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  • undeceived [novahd]
    7.6K 417 19

    "When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club, you're taken into life's severest confidence. You are undeceived." -Hilary Thayer Hamann warning; orphan tears and smut in later chapters

  • The Light {NovaHD One-Shot}
    561 21 1

    Aleks thought he had lost it all........ No one would have guessed how far from the truth he was.

  • Smallest of Touches (NovaHD)
    8.9K 241 4

    Neither of them could really pinpoint where it all started, it had been a long journey. They could both agree though, it started with the smallest of touches.

  • New Student
    424 33 2

    A cute boy named Aleks moves in next door to James. Shenanigans ensue.

    8.9K 296 28

    A love story between two best friends named James and Aleks. Their friendship is like no other, but things slowly begin changing as James starts to develop feelings for Aleks; deeper feelings than he thought there would ever be. Aleks, still broken up about loosing his girlfriend, feels something as well, but he refus...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tent Mates
    1.4K 43 1

    The creatures go camping. Some novahd happens.

  • The Blue Jacket (NovaHD)
    1.1K 66 3

    James has never been too interested in dating, till one day he sees a boy who to James is the most beautiful creature alive and goes by the name of Aleks. The story is set while the boys are still attending school, Aleks being a new student, James tries his hardest to make the boy feel comfortable and protect him fro...

  • Take It Slow (NovaHD)
    69K 1.3K 24

    While Nova and Immortal are still in the awkward stages of their face-to-face relationship, they begin to have feelings for each other they had never thought of before. Will they be able to keep their secret from the rest of the group? Or will one of them break under the pressure? (Note: This was written when I wasn't...

  • Hidden Feelings (NovaHD)
    3.2K 113 17

    Aleks likes James as more than a friend. Will James like him back?

  • James
    40.9K 1.7K 34

    Aleksandr is stuck. Stuck lusting over his best friend. Stuck with a girlfriend he no longer has feelings for. Stuck in an overwhelming sensation of numbness. Only James can make him feel, only James can make him smile. It's always only ever been James. Sexual content, boy x boy, swearing, drinking. Eventual mention o...

  • For A While Now (NovaHD)
    1.2K 47 1

  • Nova, Why?
    7.7K 165 9

    While James slowly goes insane, he also battles feelings for Aleks. In a strange, twisted turn of events, James starts to come into touch with his inner rage, and lets it take him farther than ever before. NovaHD Reader's descretion is advised. Beware of feels, smut, and graphic/disturbing violence

  • Hold my Hand || NovaHD [ Parody; Orginally Written by: angrymomvoice ]
    427 17 2

    A Preacher boy who seems to do everything right in the eyes of God, comes across a male by the name of Aleksandr Marchant who is to be seen as the 'Devil.' He doesn't really care too much about what happens; he does a lot of bad things that James wouldn't dare think of doing. However, once these two personalities come...

  • I'm always here (NovaHD)
    12.9K 371 5

    Everything is normal for Aleks and James. At least for a while. I'm trying to make this as realistic as I can, and I am by no means a great writer. But I'm having fun writing it, and that's all that matters really! :)

  • Notice Me (NovaHD)
    7.1K 234 9

    As Aleks and James progress through their friendship, in The Creatures, at their house, and on their own separate channels, James realizes something astounding. After all the funny skits and series, James was surprised why he hadn't realized this before and is forced to keep up an act in front of Aleks. When Aleks doe...

  • {NovaHD} What I go to school for
    922 30 1

    James never goes into school,but this changes when new boy Aleks gets his attention. At first Aleks despises James but then realises that he's fallen for him,hard.

  • NovaHD "They Can't Take You Away"
    44.5K 972 20

    Aleks just became a creature, but could James be falling for him just a little too hard, and does Aleks feel the same?...

  • Accidental First Love ~A NovaHD fanfiction
    881 35 7

    After Eddie retired, Aleks begins to have feelings towards his coworker, James. Though sometimes he can be an asshole, Aleks manages to find The good parts about James. They slowly fall in love, but it's all a accident. They never meant to. It's only a matter of time before anyone finds out. They must hide their feeli...

  • Maybe? (Novahd)
    6.5K 218 9

    (Cover by RoseMitch) Maybe being more than friends will work. Aleks finally finds the courage to tell James how he really feels. But how will James respond? The story is mostly based in the creature office, Eddie and Aleks' apartment and James' apartment.

  • .sympathy with the devil. | [ novahd ]
    929 73 3

    Pleased to meet you Hope you guessed my name But what's puzzling you Is the nature of my game ° Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints As heads is tails Just call me Lucifer 'Cause they say I'm in need of some restraint

  • Walk Home (NovaHD)
    439 6 1

    Fluffy adorableness. (Shitty cover art by me)

  • The Creature Inside
    379 13 2

    Innate desires are revealed between a sleepwalker and his roommate, but could it be just a dream?

  • First Date
    1K 30 1

    James finally gets the courage to ask Aleks out on a date. But wanting their relationship to be a secret isn't that easy.

  • After the stream NovaHD
    857 25 2

    Two youtubers find out they are in love after getting a bit too close during their usually Tuesday stream.

  • V
    321 9 1

  • Sneaking Around
    2.3K 69 2