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  • Baby Boy | Zustiall AU [COMPLETE]
    315K 10K 41

    "He's so fucking precious...I want him so bad, Zayn!" "I know, but we have to be gentle, Justin. I don't want to corrupt him." © 2016 by Alex. Warning: daddy kink, smut

  • parenthood | niam au [ON HOLD]
    44.1K 2K 26

    sequel to married life!!

  • Miracle | Zarry Christmas AU [COMPLETE]
    29.8K 1.8K 11

    "Daddy, do you believe in miracles?" "I don't know. I guess so, kiddo." "...I do." Or, the fic in which Harry and Zayn are divorced, and their son is very, very determined to have them spend Christmas together as a family again.

  • Until You're Mine | Zaniam Halloween AU [COMPLETE]
    31.6K 1.6K 11

    "My state of mind has finally got the best of me / I need you next to me / I try to find a way that I could get to you / just want to get to you." Or a fic in which Niall has the odd feeling that someone is watching him, and he just can't shake it... © 2016 by Lexi.

  • Bedtime Stories ♡ Ziall/Larry/Lirry AU [COMPLETE]
    80.9K 4.4K 19

    "Daddy, can you tell me a story? Please?" A fic in which Harry and Louis have a four-year-old son, Niall, who likes to hear bedtime stories from his daddies. *underage!ziall* *COMPLETE*

  • Sugar ♡ Niam AU [COMPLETE]
    104K 5.7K 13

    "Come on, sweetheart, let me take this place off your hands." "Not a chance, Mr. Payne." -- The one where Niall is a soft-hearted father of three and an owner of a bakery, and Liam is a power hungry businessman that wants to build his hotel complex right there. *COMPLETE* © 2015 by Lexi (cptnrogers).

  • married life ♡ niam au [COMPLETE]
    163K 7.2K 39

    "you'll marry me, won't you, darling?" "of course i will!" © 2016 by Lexi. Warnings: mpreg

  • Babydoll ♡ Girly!Niall Niam AU [COMPLETE]
    98.3K 5.5K 25

    "Fuck, babydoll, you look perfect." "Not your babydoll. But thanks." © 2015 by Lexi (cptnrogers). PREQUEL TO DARLING. READ THIS FIRST. [started 1.5.16] [finished 4.25.16] Warnings: abuse, smut

  • lonely hearts club | zianourry au [COMPLETE]
    110K 4.6K 13

    "do you want to be with someone like me?" or the one where niall wants to start a club for single guys at his high school, and it just so happens that all four of the guys that join want to date him. and each other. © 2016 by Lexi.

  • always ♡ ziall au (gotg #2) [COMPLETE]
    20.6K 1.7K 12

    "zayn...we'll find each other, right? you won't forget me?" "niall, baby, i'll find you. i'll always find you, okay? always." SEQUEL TO GIFT OF THE GODS. READ THAT FIRST. MORE INFO IN DESCRIPTION. *COMPLETE* © 2015 by cptnrogers (Lexi).

  • the song of persephone ♡ ziall/niam au [COMPLETE]
    19.5K 1.7K 16

    the one where niall is the prince of hell, liam is the king, and zayn is a boy niall meets in the springtime. [a spin on the story of hades and persephone] lowercase intended. © 2015 by Lexi (cptnrogers). *COMPLETE*

  • Mine ♡ Ziall/Niam/Narry/Nouis/Zianourry AU [COMPLETE]
    147K 5.8K 12

    "I'm gonna ask him out." "What? No, you aren't. I am." "No...I am." "You're all wrong. I am." -- Or the one where Niall's four best friends are all in love with him, and he's too innocent and adorable to realize it. © 2015 by cptnrogers (Lexi).

  • Broulmates ♡ Ziall AU [COMPLETE]
    162K 7.8K 21

    "It's you and Niall are broulmates." "We're what?" "Broulmates. You know, bros that are in love with each other. Bros and soulmates." "...You're an idiot, Liam. We're just friends." -- Or the one where Zayn and Niall have huge crushes on each other, and everyone knows but them. © 2015 by cptnrogers (Lexi)...

  • icicle ♡ narry christmas au [COMPLETE]
    47.8K 2.8K 11

    "dear santa, please make my daddy fall in love with the sad guy who lives next door. thanks, livi." -- or the one where niall lives next door to harry and his daughter, olivia, and she knows they belong together. even if they don't. © 2015 by Lexi. *COMPLETE*

  • gift of the gods ♡ ziall au [COMPLETE]
    40.8K 2.9K 11

    the one where niall has too much sunlight in him, and zayn is of the moon. (more in prologue) [based in greek myths] ©2015 by Lexi (cptnrogers). lowercase intended. *COMPLETE* PREQUEL TO "ALWAYS." READ THIS FIRST.

  • he don't like the lights ♡ ziall/zustin/jiall au [COMPLETE]
    39.8K 1.7K 15

    "i know you're with him, but i gotta know, zayn. you love me, right?" "you gotta believe me. i love you, niall." [started 5.23.16] - - - or the one where zayn is famous, niall is his non-famous boyfriend, and justin bieber is his beard. © 2016 by Lexi.