans comes to protect him

  • Doodle pad
    4.5K 272 120

    [OLD] Sup, I love to draw. Update every week I'll explain everything later

  • My Dads
    89 5 3

    Today I will be making a fan fiction were Ganz And Sensy are my Two Dads Married to each other and there sons are my big brothers and yeah enjoy!!

  • ART YOU ASK FOR year1 (finnished)
    3.4K 376 88

    Please ask some thing or like my book instead of just looking at it. Just ask anything and I'll try to the best of my abilities to draw watever you wish. I'll do OC's just give a good description, UNDERTALE TRASH, eddsworld, fanf, ect.

    Completed   Mature
  • Random Plot Ideas
    1.5K 35 4

    Just a bunch of plots and one-shots. :D -Mostly consists of Sanscest, AU situations, and unfinished story ideas. XD -Or may consist of me practicing how to write one-shots. -Has a shit ton of shit in it. -May be UnderTale related or not. Who knows?

  • Death Hates His Job
    3.9K 191 2

    Killing people isn't fun, especially when they're your boyfriend.

  • Vampire love: a new beginning
    170K 4.4K 47

    Au: vampire verse Error- fallacy Ink- Encre Fresh- suave Paperjam- jasper

  • My Drawing book
    52.7K 6.1K 201

    Well this is just MY drawings and if anyone wants I could draw OCs and junk like that and I will take request bc you know I can do that!

  • Fluff Collection Of Undertale AU One Shots
    86.7K 2.3K 13


  • That's All I Need [Momma CQ]
    13.7K 432 9

    *WARNING: MATURE RATING FOR INTENSE VIOLENCE AND STRONG LANGUAGE.* It's the first day of middle school. Fresh is excited, but Error is worried about everyone, especially Geno. He hopes to pull through his first day without any troubles. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THESE SANSATIONAL PEOPLE ON TUMBLR!: •Geno, Error, and Fresh by...

  • Caught up in strings InkxError
    83.8K 3K 20

    Encre (Ink!sans) Is curious. A new path appeared on the left of the main road. Walking by the road, he doens't know what danger he is getting himself into. But for all I know, he wont be seeing the village for a long time.

  • Error x Neko!Ink
    134K 3.4K 51

    Ink is a neko. That's about it. This story is being passed over to @NekoChanAnime

  • Kidnapped
    181K 6.2K 79

    au: [tord never betrayed his friends.] Edd and his friends go on a unexplainable adventure of heartbroken to joy (even some gay~) a mysterious man captured them and put them for test and so many other things happen, read to find out what happens to the 4 friends Cover is made by a really good friend of mine and I lov...

  • My Undertale AUs guide
    1.4K 32 16

    This is a book about the AUs I make and the ships