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  • Cold Truths | H.S.
    24.4K 592 42

    Davina Willis is on her own. In her early twenties, she has been cut off from her previously lavish lifestyle and is struggling to find her way as an adult. When Davina drags her friends into the Striped Elephant, an unassuming and dingy dive bar, she meets Harry, a callous, and cryptic bartender. When she witnesses a...

  • Already Gone | H.S
    346K 7.7K 44

    They say love conquers all but when it's your first love, does the same rule still apply? For Angel and Harry, five years seems so long when you have lost the one love keeping you whole but fate has other plans. Maybe a certain matchmaker is to thank. Either way, will their love be enough to reunite them or will their...

    Completed   Mature
  • fade in, fade out [h.s.]
    11.4K 651 12

    From the first moment Nora Priestley met Harry Styles, she knew that they were never destined to be friends. Coming from two separate worlds is putting it far too lightly-considering Harry's family owned a massive real estate empire and Nora and her mother were otherwise known as the help. Working hard to get what she...

  • The Partner
    6K 256 18

    In The Assistant, Becky Holte met the renowned and cold lawyer, Harry Styles. She went from being his personal assistant to best friend to coworker in the span of a few years. Now, 'dating her boss' has been added to the list with the possibility of more on the horizon, and with it comes its own set of challenges. Boo...

  • Rhapsody (Part 2 of Medley).
    424K 17.4K 103

    Sequel to "MEDLEY" This story picks up where the other left off, so please read Medley first! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "Most people want to forget, wipe out the memories so it doesn't hurt. I don't. I want to remember everything. The pain will be a reminder that I'm still alive. I guess I'm used to hurting...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking The Ice
    460K 17.3K 75

    All Harry Styles ever wanted to do was play hockey. It was his passion in life, and the only thing he ever really felt he was good at. Without it, he was lost. After a tragic series of events leaves him feeling angry and unsure of his future, he knows he is falling into a pattern of bad behavior. His daily fight to e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seeing Blind
    42K 3K 29

    Dedicated to @me2you804 for the inspiration and @dirtyyarn for the support/edits/ass-kicking Sutton Cahill believes she is broken. Tormented by an abusive and controlling ex, a final violent encounter forces her to make a life changing decision. Moving across the ocean from America to England, she is given a fresh sta...

    Completed   Mature
    6.8K 333 27

    A story in which a girl who doesn't want to be a princess runs away. She yearns to be free from her prison, but little does she know, she'll be running straight into another one. Love.

  • Act Two // Book One
    309K 12.8K 38

    Samantha Wattson just needed a job. Something, anything that would pay the bills so she wouldn't be forced to return home with her tail between her legs. Hiring on as moody Harry Styles new assistant was hardly what she bargained for. He was rude, short and incredibly hard to work for. His house and his life were...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moments of Impact H.S. A.U.
    8.9K 474 29

    Warning: mature content 'When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone' ~ Tennessee Williams "If I had it my way our bodies would be tangled in a complete mess, and I would be uncertain of where his body ended and mine began." A story in which a man falls head over h...

  • Solace ~ h.s.
    635K 18.8K 62

    If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened. What starts as a tragic beginning, blossoms into a beautiful romance between a doctor and his former patient. A love story with unexpected twists and turns throughout. SEQUEL: Salvation ~ h.s. Highest Rankings: #1 in AdultRomance #1 in OneDirection #1 in 1D...

  • Welcome Home - HS - Completed
    241K 5.2K 84

    This is about Harry Styles moving into his SoHo apartment in NYC and discovers a beautiful new neighbor who brings him much more than he expected. Filled with smut! You have been warned! Enjoy! CeeCee

  • INDECENT 》Harry Styles #Wattys2018
    277K 8.5K 85

    ''Oh, girl. No offence, you are... like okay, but hell no! I couldn't be able to show my face around with you next to me. Everyone would be-'' Something escapes my lips, followed by another weird noise. I hear it sharp and clear cutting the air, shutting everything up, even Harry. God what have I done? Did I just sl...

  • True Colors ❧ H.S. [SLOW UPDATES]
    459K 19.7K 63

    ❝She was a stranger who became a mistake, but that mistake made him feel alive.❞ A book in which a boy tries to save a girl from drowning but ends up getting dragged down under. [Warning: mature content including drug use, sexual content and rape. Read at your own risk] Cover Credits: @styleslight All Rig...

