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  • The Decision (viners)
    1.5M 29.2K 55

    she's a heartbreaker shawn mendes, cameron dallas, matt espinosa, & taylor caniff (featuring the rest of the 12/12)

  • the purge ○ matthew
    441K 16.4K 35

    in which a helpless, innocent girl has to team up with a strict, not-so-innocent boy during the 12 hours when all crime is legal. © nohanthony 2015

  • In time ; m.e
    853K 15.6K 50

    "There will many ups and downs but in the end it will all be worth it." Cringe warning; written 3 years ago

  • Losing you: matthew espinosa
    104K 2.3K 48

    Hailey reed was just your average 16 year old, with the exception of her best friend being the internet famous Matthew Espinosa. It's the end of summer and Hailey just got back from sleep away camp that she had been at for the past four weeks. She is ecstatic to see Matthew and spend what she had left of her summer wi...

  • Different ~ m.e
    4.2M 68.4K 100

    Skylar Potter or Sky as she likes to be known is your average 15 year old fangirl, but when her world gets turned upside down by a love triangle she would never expect will she go with her heart or her head? completed 18-05-14

  • Amnesia ➸ Matthew Espinosa
    40.1K 1K 17

    "Babe,You're awake! Thank god. I thought I lost you! I love you." "I-i'm sorry. But who are you?" ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ - ✄ highest ranking- 72 in adventures © @ICONicLovers 2014

  • Reckless // Matthew Espinosa
    8M 151K 47

    "Yeah, But-" I tried to say. "No more buts. Just get your cute little butt to bed so we can cuddle." He commanded. People do crazy things just for the thrill of it. Zoe Tyler never experienced or understood that. That was until she met Matthew Espinosa. The boy who taught her how to love and be a little Reckless. This...

  • Playing pretend || Matthew Espinosa
    209K 4.4K 47

    *** COMPLETED & FULLY EDITED **** Serena is an out of control girl from New York. When she is sent away to live with her uncle she meets a lot of new people, and discovers a lot about her family she never knew. However, one boy stood out just enough for someone who's never bothered to have a boyfriend be very intere...

  • THE BET (A magcon fan fiction)
    1.2M 12.9K 71

    Witch ever one of us wins will get $100 from each of us all together that's $1300, agree? AGREE!!! All the guys say in unison. Poor Selena doesn't know what's coming for her as 13 different guys that are with her on the Magcontour all try to win her over in a disgusting way! Selena as a famous viner travels to Dallas...

  • royals ♡ m.espinosa
    102K 4.3K 44

    "i'm still looking for that guy, the one that has the crown engravement. have you seen him?" "i'm sorry, you're out of luck." - in which a royal and a poor are made for each other, and eventually fall in love. #20daysofupdates all rights reserved ♡ lifeasclaire 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • For Real This Time *sequel to Playing Pretend
    65.2K 2.3K 48

    * Sequel to Playing Pretend* A boy played a game, he fell in love, but he hurt a girl. A girl played a game, and got hurt. Matthew wants anything to make it up to Serena for what he did, and prove he loves her and only her. Playing pretend is over, and now it's time to try for real. COMPLETED - EDITING "What do you...

  • Runaway // Matthew Espinosa
    2.2M 59.8K 65

    " You are my little city that I can always runaway to, where I can find my sanity, and where I can find myself at 3 am thinking of you. Just you, Zoe." (( a sequel to reckless )) This book cannot be altered or duplicated. © Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

  • heartless :: matt espinosa
    404K 11.9K 43

    but even tin man ended up having a heart. i doubt he will ever have one. © pantones 2014

    52.4K 1.7K 33

    ❝the teenagers in this generation spend too much time inside❞ ❝but I can see. We want an adventure❞ ❝we were born in the 1990's❞ ❝so let's show them what 90's kids grew up with❞