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  • Two Sides of the Same Coin | Allenski
    11.7K 453 4

    Barry Allen and Stiles Stilinski were best friends ever since they were young. Stiles moved away to Beacon Hills to live there for the majority of his teenage years. After a demonic Japanese spirit possessed Stiles, his father decided to get him out of the supernatural city. Little did he know, he was always going to...

  • When We Collide 💫 Allenski {on hold}
    60.7K 2.2K 12

    "I'm, um, looking for Barry Allen" "Uh, that's me" When a leisure walk in the woods turns into a frantic run in a parallel world, Stiles Stilinski begins his search for the person whose name is on repeat in his head, Barry Allen. DISLCAIMER// I do not own anyone or anything related to Teen Wolf or The Flash I do howev...