  • Heavy Crown ♚ H.S [ON HOLD]
    1M 38K 62

    ❝Heavy is the head that wears the crown.❞ - Shakespeare, Henry IV [WARNING: This story contains explicit content such as sexual content, graphic violence and profanity. Read at your own risk] Winner of: | Mature Harry Styles Fanfiction (1st Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 2018 | | Best Diverse Fanfiction (Winner):...

  • Night Changes | Unexpected Series Book Two
    61.6K 3.8K 22

    Second book in the Unexpected series. "We're only getting older baby And I've been thinking about it lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes? Everything that you've ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up But there's nothing to be afraid of Even when the night changes It will never ch...

  • Diner | Harry Styles
    409K 9.6K 46

    Avery Martin is a smart 18-year-old with a boyfriend of one year, two rich parents, and goes to an Ivy League school. As disaster strikes between her and her boyfriend, Avery finds herself visiting a 24-hour diner late at night to forget about him. She meets an employee named Harry Styles and befriends him.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Deal
    621K 19.4K 37

    All Harry wanted was to get over his best friend's girl. All Nova wanted was to get over her traumatic past. So, they made a deal. But, this deal may end up being a bit more than they bargained for. WARNING: Sexually graphic. Themes of violence, drugs, and alcohol. May be subject to feels. *Gigi is only a face claim...

    Completed   Mature
  • Intent 2: Fight or Flight [Wattys 2017] (ON HOLD)
    275K 8.1K 64

    This is the sequel to Intent. *** Even when everything is telling you it's over, is it really? Can Emma and Harry find their way back to each other as they have done before? Can they look past the fights and the secrets and the people pulling them apart? Or will they let their differences sever their friendship furth...

  • divorce [h.s.]
    2.2M 78.4K 89

    [COMPLETED] "I think you enjoy the divorce therapist more than the therapy." ©lonelyari 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • asset [h.s.]
    2.1M 56.7K 89

    [COMPLETED] asset • noun a useful or valuable thing or person. A sociopath mafia member who is far too good at his job, and a girl who never wanted to be a part of it, but somehow always would be. ©lonelyari 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • Regal [h.s au]
    458K 19.3K 63

    When a young prince is obliged to leave his castle in order to learn how to rule his kingdom properly, he realises the world is not how he imagined it to be and seeing only good in people can put you in more danger than you think. When two very different worlds collide, each of them has something to learn from the ot...

  • Protector ~ H.S
    482K 15.8K 59

    ❝You protect me all the time. Sometimes I can't believe you're on my side.❞ ❝Always, Angel. Always.❞ *** Angélique van Raay has been suffering from anxiety for as long as she can remember. She has been a victim of isolation & exclusion since the very day she had to move away from her old home & school with her mother...

  • Piper ~ H.S
    4.2M 108K 120

    ❝Mummy, why can't you marry Harry Styles?❞ *** 21-year-old Leah Marrone was never successful in love. But she is a loving and doting mother who would do anything to make her daughter smile. 4-year-old Piper Marrone is a beautiful, bubbly young girl who has lived practically fatherless all her life. She doesn't like th...

  • Slight Pressure
    298K 7.5K 21

    [Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine!] Have you ever heard that phrase 'Living the Life of Riley?' It's a reference to a life that's carefree and easy. People assume my life is like that. Friends, college, hot boyfriend, the world on a silver platter. What a load of crap. My friends are questionable, college is a drag...

  • ripped jeans | hes
    679K 28.5K 91

    I never understood why he ripped his jeans. Don't trust a boy who rips his jeans. He somehow manages to rip up everything else, everything that matters anyway. He said that everybody and everything rips eventually, so why not speed up the process? I didn't know what to say. His mind was complex is ways I could never...

  • Through the Lens
    409K 14.3K 71

    After six long years of constant touring and working as one of the world's biggest pop stars, trying his hand at acting and about to embark on a new solo career, Harry finds himself needing a time out. All eyes have been on him since he was sixteen years old and it's become hard to figure out who he's become, who he r...

    Completed   Mature
  • Conflicting Attractions // h.s
    179K 6K 66

    In which a woman meets an arrogant, attractive, smart asshole that she wants nothing to do with but he wants the complete opposite. WARNING: Contains traces of mild language, drugs, small amounts of sexual material, and violence. (Will be indicated in which chapters). © harmonicstyles 2017 Started: January 18, 2017...

  • Two Ghosts (H.S.) #Wattys2017
    37.4K 2.1K 30

    Aurora Jane spent the last half of her teenage years living in England. She attended university in the UK before moving to New York to work for a famous Public Relations company, Jones PR. Her two bestfriends in the world were Harry and Gemma Styles. But after a falling out with Harry, her life progresses without h...