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  • stepbrother | taekook
    207K 9.3K 10

    ❝Who the hell are you?❞ ❝Your stepbrother, sweet thing❞ In which Jungkook finds himself getting a stepbrother...with benefits.

  • build a boyfriend ➢ vkook
    21.1K 1.2K 15

    ❝ are you tired of being alone? ❞ ❝ do you get bored of your single life easily? ❞ ❝ are people around you rubbing their love lifes in your face? ❞ ❝ why don't you try this? ❞ ❝ build a boyfriend now! ❞ [rewriting.]

  • Wanted: Babysitter [TaeKook FF]
    43.5K 2K 9

    Jeon Jeongguk is like any normal college student; lazy, hormonal, and broke. And it seems like the flier with printed word saying: "WANTED: BABYSITTER" will be the answer to his prayers, except he'll gain more than something he expected. RATED M for PROFANITIES, EXPLICIT CONTENT AND SITUATIONS which some of you might...

  • emo kookie ✦ vkook
    415K 24.3K 47

    @Emokookie: why don't I have friends? Why is life so cruel? But it's ok, that's just how life is. Life sucks. In which; taehyung meets jungkook who's going through an emo phase *Published: 27th February 2016* *completed: 10th March 2016* Book 1/? of the social media series. (btw i know jungkook isn't emo and tae isn'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jams. | Taekook.
    110K 7.7K 20

    "Hi, can I request..."

  • yes, mr. kim | taekook
    229K 10.7K 12

    ❝You will do as I say, do you understand?❞ ❝Yes, Mr. Kim❞ In which Jungkook becomes a secretary for heartthrob Kim Taehyung. However, he doesn't quite know what he's getting himself into.

  • clean // vkook
    76.9K 2.8K 12

    in which a clean boy meets a messy boy who makes his heart race.

  • No We're Not Friends | taekook
    273K 10.1K 14

    Being friends with benefits with his long time crush is really a dream come true for Jeongguk. But as the time goes by, Jeongguk found himself wanting more. And that is definitely not good. Taehyung thought it was a good idea to invite Jeongguk at his apartment that day. But it only made him confused about his feelin...

    Completed   Mature
  • ❅sex doll ↝ vkook ff.
    49.7K 1.8K 2

    ❝ i didn't know a sex doll could fuck this good . ❞ ©luzeemarieyrayinson7 2016 credits to @keeponkissing for the beautiful cover!

  • a real boy [taekook]
    309K 18.5K 14

    It wasn't a lie that Jungkook was a boy, But no one believed him. Except for Kim Taehyung.

    Completed   Mature
  • Vkook | Text Me
    6.6M 401K 35

    J: thank lord I didn't do crazy shit T: you could've sent dick pics J: what T: what When Taehyung texts a number which was hidden inside his desk (Very short chapters) ©︎all rights and plot to @taetaeholic

  • alien | taekook
    95.6K 5.1K 18

    "my little space boy." lowercase intended cover : halsey

  • Strip Up || Vkook
    142K 5.4K 16

    Taehyung is rich, Jungkook Is poor, so taehyung buys Jungkook, things don't go very well after that. ---------------------- ⚠ 18+ ⚠ Characters: Jungkook; taehyung; and other members appearances.

  • #cmd | taekook [h.]
    161K 8.5K 26

    This fanfiction is really cringy. Read at your own risk. It was my first ff in english and I'm not a native speaker. It probably will never be updated again. in which a naughty jeon jungkook meets a full-time horny kim taehyung ©2016 all rights reserved by OCEANSOBS (!) hiatus top!taehyung powerbottom!jungkook

  • Cute | taekook
    215K 8.9K 12

    In which taehyung thinks the boy that always wears pastels is cute. copyright 2016 © gvkkie start ☼ may 11,2016 finish ☾ january 31,2018

  • My Boss is a Flirt!
    41.6K 1.5K 3

    When Jungkook finally gets assigned a job as an assistant for the boss of Big Hit entertainment who happens to be a huge hottie. But what makes things more interesting is that the boss is a huge flirt. Especially to cute boys like Jungkook. Ongoing. EDIT: ON HOLD! sorry D:

  • silence; vkook
    476K 19.6K 17

    In which Jungkook only ever hears silence.

  • Fake Boyfriend? {Vkook} (On hold)
    51.2K 1.9K 6

    What would you do if you had an opportunity to go out with your crush? Would you take the chance knowing that you might get hurt in the end? Or would you simply ignore it and walk away? ~♡~ "Will you be my boyfriend?.....Well my 'fake' boyfriend?" If you were asked this question by your crush.....would you say yes? Si...

  • I Found My Love On The Internet, It Must Be True | VKook
    379K 28.1K 32

    "One new message from @KimTaetae: You can call me Tae :)"

  • mute ; vkook
    548K 30.1K 14

    mute adjective 1. refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.

  • connected ☎ taekook
    190K 9.9K 36

    a taekook chatting storyline ✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿) they are connected with each other through chatting. and maybe their history? let's find out, shall we? ㅡ ichikaaa

  • famous
    317K 15K 20

    in which these two boys are Instagram famous [ 愛 ] kth + jjk [ i made this when i was 13 y'all dont bash me pls ]

    Completed   Mature
  • DM :: vkook (boyxboy)
    495K 26.2K 39

    "hi!! i saw your tweet, i'm here to talk^^" or the one where taehyung is a popular twitter account and jungkook is sort of maybe in love with him.

  • Simple
    65.8K 2.4K 13

    ❝I don't want to drag you into this.❞ Tae gave him a sad smile. top!jjk | bot!kth Discontinued no translations

  • DADDY//VKOOK (Discontinued)
    152K 4.9K 13

    (A rewrite of this book is posted on my page) In which Jungkook is an innocent 18 year old and Taehyung is his master.

  • Daddy Taehyung
    60.1K 1.8K 9

    Jungkook was 8 when his father died and started to shut everyone down. He was 10 when he and his mother moved out. He started to hate his mother when he's 12 He was 14 when he met a man, he was there at times when the younger needed him. At the age of 16, Jungkook found his true identity of being gay. And he fell inlo...